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Thread: Terrae Expugnandae 5.0/Patch 5.1 Download Information

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    Icon2 Terrae Expugnandae 5.0/Patch 5.1 Download Information

    Terrae Expugnandae patch 5.1


    This is a patch for the 5.0 version of my mod, you will need 5.0 installed before instaling 5.1




    Filefront Link


    Fixes and Changes made by 5.1


    -fixed error with german temples and beserker recruitment
    -fixed error where Gauls could not build temples needed for Clan Guard
    -fixed error in Ptolemaios tech tree, previously unable to build barracks needed for Hetairoi and dockyards.
    -fixed error relating to named legions
    -fixed error with Epirus able to recruit Chaeonian Sarissoforoi a level earlier than they should be
    -fixed error with Thureophoroi recruitable twice from Siege Engineer.
    -fixed error with Parthia not able to recruit Cataphracts at certain Stable levels
    -fixed error relating to Baktrian and Epirus starting generals having Roman triats.
    -fixed error with German and Scythian campaign map models for Captains - bright white areas seen on models fixed.
    -berserkers stats and costs made more balanced
    -fixed error with some slave faction unit cards
    -fixed error with banner above empty Numidian settlements showing the vanilla RTw faction symbol and not the new one
    -fixed error with legion barracks for romans where ai would not build them pre marian as they gave nothing better than the army barracks
    -fixed error with pontus not being able to recruit pantodapoi phalangitai or phalangitai
    -fxed error where Thrace could not build the level of stables required for Noble Cavalry
    -Antioch starts out with bigger population and better buildings
    -prologue disabled
    -new skins, models and unit cards for some roman units.


    Filefront Link


    TERRAE EXPUGNANDAE "Lands to Conquer"

    This mod was done to try and make RTW better by improving the gameplay and making it more fun. It does not aim to be historically accurate. It just trys to make Rome a better gaming experience, which i think it does and i hope you agree. Hope you have fun playing this mod.

    This mod is for RTW 1.5. It WILL NOT WORK with 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3.

    Save games are not compatible.


    See this thread for screenshots:


    -reskins for nearly every unit for every faction
    -unified rome - now only one roman faction, so no annoying senate!
    -2 new factions - brutii and scipii have been converted into Epirus and Baktria
    -Mundus Magna v3 implemented as Imperial Campaign map
    -unique victory conditions for all factions
    -edited custom battle locations - every single one is different from the RTw one
    -Genetics, Ageing, Family and Health traits and ancilliaries added in, adds in new traits and ancillaries, and fixes some bugs with them.
    -new interfaces for all cultures including the Barbarian one from Barbarian Invasion
    -Barbarian factions can now build all city levels
    -new buildings for the Barbarian factions tranferred over from Barbarina Invasion - much greater depth to the Barbarian factions now
    -Egypt converted into a more accureate version: Ptolemaios
    -SignifierOnes animation pack implemented - new animations for gladius, hoplites, and others
    -Senate offices still in game as traits despite the fact there is no senate!
    -new unit cards for all reskinned units done by me
    -sprites for all units so there will be a significant performance increase over previous versions
    -new faction victory, death and defeat images
    -First Cohorts only recruitable in Italy, but now use the Bi legion name feature
    -DarthsFormation Mod 12.0 included, but modified by me to work best with TE factions - seriously improves ai battle behaviour
    -longer lasting battles
    -recruitment and upkeep costs increased so less full stacks and battles more decisive
    -recruitable generals - but they are expensive
    -night battles added in to campaign, and torches added to night battles!
    -new icons for all factions done by Kaweh K
    -new campaign map generals and captains for some factions, and reskinned ones for all factions.
    -new battlemap banners for greece, thrace, romans, thrace, numidia, carthage, macedon, gaul, germania, dacia, britons
    -reskinned agents for all factions with a new faction colour
    -urban cohort, praetorian cavalry, war dogs, flaming pigs, screeching women and arcani removed
    -romans can only build onagers, after the marian reforms
    -new units added for all factions, a total of around 30 in all
    -greek units given greek names to give a more unique feel to them
    -no more machine gun arrow towers in sieges, rate of fire is much much slower
    -each factions campaign ai tweaked slightly to make them stronger
    -realistic horse mod by pinarius included
    -new intro movie done by Hader - available as a seperate download
    -new loading screens done by me, pictures taken mostly by Hader
    -rebels are stronger so it is a challenge expanding
    -tougher ai generals
    -peasents no longer recruiable in campaign
    -more starting money for all factions - greatly increases the challenge
    -rebels no longer get peasents, now they are a challenge to fight!
    -skymod courtsey of Archer - greatly improves look of the skys and different daytipes.
    -new forts courtesy of lt1956
    -single player historical battles are still playable
    -Quick battles have been disabled as they no longer work with this mod.


    You will need a clean install of RTw patched to 1.5. Though 5.0 can be installed over Terrae Expugnandae 4.0.

    Just download the .exe, follow the instructions, and you'll soon have the mod installed.

    Then just play rome and enjoy!


    This mod is for personal use only and no elements of it may be incorporated into a public mod without my permission.

    A great big THANK YOU!!!! to all those modders who let me use their material in this mod.

    Me(Lusted/Cemendur) - roman, baktrian, epirus, spanish, egyptian and other skins and models. Conversion of Mundus Magna to the Imperial Camapaign, new custom battle map locations, edited historical battles, conversion of brutii and scipii to epirus and baktria, implementation of night battles for campaign and recruitable generals. Creator of new interfaces(expect for Barbarian ones). Unit stat editor. Camapaign map editing, sprite creator, creator of symbols above garrisoned settlements/forts/ships on campaign map, implemented all skins and other mods and got them working together, unit remover/implementer. Unit card maker for 5.0, implementer of tougher ai generals, Bi named legion system and getting Senate offices back in as traits.
    Kaweh K - unit cards for 4.0 and faction icons
    Webbird - for use of his greek, carthaginian and barbarian skins
    lt1956 - for the new forts
    DarthVader - for his formations mod
    SignifierOne- for his amazing animations pack
    Pinarius - for his realistic horse mod and elements of his skins
    GODzilla - for use of elements of his skins
    Warspite - for use of his eastern, numidian and merc skins
    Augustus21 - for use of his phalagnites
    Hobbes - for the Mundus Magna 3
    Ngr - for the Mundus Magna 3
    Archer - for use of the Skymod
    Kali - for use of his parthian skins
    Malrubius - for use of the GAFH mod, and for help with getting the Senate Offices back ingame
    The Trivium Organization - for various bits
    Vercingetorix - for the tools to mod RTW
    Creative Assembly - for creating such a wonderful game, and allowing people to mod it as much as we can. Also for the new barbarian interface and buildings i have transferred over from Barbarina Invasion.

    A great big thanks to all the 4.0 and 5.0 beta testers as well:
    Hitman Blood Money
    Gaius Baltar
    Publius Clodius

    Thanks to Razor for thinking of the very cool name for the mod.

    If you would like help with installing this mod or would like to comment on it contact me at either forums or forums if you are registered there. My username is lusted at twc,, and cemendur at scc forums.

    If you are not registered at the forums, you can email me at: [email protected]
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    Default Re: Terrae Expugnandae 5.0

    Filefront download link added to first post.
    Creator of:
    Lands to Conquer Gold for Medieval II: Kingdoms
    Terrae Expugnandae Gold Open Beta for RTW 1.5
    Proud ex-Moderator and ex-Administrator of TWC from Jan 06 to June 07
    Awarded the Rank of Opifex for outstanding contributions to the TW mod community.
    Awarded the Rank of Divus for oustanding work during my times as Administrator.

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    Default Re: Terrae Expugnandae 5.0/Patch 5.1

    I checked the latest download links and addressed some of the Filefront uploading issues by uploading the 5.1 patch file to the TWC download area.

    Terrae Expugnundae 5.0: (Thanks to Tordis_Umulius);7238894;/fileinfo.html

    Terrae Expugnundae 5.1 patch

    The Intro Movie (done by Hadar) can still be found at the link provided.

    Intro movie:

    As of this date 1/15/2008 all links are functional.
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