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Thread: Historical Unit Sizes, Based On Faction

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    That websites information on the Russians is by and large grossly inaccurate. Doesn't bode well when the vast majority of quotes on them are from non-Russians.

    (Boasted Poor Equipment, But Plenty of Willing Men to Raise A Military)
    Actually, all in all the Russians had very good equipment. At the start of the wars, yes, quite poor, but they very quickly improved and by the time of the 1812 invasion had, among other things, arguably the best artillery in Europe, certainly the most mobile. As for the supposed defects in their muskets, in reality their most recent standard issue was marginally better than what the French were using, though both were utterly inferior to Prussian and British weapons. Not that it mattered much, all muskets are inherently unreliable weapons and misfire often. But men were deployed in large groups and on an actual battlefield the reliability of individual weapons isn't much of an issue. And they had without doubt the best light cavalry in Europe, and plenty of them.

    As for the stereotypical "Russian hordes", when Napoleon invaded he actually outnumbered his enemies by 2 to 1. Historiography on the invasion of Russia is usually written from the French point of view and uses non-Russians as sources for most of its information. And it usually boils down to "something something mumble mumble cossacks, mumble grumble harsh winter weather, something something kutuzov". This started with Napoleon himself, who especially liked to use the winter argument to remove himself from responsibility for the defeat. In actual fact, he had already lost the campaign long before the snows came, and it was Barclay de Tolly who played the largest roll in his defeat, by constantly retreating and letting Napoleon's huge force gradually disintegrate before it even fought a major battle. Kutuzov is massively overrated, mostly because of Tolstoy's (horribly inaccurate) book. By 1812 he was a tired old man who showed his unsuitability for command with his pants-on-head retarded performance at Borodino.

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    where is the link sire!!!!!

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    does ANYONE still have a link or the files ??

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