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    Default Technology localisation

    Ive been looking around the files, but I cant find where this is and since I'm re doing all the techs I need to beable to chnage the names. So if someone could tell me where its located ill appericated greatly.
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    In the latest patch pack files, 21, for example

    In db:
    there is technologies_tables and technologies_effects_junctions

    In the technologies_tables, there are all the IDs for techs, research points, icons used... etc.

    In the effects junctions, it shows the magnitude of effect and effect ID.

    Keep the IDs for both above, but change effects. Effects can be added (there can be multiple effects for a tech).

    If you're going to change names and descriptions, you should also edit encyclopedia files
    text files from:
    local_en.pack -> text -> db -> technologies.loc
    There are short, long descriptions of existing techs, etc...

    The position of techs may be in startpos.esf, part of TECH_TREES.

    I hope this helped.

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