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So it seems
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Aegon and Illyrio have been left out
Not necessarily, but then again, I might cling to an irrational hope.
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In the book, Illyrio says something similar to Tyrion, and makes him belief that he is going to visit Dany, with some other people and the Golden Company. Tyrion, clever as he is, finds out these other people are Jon and Aegon. Besides, if they want to have the surprise like in the books, it wouldn't make sense to announce casting or show them in trailers. Surprise castings have happened before in movies and series, I hope it is the case now. I hope they will further explain the story of Ellia's children in the Dorne storyline, and perhaps have some way to mention Jon as well. Introducing him as Hand of the King under the Mad King could be done in a single conversation between characters. Besides that, the Golden Company and Ellia' children have been mentioned before in the 4th and 3rd season.