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Thread: Double standards for the AI!!!

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    Default Double standards for the AI!!!

    I had half a stack of Spainards trapped on a peninsula in France with a stack of my troops "I thought" was blocking them from moving past me (I hadn't enough movement range to reach them that turn). Anyway, they just pass straight past my stack as if I wasn't there? I can never just walk through a stack of enemy troops when there is no room to go around but apparantly the AI can do this? Whats going on, is there something I don't know about?

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    Default Re: Double standards for the AI!!!

    I think it has to do with not having any movement points left. If you had some movement points you likely could have intercepted them. I think the AI usually does not use all their movement points so that's why you are not able to get around them.

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    Default Re: Double standards for the AI!!!

    Armies ignore enemy ZoC when on an attack order.
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    Daniu - That could be it. They attacked Paris (which I left undefended because I thought I trapped them). It's like when you disembark an army from a ship then; if you drop them of at the shore they can't move any further but order them to invade the town they will use their movement points? mmmmm I still seem to remember doing something like that and the army ignores the direct route and takes a radiculously long way around (they weren't trapped on this occassion though) but can't remember the exact circumstances.

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    It dosent surprise me. The AI gets all kinds of perks.

    Im still baffled at how France, Spain and Britain are able to control their American colonies without having to jump the hoops the human player has to by taking territory.
    Not to mention accelerated research.

    Just saying.
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