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Thread: Transexual Nazi Eskimos

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    Have any of you seen that CNN Broadcast a few years ago about Transexual Nazi Eskimos in Alaska? I switched channels after I saw a naked one running around with the Swastika flag Screaming 'Heil Hitler!' in Eskimoish. It's just sad.
    Vade in Pace

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    Too much Al Jankovits in your life-Garb

    Stop! Prime Time!
    I'm pretty sure I'll be sick
    If I have to watch another stupid pet trick
    Or that guy with the real flat hair
    That goes "woof woof woof" and waves his fist in the air
    Or those weird talk shows
    About Transsexual Nazi Eskimos
    They're rude, crude and vile
    Just for a minute let's flip down the dial

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