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Thread: Vestigia Vetustatis Rules Thread

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    Icon4 Vestigia Vetustatis Rules Thread

    The following rules are in effect in the VV specifically, in addition to the standard Terms of Service applicable to the entire TWC website:

    1.The posting of copyrighted imagery in posts, regardless of intent, is forbidden.

    TWC has received emails regarding this from official sources in the past, and these images are deleted when found. Images under copyright must not be used and, if found, reported to Moderation.

    The most common violation of this policy comes from the linking of Osprey Publishing military history books, but it is not the sole source. If you have or see any picture that looks like it may be scanned from a book, or taken from a book using a camera or other media, then chances are it is probably protected by copyright.

    Here is an example of what an Osprey picture may look like, taken from Osprey's official photostream:

    Example 1

    Example 2

    If you see any copyrighted images, or suspect an image of being as such, please report it to us.

    2. "X vs Y" threads are forbidden.

    For example, "Napoleonic War-Era French Infantry Battalion vs USMC Infantry Squad". These threads serve no historical purpose at all and will not be tolerated in this forum. Posters wishing to engage in such fantasy matching of opponents may do so in the Thema Devia. A word of warning, however: Thema Devia Mods will start closing these threads if they become too prevalent.

    3. Polls are not allowed in this forum.

    Similar to Rule 2, poll threads do very little for historical discussion, promoting a simple click-box and one-liner responses as opposed to any historical debate. As such, poll threads will not be created in this forum.

    4. List Threads are not allowed in this forum.

    Threads such as "Who is the best ever general?" are disallowed due to the same reasons as previous rules.
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