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Thread: The Tale of Nobutada *14.05.12* FINISHED

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    Default The Tale of Nobutada *14.05.12* FINISHED

    Author's Corner
    I am writing this as a writing practice, and it would be great to get some feedback. I plan covering all the battles of the Takeda, and maybe some other events. And start every chapter with a qoute.

    Character List

    Satoshin - Born Nobutada, he goes to war at the age of fifteen and winds up as second-in-command for Baba Nobuharu
    Baba Nobuharu - The Lord of Fukashi emerges as a father figure for the young Satoshin and teaches the young boy all he knows
    Obu Toramasa - The commander of the akazonae seems cruel to most, but the ones who know him sees him as a general man
    Sanada Yamazaki - The best friend Satoshin ever had, originally took a Buddhist name, but forsake it after doubting the gods
    Yamagata Masakage - Toramasa's younger brother, takes over the akazonae after 1569 and becomes Satoshin's new superior commander

    About and Introduction

    I will try to tell about the main charachter and the surroundings without telling too much about the plot. Nobutada has got a crippled father who fought for the father of Shingen; Nobutora. He was wounded in battle and had to remove his leg. He has got a son, Nobutada, whom he learns everything he can of battle and the samurai code. Nobutada gets his Baptism of Fire at the battle of Uedahara, at the age of 15. (And the reason is not not that Shingen debuted at the same age...) Hope you enjoy.


    Chapter One
    Chapter Two
    Chapter Three
    Chapter Four
    Chapter Five
    Chapter Six
    Chapter Seven
    Chapter Eight
    Chapter Nine
    Chapter Ten
    Chapter Eleven
    Chapter Twelve
    Chapter Thirteen
    Chapter Fourteen
    Chapter Fifteen
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    My lord, what do you think that light is that is barring your path? - Yamagata Masakage, in Kagemusha

    The way of the warrior.
    Always be honourable.
    Keep the Samurai code.

    These were the thoughts that flew through the boy’s head this winter morning, in 1548. February 14. this date would be a turning point in the life of this 15 year old, so long from home. Home, the land of the Baba, that was where he should be, he thought. Not on some place in the huge province of Shinano, that would soon become a battlefield.

    His father had been in the service of the former lord, Takeda Nobutora. His days were gone. In 1542 his son had exiled him to the Imagawa province of Suruga, to be held by their Daimyo Yoshimoto. Takeda Harunobu was now the new leader of our clan. Nobutada, that was the boy’s name, was the son of a retainer of the Babas who had been severely wounded during one of the early incursions into Shinano. The result was an amputated leg. But for his bravery he was rewarded with a large pension and could live the rest of his life without working. This saddened Nobutada’s father greatly, for he enjoyed the feeling of battle and fighting for his master.

    So his father forced all his thoughts of honor and bravery into his only son. Hoping he would regain what he saw as his family’s lost honor. Exercising with the bow, yari and katana was from then a part of Nobutada’s daily life, his father also got him a horse and he made him practice making the horse a part of him and the horse’s movements his own.

    With time Nobutada had become a good warrior, also knowing tea ceremonies, how to play a flute and he knew Son Zi’s Art of War from cover to cover. So when he became fifteen years, he was summoned by the lord of the lands they lived in, the mighty Baba Nobuharu, perhaps the retainer closest to Harunobu. He told Nobutada that he thought he was ready to get his baptism by fire. Nobutada’s father was overwhelmed by these news, at last his waiting was over.

    Nobuharu told him that the Takeda had just taken the castle of Shiga, and now the rival Daimyo, Murakami Yoshikiyo, was mustering an army to push Harunobu out of Shinano. The Daimyo had sent a messenger for Nobuharu to take with him his retainers and ashigaru to help him winning the battle that would come soon. Nobutada was to fight in the cavalry together with Nobuharu in the position his father would have had, if he had not been crippled.

    They arrived at the plains not very far from a place called Uedahara were Harunobu had his army. The new troop led by Baba Nobuharu rode into the camp, their heads held high. They were renown as some of the best riders in Takeda, and the Takeda were the best in the whole of Japan. Among them were Nobutada. The tent of Baba Nobuharu was already set up, and the group gathered around it being divided to different tents.

    A week later scouts reported that the Murakami army was on its march and would be at Uedahara in less than two days. Nobutada was done with his rice cake for dinner when he heard the news. This was it, until now the hardest struggle he had had was sleeping in the same tent as that smelly retainer. Now the time when he was going to fight in battle for the first time was coming. And he suddenly felt frightened.
    The eve of battle is always scary, even the bravest of generals who have fought countless battles are frightened before battle. Nobutada recalled the words his father had told him before he departed to Shinano. He had asked what to do if he was scared. And that had been his reply, and now Nobutada understood him. Nobuharu looked intensely focused, but he now knew that if you looked behind his eyes, you would find fear. This lifted his heart and gave him courage and therefore respect from others in his squadron.

    The vanguard advanced upon the Murakami forces. The cavalry, where Nobutada was, had been positioned on the far right flank and led by Takeda Harunobu himself. The Takeda were outnumbered, but Harunobu hoped that the great Takeda cavalry would be able to give him a victory. On the battlefield below them the battle was being fought hard at both sides, but the Takeda were being pushed back because of the superior numbers of the enemy.

    Suddenly the Takeda line fell, the whole army was in full retreat, all but the cavalry. Harunobu shouted from the front of the cavalry. It was still time to save the battle. And the cavalry charged, Nobutada could almost not think. All he could was feel. Feel the pounding of his horse under him. Feel his katana swing on his waist. Feel the weight of his yari in his arm. Feel the shaking of the ground as they charged.
    Then without warning there was a large blast and some men around him fell of their steeds. What was that? There were no arrows, and they were still far from the enemy lines. This was not like anything Nobutada had ever experienced before. The other men were also taken by surprise. Then it all happened so fast, they hit the enemy and after not too long fighting the enemy fled.
    The victory, if you could call it a victory, was costly. Nine hundred good Takeda lay on the battlefield and among them some great generals. The things that had caused the blasts and the deaths of the men, were Chinese handguns. The Murakami foxes had got them through trade, and wielded them very smart against the Takeda cavalry.

    In Baba Nobuharu’s tent, Nobuharu was talking with his lieutenant, an elderly man, who had seen many battles and you could tell, if you saw him right after fighting that he was getting too old for battling.
    “Will you keep an eye on that Nobutada boy? He showed bravery before the battle and fought as well as many of my senior retainers”, Nobuharu said and then stopped for a while,
    “He might be the material of a lieutenant, when your old back can no longer keep you on a horse.”
    “Of course, sir, and sadly those days are approaching”, His lieutenant answered.

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    My people are my castles - Takeda Shingen

    “Son, I want you to learn more about our great clan, your uncle will take you to the castle of Tsutsijigasaki, our capital.” It was Nobutada’s father who spoke. The next day Nobutada set out with his uncle. It was a half day travel by foot, so his uncle, who was known in the hometown as a talented story teller, had many chances to tell his nephew about the history of the clan and the battles where he and Nobutada’s father had fought alongside each other.

    “Minamoto no Yoshikiyo was the first to take the name Takeda, and therefore the founder of our clan. Then after hundreds of years, Nobutora, the father of Lord Harunobu, began to expand the influence of the Takeda. And now the new daimyo is expanding militarily.”
    Nobutada was ten at this time, but he was already a very wise and reasonable young man.
    At around noon, the two arrived at the gates of Tsutsujigasaki.

    “The Takeda are not castle builders, we leave that to the Hojo. But we are the masters of horses, and we use that to our advantage when we go to war. Lord Harunobu has said that his people are his castles. So, when you get the horse your father has promised you, you should practice it eagerly and learn how to master it, for horse masters are feared by the enemy.” His uncle had told stories the whole road and Nobutada thought it had only been minutes since they left the little farm were the family lived.

    In the mansion the most important people of the area lived, there were the most active politicians, the ablest advisors and the most beautiful of the Lord’s wives and concubines.
    “How are they compared to your Ise?,” Nobutada’s uncle said as some of the concubines passed them giggling. He was referring to the girl who lived over the road. He and his father often e teased the boy about the girl, often causing him to blush. He did not reply, but just kept on going and put up the pace a little.

    When they arrived in the city, it was like they were constantly met by celebrities, at least Nobutada felt like they were. And every time they saw someone, his uncle would tell him who they were;
    “That is Nobushige, he is the brother of the daimyo. That is Kosaka Masanobu he is a special friend of the Lord. ” Then a little child around five years ran over a street, chased by a maid.
    “Aha, it seems Takeda Taro, the first born of the Lord is out running,” Nobutada’s uncle laughed. But of all these famous persons, Nobutada was particularly interested in a figure leaning towards a wall. He asked who it was and his uncle replied;
    “That, my boy, is Harayuki or Yamamoto Kansuke as he is called when not being in the presence of the daimyo. He is a strategist for Lord Harunobu. It is he who thinks out the brilliant strategies that the daimyo use to win great victories for our clan.” When they returned to the farm the next day, Nobutada did not pay attention to the stories his uncle told, he only thought about the leaning figure with the great mind.
    Now Nobutada was once again standing outside a castle. Now, a year after his first battle at the fields of Uedahara, he was standing outside the Fukashi Castle. The last year Baba Nobuharu had often asked him to join him, sometimes when he strolled through the camp, other times just to study him while he answered letters. Nobutada did not understand these meetings, but he did not give them very much thought as they were almost constantly on the move, making their way across the southern and middle parts of Shinano.

    Along with them in the army where many famous generals; to the southern part of the castle Obu Toramasa had his command post, likewise to the west Sanada Yukitaka was in charge. To the north Baba Nobuharu was stationed, and to the east the general Naito Masatoyo. And on a hill for himself Harunobu himself had his tent and the closest of his strategists and friends.
    Then the night of attack came, Nobutada went to find his place in the ranks of attackers. But on his way he met Nobuharu.
    “Nobutada, you will not participate in the battle tonight. Go to the hill where the daimyo has got his command post. You will be met there and led to the Lord, where he is watching the battle. I think you will have something to learn from this fight.” He then hurried on, leaving Nobutada who obeyed the orders and ran to the hill.

    When he arrived he was met by a young man, who led him to the place Haranobu commanded from. When he reached there he found his place a little back in the ranks and waited. He could see Harayuki standing next to the daimyo, almost all the time whispering into his ears. He still resembled the thinking figure Nobutada had seen five years ago, though he seemed older and wiser.
    “Fuuuuuurinkazaaaan.” Harunobu roared out his battle cry. And the army beneath them started running towards the walls of the castle, bringing with them ladders to climb the wall. Nobutada watched as the force of wind, forest, fire and water, was unleashed against the castle. The assaults by Toramasa, Nobuharu and Yukitiaka were very successful, and soon they had taken a large part of the castle. But the last division under Masatoyo did not have the same success. They fought the best enemy troops, and would not have made it had it not been for the aid of Takeda Nobushige, the brother of Harunobu, who came in at the last second and repelled the enemy. After a while Nobutada could see a smile erupt on Lord Harunobu’s face when he saw the Takeda mon being held up in the tenshu of the castle. The battle was won.
    A few days later Nobuharu summoned Nobutada to his tent;
    “Nobutada, I have been given the castle of Fukashi. And I have also received a letter from your father. He wants you to stay here in the castle with me and my closest men. You will begin learning Buddhism, because the Lord Shingen who was before known as Harunobu has done so, and taken a Buddhist name. I have also got plans for you. As you know the lieutenant I have now has passed his best days, and is close to his 70th birthday. I want you to take over for him, when he retires. You have the leadership and courage that it takes and also I like you personality.” These news came as a shock for Nobutada. This had been the reason for the frequent talks and walks the last year. He would also not be able to see his family again, at least for a couple of years.

    Nobutada walked back to the castle, which the army now used for garrisoning quarters. He sat down on his little sleeping place and thought. Then he smiled.
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    Default Re: The Tale of Nobutada

    I like it so far but those Japanese names always confuse me lol I know I'm a spoilt child but I want the next chapter!!

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    Haha, maybe I should have some sort of characther list or something . I am thinking about the next chapter now I think it will be good

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    Can you imagine what I can do if I do all I can? - Son Xi

    “Good work, my son” Nobutada had just put his third and last arrow in the target. His father was standing with his three crouches unable to applaud, but his eyes signaled the pride he felt. Nobutada was thirteen years, and had owned a horse in only three years, yet he was a great rider. He smiled at his father, and turned his steed around to go once more. His father smiled back at him and just looked for a long time, until he could not any longer see his back at the end of the track. Then the horse stormed towards him one more time.

    When Nobutada entered the living room in the evening, it smelled delicious of noodle soup. That was his mother’s specialty and his own favorite. It was a nice variation from the normal bowl of rice. Nobutada thanked his mother, grabbed his chopsticks and ate it all almost in one bite. After he had spent the entire day from dusk until dawn training yabusame, he looked forward to an evening of mental practice.
    After he had thanked the god Inari, the god of food, for their prosperity and food, Nobutada went to his room to read some of the books. To his surprise, on his way, his father stopped him and asked the uncle to bring something. Nobutada was standing anxiously waiting. His uncle brought something old, it looked like the dust was impregnated into the three.
    “This my son, is the Art of War, it is written by a Chinese mastermind called Son Xi. Read it carefully and learn it, then read it again until you can recite it word by word. May Omoikane, the god of intelligence, bless you so you learn it. I have been looking for this book a long time, and this day, while you were practicing, your uncle managed to get it from a merchant.”

    Nobutada went to his room, lit some candles and started reading. And he did not stop until he found out that the light was sunlight. He had been reading all night unable to put down the book, even to remove his eyes from the writing which was in surprisingly clear compared to the outside of the book. Nobutada stumbled down the stairs, his eyes hurting because of lack of sleep. His father was eating breakfast, and smiled when he saw him, as though he had expected he would get little sleep.
    “What do you say about a pause from practice today?” The sleepy nod, made his father laugh. And he and his uncle had much fun of it the rest of the day, while Nobutada was sleeping softly in his bed.

    It was good that Nobutada was used to a hard life, of training both physically and mentally. Their teacher was an old Buddhist man, who was very strict in terms of correctness and punctuality. Nobutada got a good friend there, named Sanada Wakazaki. He was the nephew of the great Sanada Yukitaka, who was one of the generals of Takeda Shingen. He had also been put at the castle for the same purpose of Nobutada, to get a Buddhist Dharma and become a monk. Both because of the new name change of the Lord Shingen.

    Nobutada had gotten used to the life at Fukashi and he was still being regularly called for by Nobuharu, who had revealed his intentions with these meetings and now Nobutada did not wonder so much about why. He also now received letters from his father and his uncle now that he was at one place all the time. In the letters they told him about the everyday life at their home, and they wanted to know what was happening to him, if he made any process and if he did what he was supposed to do. His uncle also teased him by telling him how beautiful Ise had become, and that if he did not hurry up; he might marry her.

    Once day when Nobutada was out with Wakazaki partly hunting and partly having fun, they saw a large group of men who came over the hill. After some hundred men had marched on their way, with the two boys watching, the great fan that read Furinkazan emerged over the hill top. The boys understood it was the Lord Shingen himself who was with the small army that was on its way to Fukashi.
    The two boys galloped back to the castle and all the way they asked what had happened;
    “The Uesugi warlord Kagetora beat us at the Kawanakajima triangle”
    “They were everywhere, we had no chance”

    When they finally reached the castle, their teacher was helping wounded and had little time to tell them what he had heard. Nobutada went to Nobuharu who had been in a meeting with Shingen. And he told him;
    “Uesugi Kagetora went into Shinano to assist Murakami whom we beat five years ago. The two armies clashed at the Chikumagawa River and the Takeda forces were beaten. When they retreated the Murakami daimyo took advantage of this and took back Shoida castle. Lord Shingen is now planning an assault at that castle and all the castles around it. He is now raising as many men as he can, and he wants me to send my two best young men with him to learn. You and Sanada Wakazaki will go. They leave within the next five days. Now go and tell your friend, I have work to do.”

    And early morning five days later, Shingen had raised enough men to take on the enemy. Wakazaki and Nobutada both were among the Hatamoto, bodyguards and attendants, of Shingen. They marched fast, and a number of sixteen castles around Shoida. But when they reached the castle, the warlord had already fled back to Uesugi lands. The castle was easily taken and Shingen put Obu Toramasa in charge of it.
    Nobutada and Wakazaki went back to the castle and finished their Buddhist education. Then the day of the ceremony came, the day when they would get their names. Wakazaki got the name Dorje, thunderbolt, for his extreme strength and also his temper.

    When the time came for Nobutada to get his name he walked up to his teacher who for the first time he had ever seen, smiled at him. All the four years he had him as his tutor he had had a stone face.
    “Your name will from now on be; Satoshin, true wisdom, and may you fulfill your name in the future. May Hachiman, the war god, bless you.”

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    I keep the right to change and edit his name though, in case I find something even cooler ;D lol

    EDIT: Name changed to Satoshin; true wisdom . Hope that is fine
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    Great work! don't think Shingen ever lost a castle to the Murakami though
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    Thanks, but....;

    Kawanakajima 1553-1564 by Stephen Turnbull Page 40

    "With the Takeda gone form his former territories above the Daimon Pass the bold Murakami Yoshikiyo marched in pursuit to take advantage of the situation. He re-entered Shoida castle and proceeded to drive away any former Murakami supporters who may have declared for the Takeda. The focus then shifted to the area around Shoida."

    I know my Turnbull....

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    I demand another chapter!! I've always fancied Japanese society and samurai and all that. Never read any books about it though..

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    You are making me very busy Boustro.. very busy.

    I think in a couple of days it will be up.

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    Not much this time, just felt like I had to get something up. Hope it is relatively good compared to its shortness. (How many words did I just make up? )

    (there will not even be a qoute this time...)
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    “Mother! Father! Uncle!” Satoshin’s eyes were full of joy as he ran towards his family, whom he had not seen for five years. He was now twenty year old, but he felt like a little boy as he was home in the mountains and hills he loved. He gave them all long, hard hugs and he could feel a small tear in the corner of his eye.
    “Nobutada-” But Satoshin interrupted him.
    “That is no longer my name father, from now on my name is Satoshin.”
    “What a truly fitting name indeed.” His uncle commented.
    “Very well then, Satoshin, we have missed you. It is very good to see your face again, and to know that you are good.”

    In the evening the family invited the whole village and they celebrated the home coming of their son. Satoshin tried to tell them it was only for a few days, and then he had to return to Fukashi. But they pretended they did not hear him, and continued bragging, his father to the other fathers and his mother to the other mothers.

    The departing was a sad happening, Satoshin was overwhelmed with feelings, but was determined not to show it, and remain the strong figure he had.

    The journey was a long and hard one as he travelled through many unwelcoming places and roads, through the Suwa lands, past the Uedahara plains where he had fought his first battle and onto the hills that contained so many yamashiro. He felt joy when he could see the high tenshu of Fukashi, and he galloped the last mile.

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    You've clearly been writing too much TotW

    Nice little snippet though. I demand moar. MOAR!!

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
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    Yes, yes you will have it. Just please don't hurt me.. please..

    please.. please..

    Just don't send that kid on me, I can't handle it..

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    Default Re: The Tale of Nobutada Small Update 13th Feb

    Nice chapter also: robin, keep that baby locked away please

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    Let your step be slow and steady, so that you will not stumble - Tokugawa Ieyasu

    “And that is how you make the tea perfect. “ Satoshin’s father finished the fourth day of tutoring in the art of tea mastering. Satoshin had been sitting silent and thoughtful, taking notes and watching the careful hand of his father smoothly dropping the ingredients and stirring and making sure that it did not boil too much. The light in the room was dim, so when Satoshin entered the living room the light of only a few candles made his eyes ache.

    The art of tea mastering was a difficult one, mostly far over what you could expect from a fourteen year old. But both Satoshin himself and his father knew that he was up for the task. Satoshin sat down and started reading his notes;
    “The tea must brew for at least…” Then he fell asleep, and did not wake up before noon the next day.

    “Is it true that Sen Rikyu, the tea master, is coming to Fukashi?” Satoshin asked Dorje. They were standing guard at the castle wall. Dorje had just told him about the new rumors of the visit of the preeminent tea master. Who it was rumored the great Oda Nobunaga wanted as his master and tutor.
    And the rumors were true, a few days later Rikyu arrived in a horse drawn carriage, stuffed with tea ingredients and different instruments for tea making. A small crowd gathered around him as he came through the castle village and even more of the soldiers when he entered the castle. As soon as Satoshin got off his watch, he sprinted towards the place where Rikyu had set up his things. He had just started his tea ceremony when Satoshin reached them. But he knew how it was done so it was not a very serious loss. He sat following closely even more closely than he had when his father had tutored him. He watched astonished to see the accuracy of the arms and down to the most outer point of his fingertips.

    “Rikyu-dono that is not the correct way.” Satoshin had broken the silence; he had seen a mistake in the master’s work, as he sliced a leaf with the wrong knife.
    “Aha, so we have a man who is cunning in the art of tea here? What is your name?”
    “My name is Satoshin. And I, after seeing your work, cannot say that I am a tea master.”
    “I believe you are wrong my good Satoshin, I often do that very same mistake to see if anyone can tell the difference. And the ones who can are often only the most skilled of all.”
    “Thank you very much dono.”
    “It is I who should thank.”

    The next day Rikyu left the castle to continue his travel over Japan. And the day following Satoshin was summoned by Baba Nobuharu to his quarters.

    When Satoshin entered the room, but it was not empty as it used to be, now it was filled with people. Among them were the priest of the closest shrine, the lieutenant of Nobuharu, the leader of the guards of the castle, and a man Satoshin had never seen before, but who whore clothes with the symbol of Takeda Shingen.
    “My lieutenant has announced his retirement.” Nobuharu spoke.
    “And you, Satoshin, knows what that means. I told you several years ago.” Satoshin’s heart pumped faster, he remembered he remembered it as if it was yesterday. He remembered the color of the clothes he had used, he remembered the brightness of the light in the little tent. Yes he remembered.
    “I do, my lord.”

    “Therefore I, Baba Nobuharu of the Baba clan, announce Il Satoshin as my lieutenant.” The priest blessed the decision, Nobuharu’s former second in command nodded as he respected the choice. The man with the Takeda signs wrote a few words and slipped out of the room. One by one the rest also left until it was only Nobuharu and Satoshin left.

    “So what are your first orders my lord?”
    “First you can go and get to know the men you will be commanding from now on, and then you will have to choose your own captain.”
    “I choose Sanada Dorje.” Sataoshin answered automatically.
    “Remember that you should not make such decisions based on friendship or family, but of their leadership and fighting abilities.”
    “I still choose the same man, he is the best fighter I have ever seen, my lord.”
    “Very well, then. Now go and talk to the men.”

    Satoshin had just turned his back and was on his way out of the room, when Nobuharu spoke;
    “Oh, and I heard of your correcting of Sen no Rikyu, very well done indeed. I will call on you next time I am drinking my tea.”

    Satoshin continued walking and a smile showed up on his face.
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    Nicely done! The meeting with Sen no Rikyu was very well written
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    Thank you

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    Ok, I am sorry for the delay of this chapter, but it will come soon (as in very soon). I think it will be good, and sort of weigh up for the delay...

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