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Thread: MAARC XXXVII - Submission/Nomination

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    Default MAARC XXXVII - Submission/Nomination

    This is the submission/nomination thread for MAARC XXXVII.

    - The nominated AAR must have at least two updates in April.
    - The winner of the previous competition cannot compete in this current MAARC
    - Only one AAR per person
    - Nomination deadline: the last day of the month
    - The competition is open for a month, followed by a one week, multi-poll vote.
    - If there are less than 5 nominations, the competition is extended for another month.
    - Usually authors nominate their own work. If you would like to nominate somebody else's work, please ask for the author's approval first (or encourage the author to nominate the AAR)!

    Information to provide
    - Title and link to the original AAR thread
    - Author
    - Game and (if applicable) mod
    - Faction
    - Short description / teaser

    Advertisement Rules

    Advertising is allowed in the official advertising board and in AAR threads. Any other kind of direct advertising to advocate nominees is prohibited. Those who breach this rule shall be disqualified for 3 months.

    Asking for votes is not allowed and will result in an immediate disqualification and ban of 3 months from the Competition forums.

    The competition manager will take whatever steps necessary to insure the integrity of the competition.


    4 points for the Winner
    3 points for Second Place
    2 points for Third Place

    Points are accumulated towards the awarding of the AAR Competition Medals.

    Please see the Writer's Study Information and FAQ Thread for more details.

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    Default Re: MAARC XXXVII - Submission/Nomination

    • Title
      Fry those Furballs
    • Author
    • Game
      Wing Commander Saga
    • Description
      I'm David "Sandman" Markham and this is about me. My part in the more than 30 years lasting war between mankind and the Kilrathi. You can follow me from the calm beginnings of my first assignement through the climax of the war and in the end, to its end, one way or the other.

    Son of Louis Lux, brother of MaxMazi, father of Squeaks, Makrell, Kaiser Leonidas, Iskar, Neadal, Sheridan, Bercor and HigoChumbo, house of Siblesz

    Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

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    Default Re: MAARC XXXVII - Submission/Nomination

    - History of an England
    - Time2Kill
    - M2TW, SS w/BGRiv
    - England

    While my take on AAR writing is far from the accepted norm, I've heard here and there that I write a good story. I promise you your money's worth.

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    Default Re: MAARC XXXVII - Submission/Nomination

    AAR information Takeda - a Shogun 2 AAR

    Author: robinzx
    Game: S2TW
    Mod: Radious diplomacy V1
    Faction: Takeda

    Teaser The journey to Kunoyama had been a thorough success, and Harunobu – or Shingen as he now called himself – delighted in the newfound peace of mind that the many long nights of conversations with Fuyutsugu had afforded him. The stoic old monk’s tireless enthusiasm and understanding meant his inner demons had finally been laid to rest, allowing focus to finally be put to the rightful matter of taking Gifu castle. The siege of Inazawa had been a bloody affair that had cost the Takeda a great many fine soldiers, but they were able to replenish its forces at a faster rate than their foe. The Imgawa castle meanwhile stood poorly garrisoned and ripe for the taking. Returning to the army Shingen had been surprised at the chosen location of the forward camp, but he decided to trust Toramasa’s judgement and thought little more of it thereafter.

    The ride from Suruga had been long and arduous, and Shingen retired early to his quarters. It was with considerable surprise therefore when he was woken by the cries of men, deep into the night. Perplexed by the bizarre turn of events Shingen hurried to dress himself, but even as he did so he found his mind racked with countless questions and few answers of note. If there had been an attack, how had the Imagawa caught wind of their supposedly secret position? Had there been a leak? Why was the alarm not sounded earlier? How many attackers were there? The garrison at the forward camp numbered no more than three hundred at present – would that be nearly enough if the enemy numbers were many?

    Clutching his katana the Takeda daimyo parted the fabric of his tent, but as he did so he merely staggered backward in shock at the scenes before his eyes. A great fire had broken out within the camp, and tall flames now lashed at the fabric camp curtains all around him. Meanwhile panicked men ran in all directions outside of the daimyo’s personal camp, but instead of fetching water these men had weapons in hand. Rushing to the entrance of his quarters Shingen was relieved at the absence of any enemy banners, but his relief quickly turned into bewilderment as it dawned upon him that the men were nevertheless fighting a fearsome foe, albeit one who bore the same diamond kamon of the Takeda. All around the regiment of Sagami samurai who had become his personal guard were now fighting for their lives – against men who wore the same colours as they did.

    What madness is this? Something is wrong, very wrong…
    The Wings of Destiny - A FotS AAR (Chapter 12 - Updated Apr 24)
    Takeda - a Shogun 2 AAR (Completed) Reviewed by Radzeer

    My writing | My art | About me | Sekigahara Campaign - Developer

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    Default Re: MAARC XXXVII - Submission/Nomination



    RTW/BI using the SAI mod (part of the IB Late Roman Mods)

    Playing the Eastern Emperor Valens Faction

    Follow the exploits of the longest serving legion know to modern historians as it struggles deep in a hostile desert. This is the Quinta Macedonica Legio - eight times honoured by the hand of a emperor for fidelis and pia - now adrift in a changing world where Christianity twists the edges of the empire from within.

    We, the Exercitus Euphratensis, stood before our lord and commander, our weapons raised to honour him his sacrifice and I saw blood drip from the blades. It ran down the hands, the arms, across the white tunicas, to fall gently into the sand at all our feet. As he pledged himself to us so we pledged ourselves back to him under that high midday sun deep in the Harra, as Romans, as legionaries, as soldiers, as comrades.

    Cassianus nodded then, once, and in a fluid movement swept his sword down and into his sheath. He stepped forwards to the edge of the rostrum and bellowed out the command which heralded the ritual: ‘Standards, Down!’

    And one by one, the labarum, the eagle, the dragon and the red flags dipped, ready for the blessing and re-dedication . . .

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    Default Re: MAARC XXXVII - Submission/Nomination



    The Roman Empire has been falling for 800 years, but it seems under Alexios Komnenos a new era dawns.

    Join the nascent Empire and see how in every corner of the Empire deceit and betrayal lurk, ever-present

    The year (as of 17/4/12) is 1115. War looms heavy over Constantinople, the clouds crawling from the Italian Peninsular.

    Ioannis Komnenos is young and serves his father with wholeheart, a warrior devoted to his family.

    Nikophoros Vyrennios sits in Cilica, far from the rest of the Empire and plotting in the mountains.

    Mikhail Szekeres is aging and his fits grip him ever tighter as his spy network feeds him flies.

    Iakovos Phillipus looks at the balance of power and leans over to drawl a word at his brother.

    Roman Dalasennos gazes out at the rolling plains of Bulgaria as the first snows swathe his land.

    Andronikos Komnenos spars with his friend, imagining his future glory as Emperor - with futility.


    bitte sehr

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    Default Re: MAARC XXXVII - Submission/Nomination

    Description: Follow the journeys of the Carthaginians and Hannibal Barca as they prepare for total Conquest. But as for Hannibal, strange dreams and encounters have plagued him for years, he soon learns that there is a much bigger story than Carthaginian conquests. His epic struggle against the Nations of the Known World, and something much larger.

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    Icon7 Re: MAARC XXXVII - Submission/Nomination

    Ask and thou shall receive...


    |M2TW|SS 6.4|ENGLAND|

    Eustace Radcliffe - summoned by the will of a King, but stuck fighting the will of an enemy.

    And they're are getting closer. And closer.

    It won't be long until they find Eustace and his men, maybe this is one he can't win...

    Stuck in a doomed retreat, and facing higher and higher odds, can Eustace once again defeat the French with just a handful of man. Can he once again defy the odds and make it safely back to Caen, or will his luck run out just as the French are attacking? Is it one time too late? Will he soon be staring at the eyes of defeat? However, if he does makes it back alive the King will be there. Waiting.
    ...and the door will be opened unto you.
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