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Thread: ESF 1.4.6 (Last Stable Version)

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    Default ESF 1.4.6 (Last Stable Version)

    I found this on a Japanese website. To my knowledge, this was the last stable version. Below are links how it works. Note that version 1.4.8 is not stable.

    Note, v1.4.6 is not completely stable, but it is better than all the rest. Make sure what ever you are working on is on your desktop. If you start adding files from different places on your hard drive, the program will crash.

    ESF Editor

    ESF Editor v1.4.3

    ESF Editor v1.4.5

    References ESF Editor 1.4.8
    startpos.esf Analysis, Modifications & Hybrid
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    Default Re: ESF 1.4.6 (Last Stable Version)

    Good find, probably smart to remove the 1.4.8 thread alltogether.

    Anyway, ESF Editor 1.4.6 does not appear completely stable either. Always be careful when editing .esf or save game files.

    1. Always make a backup.
    2. Always use 'Save as' instead of saving on top of the file you are editing. Seems to eliminate a few crashes I experienced at least.

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    Default Re: ESF 1.4.6 (Last Stable Version)


    EDIT: It doesn't seem to work with S2TW esf.
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