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Thread: [Released] WIG's MOD by Lordsith 3.5

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    Default [Released] WIG's MOD by Lordsith 3.5

    WIG'S MOD !!!

    Screenshots :
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    3.0 New version includes:

    *Fixed some bugs with textures
    *Added wigs for "British regiments 1.2".
    *Added wigs for euro_grenadiers .

    3.5 New version includes:

    *Fixed some bugs with textures
    Added wigs for :
    *Gazza's Prussian army mod
    *German states by Pom
    * Some french and spain additional units

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    1.Put the unzipped “sith.pack”-file into your empire total war/data folder
    2.Add this line on top of the list mod sith.pack;
    The whole list should then look like this :

    mod sith.pack;
    mod DMUC_CP.pack;
    mod DMUC_NoTrails.pack;
    mod DMUC_BSM.pack;
    mod DMUC_Navy.pack;
    mod DMUC_Grenades.pack;
    mod DMUC_CAN.pack;
    mod DMUC_FORTS.pack;
    mod DMUC_Tech.pack;
    mod DMUC_Deploy.pack;
    mod DMUC_CORE.pack;
    mod DMUC_Update.pack;
    mod DMUC_Custom.pack;
    mod DMUC_SkinPack.pack;
    mod DMUC_UnitsPack.pack;
    mod DMUC_Natives.pack;
    mod DMUC_AUM.pack;
    mod DMUC_HUD.pack;
    mod DMUC_DFM.pack;
    mod DMUC_Sounds.pack;
    mod DMUC_Music.pack;
    mod DMUC_Arrows.pack;
    mod DMUC_Borders.pack;
    mod DMUC_Markers.pack;
    mod DMUC_Skies.pack;
    mod DMUC_Fonts.pack;

    DMUC version
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Rep me+

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    Default Re: [Released] WIG's MOD by Lordsith 3.5

    I may be wrong, but as far as I remember , "wigs" were more of a formal part of man's wardrobe. In military they were discouraged and mostly they could have been seen on officers and other military members of higher chains of command. Average Joe simply could not afford them or simply had no intentions as they provided zero to nothing in terms of practical use.

    Also I will add that wigs in general were highly dependent on the nation / military sector e.t.c. too much variety. For instance Hanover army nearly all had big moustaces in the middle of 1740's , it was prestigious to wear them.
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