Age: 11
Occupation: Student

Willpower: 15
Potion Making: 0
Hexes: 0
Curses: 25
Charms: 0
Herbology/Healing: 0

Finances: 500 Galleons

Biography: Although Very Young, Jack has had a whole lot of trouble in his life. a distant branch of Abraham Vanhelsing, The Helsings Are a wizard family of little power and less reputation. Always having been almost totally uninterested in the Politics of The Wizarding world, and focused on whats happening in the "real world" the helsings mostly try to use their power for good in the World at large, and hunt creatures of the night Relentlessly. Until recently, the parents of Jack had not thought that sending Jack to Hogwarts was in his best interest, but after Voldemorts destruction came so close to shattering the world as we knew it, The Helsings decided that their son Jack had better learn to use his gifts from master greater than themselves, and so sent him to Hogwarts. Greatly Talented and interested in the art of Curses, The Young jack has the makings of all the prime Helsing Traits. Vengefullness, Hellbent Determination, and a Highly Intelligent Mind full of clever malice.

House: No preference