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Thread: What are the limits of modifying BI?

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    Default What are the limits of modifying BI?

    Hi guys,

    I've been playing RTW and BI on and off for a long time but I've not really tried my hand at modifying the game. I'd like to try that now but I want to see what the limits of the game are for modifying. I have a few questions, if nobody minds...

    1. Would it be possible to take the troop types from RTW and use them in BI?
    2. Can you extend the boundaries of the map so it includes lets say, all of Scotland? Where can I find a tutorial to do this?
    3. Alternately can I take a part of the map and enlarge it to make it the whole map? Like instead of the whole of Europe and North Africa, to just have, let's say, the Eastern Mediterranean? Would there be a tutorial to help me do this?
    4. Can I make a whole new culture / religion - I've seen something to this effect but I'm not sure if you have to change an existing culture or religion to do it or if you can make a new one whole cloth.
    5. Can the year be changed so it has like 11 summer turns and 1 winter turn to comprise a year?

    I would like to focus on the reign of the first Caesars from Augustus to around the time of Nero in depth and particularly to focus on the rise of Jewish nationalism (leading to the great revolt of 70AD) as well as the rise of proto-Christianity. So it's not really a new scenario but more of an in depth treatment of a particular time period - with the length of the 'year' the different characters would become more involved and more important and allow the player to invest more time developing the character because it would be a long time before that character dies.

    I hope there are still some players or gamers here who can help me!


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    Default Re: What are the limits of modifying BI?

    This is the wrong section for this kind of questions. By the way:

    Everything you listed is possible but the last one because I'm not sure about that.
    You can find tutorials to do these things here:

    Have fun

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