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Thread: Favorite Mass effect track?

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    forgot about that awesome piece

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    Definitely Vigil from ME1. I didn't even know the name until I listened to it on this thread. Overall, the whole track of ME1 was the best IMO. I'll give honorable mention to TIM's theme in ME2 and the awesome and perfectly timed music during Grunt's Final Stand in ME3.

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    The Normandy Reborn in ME 2.

    Awesome music and jaw dropping moment. One of the things I liked the most in ME 2 was the optimistic tone overall, and the music fits that very well - Shepard and the Normandy are back, and lots of ass will be kicked.

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    Default Re: Favorite Mass effect track?

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    Clint mansell is a genius. The leaving earth and the ending soundtracks became my immediate favourites.
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    What“s the name of the music that plays during the last action sequences? I mean those where Anderson is alongside the tanks etc.

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    Definitely one of my favourites from ME 3, along with Leaving Earth and An End Once And For All. But Aralakh Company gets my vote. When the piano kicks in near the end it's so eerie and so fitting with the scene where Grunt kicks ass but is slowly overwhelmed...
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    Guys, I'm getting crazy, I can't find the name of the song from this video. Any help?

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    That's just ME2's lower afterlife music.

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