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Thread: Fall of the Samurai - First Gameplay Footage and Release Date

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    Default Fall of the Samurai - First Gameplay Footage and Release Date

    Sega has announced that Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai will be released on this coming March 23rd. The first gameplay video for the game has also surfaced on the web. Gamestar of Germany has released a video of gameplay and campaign map footage showing the likes of Ironclads, Torpedo Boats, and Shogunate Police forces in action. Additionally there is a first look at railroads on the campaign map.

    The video commentary is in German, but the video is still worth checking out if you don't speak the language. Here's a translation of some of the commentaries key points:
    • While riflemen were "about as rare as an anorexic sumo wrestler" in Shogun 2, FotS is very much the "Age of Firearms".
    • Melee units are still called upon, and inexperienced shooters will find themselves in hot water against charging cavalry. Japanese line infantry is very inaccurate at the beginning, but collects experience and their accuracy becomes more accurate.
    • Trading posts have an added importance. Great Britain, France, and the United States will sell advanced weapons and elite mercenaries such as the British Red Bear sharpshooters. Foreign veterans can also be hired to drill inexperienced troops.
    • Instead of archers manned with rowboats, steam driven and cannon armed Ironclads are available. They can be used in ramming manoeuvres to devastating effect.
    • The historical naval battle featured in the video includes the guest appearance of the very first Japanese ironclad. The Kōtetsu is the flagship of the Imperial navy and makes short work of a Shogunate armada.
    • On the campaign map, railroads do not just provide trading advantages. They open up the possibility of bringing troops to the front at enormous speed. The result can be heavy fighting around railway hubs.
    • Lastly, in the video, a Geisha agent distracts an enemy force, preventing them from moving next turn. Despite the attacking force having firearms, they lose valiantly. It just goes to show that firearms do not make you invincible in Fall of the Samurai.

    Remember to post your comments on the video in the TWC forum thread. Eurogamer has a bunch of new FotS screenshots too.
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