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Thread: Harci szekerek/War Wagons

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    Icon5 Harci szekerek/War Wagons

    Most mi a helyzet a harci szekerekkel? A 2.15-ös verziót töltöttem le és játszom, de custom battleben nem jelenik meg ez az egység annak ellenére, hogy itt fenn van...
    Egyébként zseniális a mod, gratulálok hozzá és további jó munkát kívánok!

    English Translation: What is the situation with the war wagons? I downloaded the 2.15 version but this unit does not show in custom battles. By the way, the mod is fantastic, congratulations and keep up the great work!
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    Default Re: Harci szekerek/War Wagons

    Please don't start topics in different languages, the official language of this forum is english, anything else would result in deletion because majority of the people wouldn't know. The only exception where you can post in your native language is in this forum.


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    Default Re: Harci szekerek/War Wagons

    Yes, war wagons not included.
    They behaved strangely on battlefield.

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