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Thread: Can you change/pick your heir?

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    Default Can you change/pick your heir?

    Hi, I realised something after playing a couple of do you decide/pick your heir? Is there a pre-requisite of which family member will be the heir? And after that guy is selected, can you change it? i.e choose someone else to be the heir.

    I was searching through the menu buttons etc, cannot see anything that I can select to change the heir. I guess the only thing is to send that poor guy on a suicide, what happens after that and the new heir is still not the guy I want? I'll be on endless suicide missions. There must be a way to pick my heir right?

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    The only way I know how to do it is to kill the current heir in a hopless battle, and sometimes I like that option. Though not usually, as it leaves me with one less general, and even worse an easy enemy victory. Aside from that I don't think you can choose.
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    Default Re: Can you change/pick your heir?

    In med2 you can't choose your heir. I believe someone made a complicated system involving ancillaries that made it possible to pick an heir but that is currently not in TLR

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    I think I found this particular sub-mod you might be talking about. I spent the best part of last night trying my hand at modding it to suit TLR (it's actually my first time) Honestly all I did was to copy and paste it at locations in the scripts I thought was relevent. The original modder (Chinaski) deserve the full credit for creating this sub-mod in the first place


    I tested out after modding it to suit TLR a few times....I managed to 'see' the ancillary ingame and was able to manupilate it (i.e transfer it to another family member) and it seemed to work fine....actually managed to 'choose' who I want my next heir to be. But then after a few trial runs, I started getting the script error messages and crashed out after some events many turns after my trial transfer (my crash is not immediatly after the transfer or when my king dies).

    Being totally new to modding, will/should I be getting these script errors when all I did was copying new script lines into the script without removing anything originally there? Or is this one of those event bugs mentioned in the other threads?

    I will post my modified script in hoping that someone will help check out and that I was not simply lucky last night 'predicting' my heirs.

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    Default Re: Can you change/pick your heir?

    Hey I'm trying to get this to work too.
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    if you post the files ill take a look for you : )

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