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I enjoyed total war: battles

I enjoyed this game so much. I spent the whole two days to finish this game.

It worth every single cent that I've paid for this game
Dear Visser, I am not really sure if you are extremely brave and spit death right into his skinny pale face, or if you are rather masochist in desperate need for getting beaten up. Posting the above text in this hardcore PC (sic!!!) Total War player forum is much like a Satanist walking right into the Vatican, the very heart of the Roman Catholic church, yelling "Hey folks I worship Satan, I am a follower of the Big Black One himself and how do you like that!?!?!?!"
And after that, with some angry bunch of Jesuit warrior monks, sword wielding Knights Templar and the whole Spanish Inquisition with torture tools on the ready closing in on him, the Satanist adds "Oh yeah I spit on your stinking Messiah and his so called father god! Yes I do! Listen, Maria had a good gang bang and the Pope smokes pot, and now I will sacrifice this black catholic cat to my Master Satan, right here on the the sacred floor of the Vatican muahahahaha...."
This is roughly comparable to praising TW:battles here in these boards

Now, whatever you are, you are no coward