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Thread: TWC Clans Information Thread and FAQ

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    Default TWC Clans Information Thread and FAQ

    Creating a Clan: How and Why

    This thread gives a detailed explanation of what you need to do to create a TWC Clan.

    A successfully created Clan will be given a forum in which to conduct Clan business, which will include both a public front-end for general discussion, recruitment, non-classified info etc, and a private subforum accessible only to the members of the Clan to enable secure discussion of Clan business like tactics, promotions, debates etc.

    Clan Overseers and other ranks

    -Clan Overseer
    The Clan Overseer generally operates the Clan, but Clans are free to create their own structures as they please. The first Clan Overseer is usually appointed, being the person that takes the initiative and forms the Clan. As they act as the leader of the Clan, there is scope to replace them if the Clan membership as a majority wish it. The Overseer has the power to veto anything they feel is either against the interests of the Clan or against the Code of Conduct that governs them.

    --Other Clan Ranks
    Every Clan can create ranks below the rank of Clan Overseer within their Clan to carry out any functions they desire. Persons can be appointed to this rank through whichever mechanism the Clan Overseer decides upon and will carry out whichever role it is they are tasked with. These ranks are not specifically regulated by Gaming Staff: a Clan may make as many or as few custom ranks or positions as they please, though the Overseer retains a veto as previously mentioned.


    General Questions

    How do I join a Clan?

    You should do two things. First, post in their subforum indicating your desire to join, most Clans will have a thread for applicants to post in. Secondly, to into the "My Account" page (top left), "Group Memberships" (Under "networking" on the left-hand options menu), find the Clan usergroup (will be called Clan: GameName eg Clan: World of Tanks), click the "Join Group" box, and then click "Join Group" at the bottom of the list.

    How do I know if I am allowed to join a Clan?

    All TWC members can join any Clan playing a game they want to do Multiplayer in. You will only be denied entry to a Clan if you're currently on probation or have a track record of misbehaviour in our Clans.

    Clan Overseers

    ​The Clan Overseer is being tyrannical and refusing to do things the majority of the Clan want to do. What can I do?​

    Clans are meant to be a community group that enjoy playing games together. Though the Overseer is in a position of leadership and coordination, their powers are meant purely to keep the Clan on the straight and narrow. If you feel your Overseer is overstepping these bounds and using their authority for selfish reasons, speak to the Gaming Hex (Poach).

    We don't think the Clan Overseer is the right man for the job. What can we do?

    First and foremost, attempt to address why. If you feel your Overseer is doing something wrong, attempt to rectify it with them. If, however, this cannot be accomplished then an election can be held for a new Overseer. Polls of "X Overseer sucks lets remove him" are disruptive and damaging to the Clan: organise a civilised election. See if people agree, find out if there are other candidates, make a poll.

    Sub-Clan Leader ranks

    How many ranks below Clan Overseer can we make?

    As many as the Clan feels necessary, it will vary from game to game.

    These aren't officially listed ranks, so do I need to care about them? Can't I just ignore them?

    No. If a member is appointed to a rank within the Clan the Clan members are expected to respect that position and, therefore, respect the authority of the person holding it.

    Someone holding one of these ranks is corrupt, incompetent or overstepping their bounds. Who do I go to?

    Speak to your Clan Overseer as the first port of call. The Clan Overseer should do everything in their power to keep the Clan running smoothly. If you feel the Clan Overseer is not addressing your concerns, approach the Gaming Hex (Poach).

    Steam Group

    TWC has one.
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