my moddingskills are less than zero, but i hope somebody can explain something for me.

Is it possible to modify the resistance against the player for a few regions?

My goal is a nationalresistance that leads every 8-12 turn to a national revolt with two fullstacks spawning in the starting capitals of the greatpowers. This should make the Campaign much more challanging for the player.

Example: Prussia (the Player) captured Paris (last region of france in europe) which means that France is destroyed. Normaly the Player is now in a very good position and the campaign is mostly won (especialy if Prussia holds warsaw and vienna too). But imagine if there where national uprisings in vieana, warsaw and Paris even if the player has a fullstack in each of that regions. This would force the player actually to make peace with the grandpowers and not to destroy them, cause th occupation would cost more (due to the armies the player needs to hold that regions) than the occupation would give him benefits.

My questions are now:

1. is it possible?
2. If it is possible, what do i have to do to mod the uprising this way?

If anyboby want to help me, please remember my modskills are lower thant low. I need explanaitons like: First open the Programm ???? ! Second open the data ???? ! Third look for the line ??? ! and so on