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Thread: Audio Stopped working-no error message

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    So Ive been playing RS for a while now using Rome gold and never had any problems. now when i go to play the launcher comes up and plays music, but once i start a campaign all audio is gone for game. NO error message or anything.

    All my settings are the same and I cant figure out why this is happening. Windows vista 64. RTW installed to desktop folder. Is this a known issue? ive tried searching but couldnt find anything

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    BUmp help plz? really dont want to uninstall the mod and game
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    Don't bump 20m minutes later! patience is a virtue so try to be more virtuous.

    It is almost certainly NOT a problem with the mod anyway, does this happen with anything else? Not sure that installing to desktop is altogether the wisest, but if it has played previously then let's assume it is OK. Have you looked in the RTW tech help as well rather than mod specific help

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