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    Do the AI continue to take provinces in DM after they reach around 30? read that they stop in vanilla.

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    In FotS the AI is very aggressive through the entire game on hard difficulty.
    -I'm at turn 87 and this stinking 1 province clan landed a surprise war in my heartland. We've been fighting back and forth over my territory for four or five turns now. So I'd say, in FotS at least, overwhelmingly yes the AI does still take provinces (both yours and other clans) after turn 30.
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    I believe he's asking whether the CAI takes more than 30 provinces. I don't know myself, I never let them get that far. :-)

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    Oh. No, I've never seen that in any version O_o yeah wow. That's like a nightmare scenario for me, so hard to visualize that it didn't even enter the edge of my mind. Ah man that would suck.

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