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Thread: Tenshu Ammo Replenishment

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    Default Tenshu Ammo Replenishment

    I'm trying to give the Tenshu building at the center of forts the properties of the Archery Dojo, namely that it will replenish the ammunition of the defending forces.

    I've played around in the battlefield_buildings tables, and swapped the categories of what I believe to be the Tenshu (Townhall) to that of the Archery Dojo, but it doesn't have the intended effect.

    Clearly there's more steps involved in getting to the local ammo replenishment modifier, but I'm not sure where else to look. Any pointers?

    EDIT: Well I managed it, there just happened to be a second castle I needed to edit so it would show up in my tests.

    Problem is this also removes the keep capture flag which I thought was handled separately.

    Just decided to tie the replenishment to the Fort Towers, which seem capable of handling the Dojo functionality without losing the functions of Towers.
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    Default Re: Tenshu Ammo Replenishment

    Would you be interested in releasing your work? It sounds like a great addition to the game.

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