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Thread: Question about your mods Mundus magnus map

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    Default Question about your mods Mundus magnus map

    Is your map mod-folder compatible or does it involve changing vanila files (ie non-mod-folder files)?

    I'am trying to convince another modder to put the Mundus magnus onto his but he says this is the main stumbling block to doing it; though I'am not a modder myself and may just be over-simplifying what he said.

    ps your mod looks really sweet BTW. I really loved a medieval eras game and doing one for the classical era is pretty ambitious. Don't suppose one is going to have Urartu in it? I remember studying them in my Armenian history course and it'd be great to play as them n kill Assyrians.
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    Default Re: Question about your mods Mundus magnus map

    the mundus_magnus map is actually supposed to be used as a privincial map i guess. But itīs the easiest thing to add it into any modfoldered mod. You just have to rename mundus_magnus_regions_and_settlement_names into imperial_campaign_regions_and_settlement_names in the text folder and the mundus_magnus map is the imperial campaign map of your mod...

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    Default Re: Question about your mods Mundus magnus map

    Like I said, I don't mod myself; be gentle. I think it also has something to do with the fact this mod has the roma surrectum 2 battlemap.

    Anyway I'am just curious. One of the modders called Resef already actually said he would make a private mod for me with the map; hugely generous of him. The mod leader suggested I find a version of the map which doesn't affect the vanilla files so I figured I'd ask about it.

    Now that you mention it I do remember playing mods that had MM as the provincial campaign.

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    Default Re: Question about your mods Mundus magnus map

    What do you mean with "doesn't effect vanilla files"? Any mod in a modfolder doesn't effect vanilla files.

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