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Thread: [Vote] Spies and other unsightly things

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    Default [Vote] Spies and other unsightly things

    Shall these rules replace the current rules on assassinations/spies?

    Quote Originally Posted by ulti View Post
    The Ways to Kill
    Anonymous Assassination
    1. Pick your target
    2. Be sure to have a good reason for the assassination. This reason must be relevant and not OOC based. Moderators reserve the right to reject any assassination request if there is no valid reason that you wish to kill the target.
    3. PM a moderator stating: The Reason, The Location, The Target and the Items you wish to use. Any character traits aiding assassinations should also be detailed.
    4. The mod will post the rest, detailing the attempt, whether it succeeded or failed (and if so, whether you got captured). Your identity will not be released.

    Open Assassination
    1. Pick your target and get in the same thread as them
    2. Post requesting an assassination on your target. Ensure you post what equipment and traits regarding assassinations you have.
    3. If possible and time permits, notify a moderator with your reason for the assassination.
    4. The mod will post the rest (success/failure, whether escaped)

    Secret Open Assassination
    1. Pick your target and get in the same thread as them. They must acknowledge that they are alone.
    2. From here, follow standard open assassination steps.
    3. If possible and time permits, notify a moderator with your reason for the assassination.
    4. A mod will post the result. If successful, you are free to leave. If not, an escape roll is done, in this case a simple 10/20.

    Execution by the King
    If at any point you find yourself imprisoned in the Kings dungeons, he may at liberty lop off your head without an escape roll. If, after 4 real life days of captivity he has not killed you, you receive an escape roll, weighted against you. For every real life day after this, you receive one escape roll.
    If you have been caught by a Lords men and transferred to the King, you receive one escape roll weighted against you, before you are put in the dungeons. After that, the above rules apply.

    The Rolls and Chances
    Depending on your rank and location, the chances of being assassinated differ. Below, players are split into either Noble or Yoeman. A noble here is defined as: King, Prince/Princess, Lord/Lady, Lords Bannerman, the High Septon, Most Devout Septon, Lord Commander of the Night Watch, Commander of a NW Castle, First Officers of the Night Watch (First Builder, Steward Ranger), Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Any seat upon the Small Council.
    A yoeman is any man who isn't one of the above ranks.

    At your Home (the thread you use to receive visitors)
    Nobles: 2/20
    Yoemen: 5/20

    In a neutral house (any other home thread except yours and the assassins)
    Nobles: 4/20
    Yoemen: 8/20

    In the assassins home (the thread he uses to receive visitors)
    Nobles: 15/20
    Yoemen: 17/20

    Any other indoor situation (ie a RP that takes place inside, like a wedding)
    Both: 10/20

    An outside situation
    Both: 13/20

    Group Assassinations
    If more than one person wishes to murder someone, the assassins may work together. Each extra person wishing to assassinate will add 1 to the chances of success. This comes at a price however, as groups are easier to catch than a lone ranger. If the group is attempting a closed or open assassination, each extra assassin takes one from the escape rolls, making it more likely you get caught.

    Hired Help
    There are options to help reduce the risk of an assassination.

    Retainer (nobles only)
    Instead of attempting yourself, you may opt to have a retainer (an NPC from your household) attempt for you. In this case, you must equip the retainer with any equipment. Note that retainers tend to be clumsy, so 2 is taken from the success and escape chances. If the retainer gets caught, you automatically lose the equipment you gave him, and standard questioning rules apply.

    If one is willing to spend some money, say 10000 Stags, one may hire the luxury of an assassin, who benefits from a +2 to all rolls, even if caught. With the assassin, there is less chance of your identity being revealed.

    Faceless Man
    If one is entirely desperate, and will easily part with a sum of 500 Dragons (100,000 stags), you buy the efficiency of a faceless man. The only way a victim may escape from the Faceless man is by rolling a straight 20. Even then, there is no escape roll as the Faceless Man kills by poison, and leaves before the chance of being discovered.

    Special Items
    Certain items may be bought in the shop to either aid or discourage assassination. Details may be found in the shop thread.

    If a target is wearing armour, the modifier of that armour becomes an anti-assassination modifier, however the target must have posted he is wearing armour, unless he is on a battlefield, in which case he is assumed to be wearing armour.

    All escape chances after an assassination (failed or successful, unless it is a secret open assassination) start at 20/20 (meaning you will always escape). Depending on the situation, certain modifiers reduce the chance of escape. These are:

    • If using a melee weapon -1
    • If in a home thread -2
    • If in an enclosed area -1
    • Every guard present -1
    • Every neutral player present -1
    • Mods may, at their discretion, take up to -3

    Failed Escape
    If you fail your escape roll, you are at the mercy of your captor. If you yourself attempted the assassination, you may as well start kissing the feet of your captor and hope the King forgives. If you sent a retainer or an assassin, they will be tortured for information. The rolls below are for a retainer, for an assassin take two from the chances for each roll.

    1-5 - Captive dies in questioning without revealing anything
    6-10 - Captive dies in questioning but reveals the identity of his master
    11-20 - Captive survives and reveals the identity. He may be used as evidence in court.

    Battlefield Assassinations
    If a commander is killed on the battlefield, morale takes a hit. Reflecting this, is a noble character gets assassinated on the battlefield, they cause a hit to the rolls according to rank.

    King is assasinated -5 to the armies battle roll
    Lord is assasinated -3 to the armies battle roll
    Bannerman is assasinated -2 to the armies battle roll


    Much of the political intrigue and plotting in Westeros goes on behind closed doors, or via the ravens on secretive letters. Although careful steps are taken to keep plans secret, highly trained individuals exist who can spin vast webs of conspiracy from scraps of information. For various prices, different members of the Guild of Whispers may be hired, giving various returns. The possible spies are as follows:

    Trainee Spy - 1000 Stags - Due to being a beginner, this spy is by far the cheapest, however takes a -2 hit to all rolls.
    Adept Spy - 10000 Stags - A fully fledged guild member, though nothing special. He has no bonus to the base rolls.
    Master Spy - 30000 Stags - A highly trained spy, often found heading regional guildhouses. He has a +2 to all rolls.
    Guildmaster - 50000 Stags - The leader of the Guild of Whispers, the guildmaster receives a +4 bonus to all rolls.

    The Rolls
    To spy, a player must PM a moderator explaining which spy the are hiring, and which thread they wish to target. The mod will then perform the rolls, and depending on the result disclose a certain amount of information on any 'secrets' the thread may contain. This allows previously OOC only knowledge to become IC knowledge.

    1-5 - The spy is captured and may be tortured for information.
    6-7 - The spy fails to gain any information, though remains undetected.
    8-10 - The spy happens upon a small amount of information, revealing the brief outline of a hidden plan.
    11-15 The spy happens upon a medium amount of information, revealing some details of a hidden plan.
    16-19 The spy happens upon a large amount of information, revealing an in depth plan.
    20 - The spy happens upon the jackpot, revealing all aspects of a hidden plan.

    Moderators remain all discretion when revealing the plans of the target. Their decision based upon the roll and the context is final - you accept this when you ask for the spy roll to be done.

    Rest assured, your plans may yet be safe - if you are as devious as those after your secrets. Those who do not make it in the Guild of Whispers, yet learn of their methods, may be hired on a permanent basis to discourage spying. For each counterspy (purchased from the shop), you receive a +1 bonus against spies. Furthermore, if a spy is captured, there is a +2 bonus to the torture roll, in account of the fact your counterspy knows how to loosen their tongues.
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    Default Re: [Vote] Spies and other unsightly things


    Son of Diamat

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    Default Re: [Vote] Spies and other unsightly things

    Though shall not vote no

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    Default Re: [Vote] Spies and other unsightly things

    All who vote now shall receive a black cloak if I find who they are

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    Default Re: [Vote] Spies and other unsightly things

    Why is this bad?

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    Default Re: [Vote] Spies and other unsightly things

    I voted no because the rules in general are still in development and these rules may be based on GSTK rules that may or may not apply later. I just think its too early to be proposing and voting on such things, especially when we still haven't even sorted out how much money people get.
    "All warfare is based on deception. Hence: when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near." - Sun Tzu

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    Default Re: [Vote] Spies and other unsightly things

    Executive decision = not passed. I'm taking this to the mods dungeon for further review. Sorry for the waste of time and thanks for your input.

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