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Thread: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

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    Default Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    Description and Background

    This is a submod for Darthmod: NTW. Its purpose is to historically depict the Saxon Army of 1806, before the 1810 military reforms. Vanilla mixed together 1806 and 1810 units, not caring about historical accuracy. While this mod will not include the 1810 units, the 1806 units will give you plenty to choose from. Overall, there are 11 completely new units, in addition to 7 vanilla units which were modified to look more realistic. New unit cards were also created. As a result, this mod contains several custom-made textures and meshes, previously unavailable in vanilla. If demand is high enough, I am willing to make an 1810 mod at some point in the future.

    This mod emerged out of a personal desire for a more historically accurate Saxony, especially the Saxony of 1806, which opposed Napoleon’s Grande Armée, ultimately paying the price for defiance with utter defeat. Upon choosing which mod I would make this submod for, I decided Darthmod would be the best fit. Not only have I been a long-time follower of Darth’s various mods, I have always felt I owed him my gratitude for the hours of fun I enjoyed thanks to his laborious work. Thus, as a sort of “thank you,” this submod will now be released for Darthmod.

    New Units

    Regarding Naming Issues
    You will notice that I assigned no special regiment names to the various musketeer and grenadier units. They will only be distinguished through their unit colors, based on real historical regiment colors. Had I restricted these units’ numbers historically, and given them their proper regimental designations, the player would only be able to build one army. Given the fact that the player will ultimately conquer provinces, however, I had to eliminate such a restriction. Hence, the player may extrapolate for himself what the Saxon Army might have looked like had Saxony actually become a superpower, by constructing his own regiments based on historical color schemes. Below you will find a naming guide:

    Green: Prinz Friedrich August; von Low
    Red: Churfürst; Sänger
    Light Blue: Prinz Xaver; von Bevilaqua
    Dark Blue: Prinz Anton; Prinz Clemens
    Yellow: Prinz Maximilian; von Thümmel
    Pink: von Rechten; von Niesemeuschel

    There rest you will just have to make up as you go along.

    Unit Previews

    Spoiler for Saxon General (Sächsischer General)

    Spoiler for Heavy Cavalry (Schwere Kavallerie)

    Spoiler for Chevaulegers

    Spoiler for Garde du Corps

    Spoiler for Artillery

    Spoiler for Life Grenadiers (Leibgrenadiergarde)

    Spoiler for Musketeers (Musketiere) in Green, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, and Pink

    Spoiler for Grenadiers (Grenadiere) in Green, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, and Pink

    Darth Vader not included

    Spoiler for New Unit Cards

    Other Important Information

    Installation Instructions
    Place the two pack files into your NTW data folder, and add the following lines to your user.script:
    mod diamat_sachsen.pack;
    mod diamat_cards.pack;

    This mod is currently only compatible with Darthmod 2.4. It is fully savegame compatible.

    Information for Fellow Modders
    To my best knowledge, all textures, meshes, etc., were modified either from vanilla or Darthmod. However, if for some reason you feel like some part of your original work was accidentally used by me without permission, please let me know as soon as possible.

    If you want to use any of my files for your mod (units, textures, meshes, etc.), please contact me via PM.

    Special Thanks

    My sincere gratitude goes to Darth and the whole Darthmod team. I would also like to extend special thanks to Steph, who helped me whenever I got stuck.

    Limitations of this Mod
    Sadly, it is impossible to be completely historically accurate. Some things just simply were not moddable to the degree I would have liked, mainly due to game limitations, others due to my own limitations. Thus, I often had "to make do" with the resources I had available. I hope this will not detract from enjoying this mod, however.

    Source Material
    The source material for the unit design came from this website:
    I used some of their images for my unit info cards. If the authors find this to violate any copyrights, please contact me, and I shall remove them.
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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    Thanks Just downloaded and will give them a try!!!

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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    Nice work here! +rep

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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    I will try it soon
    +rep of course


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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    Bump for a awesome mod.

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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    Well thank you there, Ferdiad. Have you tried it yet?

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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    Nah, that NTW is a bit boring IMO. Looks good though.

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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    It is time to include the submod in the upcoming DarthMod Napoleon.
    I will edit what is necessary to fit right.
    Thank you friend Diamat for this work.

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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    Thank you for including this submod into the official mod. I am honored.

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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    Nice, very nice, downloading it now!!!!

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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    Love it

    But I have one question:
    Is it possible to use it in Multiplayer?

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    Default Re: Diamat's Saxony Overhaul Submod

    Just when I think I have seen every thing this man can do he goes and makes a great mod.Is there no end to your talents sir

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