Intel has released an interesting technical case study on their work with Creative Assembly in the quest to optimise their integrated graphics solutions for Total War: Shogun 2. The study discusses the nine months Intel spent working with CA optimising the game for a number of graphics devices, including the much talked about Sandybridge family of graphics processors.

"Intel engaged with Creative Assembly quite early in the development of Shogun2. At that point, little of the game was functional, which made performance testing and monitoring difficult. What we needed was a game typical workload which was repeatable which we could use as a yardstick for future tests. Later in the project, we knew we were going to rebuild and enable the replay system used on previous incarnations of the engine but this was not possible when we started. "

Technology guru's can catch this intriguing look into the Shogun 2 development cycle right here. If you're having any Shogun 2 technical problems yourself do not fear, but instead click here for the Total War Center Technical Help forum, and let the good times roll in!