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Thread: Perfect Mod, but for one thing

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    Default Perfect Mod, but for one thing

    This mod is really fun to play. The reason is the movement - armies don't move that far that fast. However, this is also the problem. Historically, armies could move much further in the space of six months. I seek only one change - a change from two to four turns per year.

    I know modders and other officianados will say, "But wait." To do that you need to change everything.

    Not everything. Simply the length of time it takes to build a structure. Regardless of how much money a faction has, it takes a certain number of turns to build a building or train a unit. Make all units one turn to build. But make all buildings twice as long to build.

    I eagerly await the next patch.

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    If you want to change that, just type in the amount of years you want a building to take in the ‘export desc buildings’ text file.

    The slower movement was to give the AI a chance to build armies when you attack it.

    Glad you like the mod, there are many things I would like to have done but we didn’t have many coders.

    We wont be making a new patch but maybe sparta4, the beta is already made so its just a case of me finding the time to make new cards etc. problem is that the game is so old now and you guys got rs2, so I kinda wonder if its worth all the effort. …and I expect rome2 will be out in the next 2 years.
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