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    So after going back and playing this M2TW vanilla, I realized I've never played kingdoms nor any of the mods available. From what I'm seeing most of the mods such as Stainless Steel require the Kingdoms expansion. Anyone know where I can buy a download for just the expansion? All I'm finding via Google are the "Gold" set for both (or torrents). I'd rather pay for the expansion legit if possible.

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    Steam has kingdoms, Try that

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    I have Steam but am not all that familiar with it. I don't like how it requires a connection. Can I still mod it if I get it from Steam?

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    Yes you can still use mods if you get it from steam

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    Yeah Steam requires the original Steam version for it to work, so no go there.

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    Ohh, ya it still needs the first one, sorry bout that

    hold on, if you have the first one already i dont think you need a steam version

    o wait never mind
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    Used to get all my games from Direct2Drive but they apparently sold out to Gamefly recently and they don't offer it. =(

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    Did you try you local video game store?
    they could have them still.

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    I am far too drunk to walk into a retail establishment, but I will keep that in mind for future endeavors.

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    Well good luck!

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    The only way to get the Kingdoms Expansion is to buy it, no torrent discussions here Check a local video game store or order online if steam doesn't have them.

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