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Thread: Welcome to GIMP Basics Course II!

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    Default Welcome to GIMP Basics Course II!

    Welcome to GIMP Basics Course II, everyone! You have no idea how wonderful this moment is for me. Now let's start the hard work and make sure everyone is enjoying their stay!

    List of students (25)
    Tips for the course
    • Always be creative!
    • Try things at random - do something, don't think, and then see the result. This is by far the most important thing I can teach during this course, so keep it in mind. This is the best way of learning by yourself, also!
    • This is closely relative to the tip above, but still - do experimenting on things, especially on those you don't quite understand - getting hands-on experience is very useful for learning.
    • Mix the techniques taught on different lessons.
    • Don't be afraid of "failing" - your results may or may not be as good as mine, but hey, you're just taking your first steps towards the immense world of GIMP.
    • Be supportive and positive - that way everyone gets the most out of this course!
    • Contact me if you don't understand something or you simply have something to ask - I'm just a PM away.
    • Inform me of your upcoming (or even past) absences so they can be dealt with.
    Have fun and be creative!
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