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    Fixes/Updates in 2.6
    1. ALL faction class triggers are now fixed and working as they should, thanks to 'ur-Lord Tedric' who pointed out that they were NOT working at my dismay.
    2. The Celtic hillfort has been fixed....well, the pathfinding, anyway, is a ton better as units can no longer approach and get caught on the walls.
    3. The 'Economic' trait and faction leader standing traits and associated traits have been reworked some, and are working much better. Descriptions have been changed, and they make more sense now.
    4. Fixed issue where a Roman Rebel army continuously spawns near Capua. It was a script error that left the army spawning all the time.
    5. The trait that prepares Roman Governors for rebellion has been unhidden, and what is going to happen is now explained in full detail. It sorta gives the whole deal away, but there was too much confusion over what was happening without this.
    6. Loyalty and how it is 'dished out' (or not) has been changed. Now, Senators who approve of the FL will have increased Loyalty, or if they disapprove, they will lose loyalty. Loyalty was also removed from a number of traits where it just didn't necessarily make sense to give out disloyalty or loyalty bonuses. Also, setting taxes to Very High will eventually incur the wrath of the people, and your Governor will start losing loyalty. It will be ok for a few turn to gain some extra cash if need be, but after that the piper comes for his pay.
    7. Roman military ranks have been gone over extensively (still working on this to see that all is well), with many corrections and fixes. Tribunes should now become Legates after the Reforms (if they are Patricians), or progress in the Equestrian military or civilian careers as they should. A new trait: 'Roman Cavalry Decurion' has been added for Equestrians, who then progress to Tribunes before the reforms.
      Many other fixes to Roman military leadership being tested and watched.
    8. Roman cavalry has been reworked in light of some new research and ideas\input. Rome will no longer have access to the Campanian Cavalry in Capua. The reason being that the Capuan revolt happens very quickly, and historically, the Romans crushed this revolt and wiped out or enslaved the Capuans. The Capuan Campanian cavalry would then no longer exist, so it's silly for the Romans to be able to recruit them. The unit 'Latin Medium Cavalry' has also been changed and redefined as Roman Equite this time in history reflecting that the Equestrian Class...or Roman Knights, had been nearly wiped out in the 2nd Punic War. So the unit will be recruitable ONLY in Rome, and cost an arm and two legs. The 'normal' Roman Equite has also been changed to reflect that these men are now 'The First Class of Commoners'....Roman citizens who have volunteered to serve as cavalry because it is more prestigious than serving in the infantry. This more historically represents them. The Romans will have access to Gallic Cavalry in northern Italy as a supplement to their own, and to a new unit that replaces the redundant 'Praetorian Prefect', called 'Allied Germanic Cavalry', in regions on the other side of the Alps. The cost of all Roman cavalry has also been doubled or more.
    9. At present, it seems that the various map CTD's we were having have been fixed, but I have asked a player who is having issues with CTD's during battles to test something for me to see if it is related to this phenomenon that was not present in RS2.1a. (This problem was found and fixed.)
    10. Fixed an issue reported in the Forum...but whose cause escaped me until 'ur-Lord Tedric' pointed it out. The top level bonus description for the Economic balance trait was using the first level description by mistake...therefore incorrectly reporting that that your economy sucked.
    11. Fixed an issue where all Spartan characters go through the Agoge and pass. Thanks to 'Lostsoul' who sent me triggers that fixed this.
    12. Added an alternate 'ambush' formation to the formations_ai file alternates for Alex. Fixes CTD in Alex when an army is ambushed.. Thank you 'Resef' for posting this fix.
    13. Weakened the indestructible elephants.
    14. Fixed a wrong settlement name in all of the scripts, thanks to Paedric for spotting it..
    15. Fixed issue with ships and fleets not being able to combine. Thanks Chernish for persisting and testing the fix.
    16. Fixed backwards and otherwise mixed up 'construction' bonuses in EDCT and EDA.
    17. Fixed issue where Barbs and Nomads couldn't build last two levels of temples, and added weapons bonuses to 'pantheon' level of the Battle temples.
    18. Revamped the economy for all campaigns.
    19. Fixed historical event where Vesuvius erupts at the wrong time.
    20. A number of new 'event pictures' for all cultures, updated using RS2 units. How many of them is up to 'RomanHeart', who is making them.
    21. Roman Leadership has been gone over with a fine-tooth comb and works great now. A few new traits, and many, many adjustments.
    22. Continuous second rebellion has been fixed.
    23. Added loyalty to the Seleucid campaign.
    24. Fixed a number of trait triggers that weren't working correctly.
    25. Added a 'UnitSize' trait, triggers and scripting so that population is adjuested properly according what setting you are playing.
    26. All one-turn campaigns have been meticulously gone over and adjusted for playability, and 0-turn campaigns adjusted to help control the number of armies and battles.
    27. Unit stats have been redone completely.
    28. Changed the way Roman reforms occur. You start out with Polybians. When the Marian Reforms occur, the Polybians disappear and are replaced by Roman Legionaries....the First Cohort is given a Legion name according to historical evidence (in Italy), and according to region elsewhere. (The BI Legion naming system.) When you build the Roman Fortress, the first of named and numbered Legions appear in THAT barracks, replacing the Generic Legionaries.....but the Generic Roman Legionary will still be available elsewhere. You could play the rest of the game this way if you wished. But if you build the Circus Maximus' in Rome, the script will build a building called 'augustan_reforms' that will make the Imperial Legions appear, and all Roman Auxiliary units. The Generic Legions will disappear from all barracks.
    29. And, there have been numerous other small fixes here and there as people have reported them. So I'm hoping the next release will have a clean bill of non-CTD health, and please 'most' people. But it will not be save game compatible, so I'm waiting for the rest of this stuff to be fixed.
    30. Battlemap terrain and lighting improvements.
    31. Non-Roman one turn campaigns made significantly more challenging and individualised for each faction by creation of scripted buildings at the campaign start.
    32. "Survival script" to encourage a more balanced strategy map.

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