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Thread: Question about Silent Hill Homecoming on PC....

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    Default Question about Silent Hill Homecoming on PC....

    Hi everyone,

    I just ordered SH 2,3,4 for the PC as they are probably the best in horror games for the PC, IMO view.

    Is it possible to buy SH Homecoming on disc and not download it from Steam?
    I ask because my C: drive is pretty much full but my D drive is not.

    Also, How "in line" with the lore is SH Homecoming? I've hear everything from "Great" to "Sucks."

    Thanks, Comments please.


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    Default Re: Question about Silent Hill Homecoming on PC....

    What operating system are you running? If it's Windows Vista or 7, just use Steam Mover.

    Also I have this on Steam, I'd be willing to trade it for something if you're interested. (Homecoming.)

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