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Thread: Gatling and Matchlock Tower Tweak

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    Default Gatling and Matchlock Tower Tweak

    Me Myself had never seen an Gatling Tower in FoTS, but some says that they shoots more like an rifle rather than like...gatling. After some checking into the db files, I found what that be the cause...

    I also make the Matchlock Towers more lethal, since i make the Tower sentry use Wallguns ala Shimazu Heavygunners rather than some ordinary infantry teppo...

    I Repeat, i've never encountered any tower more advanced then Archery Tower so, tell me, does it works?

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    Default Re: Gatling and Matchlock Tower Tweak

    I'll download this and throw a reply back ASAP. I have fair amount of gatling / gun battery / matchlock towers in my towns. It's entire chaos right now going in mid-Japan.
    Gatling tower fires even slower now. And by sound it almost seems like it uses a matchlock or something...
    Okay, I altered the file a bit. Instead of having the Base_Reload_x0020_Time and so forth as high number, make it a low one. I put it into 1 and the tower seems to fire bit more on the level of a gatling gun... Maybe 0.8 would put it on the spot. With DM's deviation level, it won't be OP or anything. Now to get the AI to actually try bombarding the tower itself.
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    Default Re: Gatling and Matchlock Tower Tweak

    Hey how exactly did you manage to go back in and alter the towers because no matter what i try i cant find how to do it.
    I cant find this "Base_Reload_x0020_Time" or anything that looks similar.

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    Default Re: Gatling and Matchlock Tower Tweak

    I opened the tower_tweaks.pack - db - projectile_tables
    Then scroll to right, till you get to the vertical column # 24. It's between columns unknown 15 and unknown 16.

    You can only use full numbers it seems, so 1 is the lowest and fastest firing rate you can give to a tower.
    This tweak can also be on darthmod, by opening the darthmod_shogun.pack and same path.

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    Default Re: Gatling and Matchlock Tower Tweak

    Man i am not very good at modding. I spent an hour trying to search for what u are talking about. I saw what said projectile_tables but there was nothing for me to change, no unknowns, no numbers by it. I know that this may sound kind of stupid but could you W4lt3r or weirdoascensor, or anyone else out there please upload a fixed Tower tweak for me to download. Man I feel pathetic.

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    Default Re: Gatling and Matchlock Tower Tweak

    Well.. I altered it to this:
    Range on matchlock tower @ 150 and fires 5 pellets every 10 seconds or so, so it would look like there's about 10-15 people in the tower, firing in sequence of 5 guns at once. I didn't test this out yet though.
    Gatling tower with same range as matchlock tower and fires at same rate as a regular gatling gun.

    Though I wonder is it really good idea.. AI doesn't seem to burn the towers but try to capture them.

    I'm also not knowledged on how the twcenter's file upload system works, so I threw the modified tower_tweaks to my dropbox.

    If the thing crashes, I most likely guess ahead that it could be caused by the altered # of pellets fired from the matchlock towers. Which I can fix in a snap if needed.
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