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Thread: Where are my Swiss Pikemen?! HELP!

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    Default Where are my Swiss Pikemen?! HELP!

    Hello all,

    So, the year is 1280. I'm English. I have control of Switzerland, which in turn has a Citadel (or Fortress, or whatever the topmost stronghold is... can't remember) AND a County Militia...

    ...and yet, I am unable to train Swiss Pikemen! The unit sheet says all I need for them is a County Militia and Switzerland, so I'm confused as to why I can't build them. Any ideas??? You don't have to BE Swiss to build them, right?


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    Default Re: Where are my Swiss Pikemen?! HELP!

    You have to be in the late era if you have VI installed, so after 1321. If i remember correctly, haven't played in a while.
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    Default Re: Where are my Swiss Pikemen?! HELP!

    Yes, I have VI installed. So I have to wait ~40 years? I was so looking forward to having those guys with me. All the good fighting will probably be over by then!

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    Default Re: Where are my Swiss Pikemen?! HELP!

    Well upgrade your armour workshop to get them even better! And at least you can still get swiss halberdiers.
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