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Thread: Latest RC2.0 files

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    nope, SS6.4 is using a much older version

    I have another question is this EDU still based in the same units of SS6.4?

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    That EDU has not been used yet in anything; it's a provisional one and it's extracted from the files I uploaded. It was just a convenient way to get it to Andytheplatypus to help him with his work on his mod.

    The EDU was intended for the upcoming version of the Compilation. I forget if PB added Georgia or not, but he added Magyar Mod and BC units, so it's most likely not plug-and-play compatible with SS 6.4.

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    I'll post an updated EDU soon that will be used for the (finally) RC2.0 release that includes Early, High and Late era campaigns.

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    The work is primarily in adding the proper (1370) Late Era campaign. I guess I could release it earlier with just the usual two campaigns and add the Late campaign later as an add-on.

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    So the 1370 campaign would replace the 1220 one? Or the 1220 will be the High? How can you get three starting dates? Through a .bat file?

    If the regular two campaigns are done, then you can release the Compilation, that way we can test them.

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    There will be Early 1100, High 1220 and Late 1370. Its easy to set up multiple campaigns through SS 'startup' app to choose the campaign, which also lets you choose the submods to add.

    I could release the first 2 campaigns soon yeah.

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    Ooh, mama!

    France and Sicily will be first for me.

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    Sicily was under control of the HRE in 1220 if I am not mistaken, but not in 1370. I think it can emerge via rebellion script though.

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    I'm talking about the Early Campaign. Its territories were supposed to be given to the HRE in the 1220 campaign.

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    Yep right that's how it is.

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    That's really nice to read PB! I reinstalled M2TW+SS 6.2 RC4 about 2 months ago, after yet an other failed attempt at picking up Rome 2. I remember spending hundreds maybe more than a thousand hours on diverse versions of it. Played the Kwarezm on vh/vh just to see how i fared against a direct mongol threat, forgot about the timurids. Truly had a blast there, and keeping it up. So to think that RR/RC will be updated again makes me very happy.

    I've went through the 2.0 EDU, comparing it with my current 1.8, and liked the general idea of giving an improvement to crossbow users, slightly lowering cavalry numbers/power, the general adjustment to movement speed. The thing that i didn't like though, was the "frighten_foot" trait on most heavy cavalry. I believe it's a bad idea considering how much toll a heavy cavalry charge takes on its target. Battling against the timurids i can but see how elephants just walking through my "superior" spearmen just make them outright flee.
    While timurids are going to lose it to my SS experience, some battles (mostly my russian conquests) felt very frustrating when my troops wouldn't even fight (my Shah, Jihad participant, who picked some heavy morale penalty trait on the way) and just get eaten alive while fleeing: shaken in superior numbers with average/mercenary/early pros troops from the onset, and routing within 50 units of enemy vicinity. I can't imagine what it'd be with the frighten_foot trait.

    Also removing it would make the Teutonic Order less "special" since i believe theirs was the only 'true' (horses) cavalry which had the trait.

    I also saw that you removed some SE/ME militia. If you are looking for room for additional units, as a player of the Shahdom i couldn't help but notice that i had much better turkomans (80+silver armor vs 60+nothing; identical morale, accuracy, base armor...) and hashashim(75+armor upgrade+1 more in attack strength vs 60) at my disposal than those available as mercs. I don't quite remember alls the specifics about recruitment, but i saw that Afghan Javelinmen which i could recruit both in my castles and as mercs had the one and same entry in the EDU, and the descr_mercenaries files didn't seem to refer to any other unit (i thought it might be like french arbalesters, called 'aventuriers' in the EDU).
    I'm not certain about hashashim, but trainable Turkomans have the "is_mercenary" trait, just like the Afghan javelinmen, so you could use the same system as you did for the latter.

    Hope that helps, and i'm very much looking forward to the upcoming release anyway!

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    Hi PB

    I wonder if you haven't considered changing all AP meele units to non AP? I personally use previous release of RC with simple change AP= 2x no AP and with slight changes to very overpowered units it works pretty well. I think that it is doing a good job with units such as Huscarls, which are extremely strong against armored units, while not making a good stand against simple folks(while being elite badass fighters).

    Tell me what you think and thank you for this great mod-it probably never get me bored after this couple of years

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    I'm thinking that axes could be switched to non-AP because they're bladed, while impact polearms, maces and warhammers could keep AP. It would require testing, though.

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    I am just changin all the 'axe' type units to non-ap. Through that I wanted to achive better behaviour of polearm units when facing cavalry charge, while not decreasing their capabilities against other type of units. I think that the effect is ok as I always considered Halberdiers way too strong against late heavy cavalry charge. After the change it looks much better. In vanilla RC anything that charged walled halberds was instantly decimated-without ap it is not the case. Halberds were not that good against repelling charges. In fact they were much worser than pikes due to shorter weapon and lack of it's pros when attacking enemy with heavy weapon during normal fight. From what I remember Swiss started using pikes instead of halberds when they realised that halberds are not effective at repelling charges. In RC pikes are good modelled and stop almost any enemy, Halberds don't-instead they kill anything super-fast thanks to it's AP bonus. After removing it Halberdiers are generally expected to win against anything IF it is stationary.

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    Default Re: Latest RC2.0 files

    I'm using these files for a submod of mine. Which permissions do I need before releasing it?

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    Apani: just use any files you need.

    I've been working on and off on another release. Remaining to do:
    -Add in a padded jack under some heavier armor: 50% done
    -Update foot unit mass values slightly based on unit quality: 50% done
    -Change recruiting for a few units
    -Allow generals to update from 'Bodyguards' to 'Late Bodyguards'

    So not much left

    I'll try to add in some alternate files with Axes switched to non-AP. I'm pretty comfortable now with how this can be represented, though axes will always be a bit problematic absent something like a 'semi-AP' attribute.

    This could also result in some minor stat alterations to other weapons to maintain consistency.

    Many other additions and updates included, not just updated combat.
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    nah, leave axe ap. It is still gray area... like you said- semi ap. Anyway looking forward this, hopefully you wont disappear, again??

    good to see you here PB!

    btw when I look in files that you upload here, dont you think that 4 upgrades on armor is little to much? 4 lvls of upgrading will give +10 armor bonus for unit... you test this, I hope?
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    Yes the files with the changed axe values will be optional

    Each unit has at most 3 upgrades to its original armor. Not so many units have this, mostly ones that historically were on the scene for some time so have upgrades available to reflect the changes in technology etc during that period. Upgrades follow a consistent path eg light mail (original armor)->heavy mail->coat of plates->partial plate, or light brigandine->brigandine->heavy brigandine->late brigandine, for example, with relevant penalties and bonuses for the armor type at each upgrade calculated in.

    The armor upgrade mechanics were tested in 2007 I think it was
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    Hey hey, it's PB! Happy New Year!

    Before you disappear again, can you please upload the EDU for TATW 2.0? My hard drive crashed and I lost the file (together with many others).

    Here are some tests on armour upgrades:

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