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Thread: RESTITUTOR BRITTANIAE- An IB2 AAR. Updated 5/5/12

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    Default RESTITUTOR BRITTANIAE- An IB2 AAR. Updated 5/5/12

    This is a IB2 conquestus Brittanae AAR as the DoS,but I may switch factions if it suits the story... and it will be entirely focused on britain, all the battles will be in britain and the only news from gaul will be from dispatches. if you notice weird territories, it is because some rebelled from the allemani to me
    my ingame objectives will be to bring britain back to roman rule.
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    462 Anno Domini

    The Rex of the Domain of Soissons, had ordered an expeditionary force to Brittania to secure an island base on the island, in order to obtain a stronghold for the invasion he had planned in the future,
    On the ship, an uncertain soldier, Julian, will have his life changed forever as he embarks on a campaign to the Mysterious isle of Britain.
    What will the future hold?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The small Roman river boats were violently thrashed around by the vast waves, as a small expeditionary force, the I Legio Soissons desperately clung on to dear life as the sea engulfed them. "Steady Men!" Vithimer, The Frankish Centurion shouted, as the waves almost devoured the ship time and time again.
    "Look out!" A Germanic soldier cried, as a flash of lightning revealed a rock.There was a sickening crunch as the weak wood collided with the cold, hard stone, and waves roared overhead as the ship became increasingly unstable, with water crashing down and the mast falling apart, the soldiers were ordered to get above deck and abandon the ship. Julian's close friend, Ambrosinus, put an armored hand on his sholder as the ship swayed, and then nodded to Julian and leapt into the water.
    "good luck!" Julian shouted, as he saw Ambrosinus pulling himself through the water, Ambrosinus tried to reply and all Julian heard was a gargle of water, and Julian watched in horror as Ambrosinus tried to swim to shore, but the strong sea current pulled him under, and the weight of his armour dragged him down. Julian grimaced as he dissapeared under the waves.
    Julian's heart pumped in his chest as the boat came down around him, he ran to the end of the craft, hoping to see a nearby beach he could swim to. But it was to no avail.
    Julian's heart sank as the ship collapsed, then it leapt up to his mouth in confusion as the wood under him gave way, and he was plunged into the murky depths. His head swam with thoughts, his lungs tightened as he struggled for air and sank deeper and deeper.
    I will die Julian thought to himself, as he lamented upon his life. He stopped panicking and he relaxed in the water, losing track of time as the clouds flew above his head, and he would die with nobody to remember his name or legacy. Julian closed his eyes, and prepared for death.
    What is happening? Julian thought to himself as he opened his eyes in shock; his shoulders were grabbed roughly, and he was hauled up out of the water.
    He lived.
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    Chapter 1: The Eagle Has Landed
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    "Prepare to move out!" Vithimer shouted, and Julian and the rest of the men formed ranks. Julius Aemelianus, The General, took his position at the head of the column with his bodyguard, while the rest of the men were behind him in marching formation."Move Out! Quick March!" Julius commanded his men, and they begrudgingly marched foward towards the nearest saxon city, which stood unsuspectingly over the horizon.

    The Saxon city was no more than a ramshackle village with a wooden palisade, and Julius ordered the mean to make camp around the city, and begin the process of starving out the enemy. Julian sighed as he collapsed, exhausted onto his bedroll, his Visigothic companion grunting at him in aknowledement, as he too lay down upon his bedroll. Julian glanced at the visigoth, called Chnodomarius, he had learned quickly when they had been both assigned to the same tent. The Visigoth was thickly set, with a broad face, a well-kept beard and short,cropped hair. Julian thought that a Barbarian would look more wild, but when Julian first saw Chnodomarius he mistook him as a Gallo-Roman or another of the civilized peoples, but he quickly learnt the large, muscular figurfrayed he had told him his origins.
    "I am Julian of Soissons." Julian had told the broad-shouldered warrior.
    Chnodomarius roughly grabbed Julian's arm and shook it wildly, and had said
    " Chnodomarius. I Thervingi." which Julian had learnt was one of the Visigothic tribes
    Julian closed his eyes and got some rest, while the Auxilia cohors guarded the camp.

    Julian had been assigned guard duty on the front side of the camp, to alert if the saxons would try to make a sally. Julain was just dozing of when auddenly, Chnodomarius grabbed him hurriedly by the shoulder and yelled at him, pointing at the northernmost gate. The gate swung open, revealing a mass of untrained levies that were forming up outside the walls.

    the enemy were preparing to attack.

    any feedback? :p
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    Anyone following this?If there isn't , then I might have to discontinue...
    Someone please post! I want to know if anyone is following this!!
    What the heck... 190 people have viewed this and not one post! All those views can't just be me... Or can they
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    No they aren't mate, don't worry about it, keep writing. People will start commenting, I have an AAR with over 3,000 views and only 27 comments, most of which are mine. Don't let it get you down. If you find it fun to write, sod everyone else.
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    The Legions Attack

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    "Shield Wall men!" Vithimer shouted, causing the men to rush into a line and present their spears and shields towards the enemy. Julian fumbled for his sword as he got into the battle line, he gripped it tighlty around the hilt nervously.

    he presented his spear and shield towards the enemy. "When they come close, when they collide with the shield wall, thats when the real battle starts, the push of man on man is too big for a longsword, you'll have to use a good old fashioned shortsword instead" A veteran said, and gave Julian a toothless grin.
    "Thanks" said with a grimace, and turned to face the enemy.
    One looked straight at Julian, he was a Saxon, no doubt, long blonde hair, blue eyes. he barely looked over 14. "Hes just a boy" Julian thought to himself. "Just a frightened child dragged out of the stables and given a sword and shield" Julian sighed.
    Julius, the General, rode to the front of the line, the men cheered as he rode past."Just a arrogant fool looking for glory"Julian thought to himself as he eyed the general. Julius stood up in the saddle and said:"Soldiers! we are here today to free the innocent Romans who are under Savage Barbarian rule! Now, harden your hearts, and think of our glorious Empire, and all we can do to further Roman glory!" Julius rode back behind the lines. "Prepare to recieve the enemy!" Vithimer shouted as the Saxons marched in a ragged formation, most of them clearly affected by disease and hunger from a lack of food during the seige.

    The Saxons smashed into the Roman line, Julian felt a spear get lodged in his armour, the air rushing out of his lungs as he was knocked to the floor. The Saxon warrior stood over him, preparing to deliever the final blow. Julian closed his eyes, he heard a thud , and the saxon warrior fell to the ground, a spear protruding from his chest. Chnodomarius pulled Julian to his feet and grunted at him, And Julian drew his sword and charged at a saxon warrior. Julian hacked the warriors head clean in two, then he parried a blow from his right. The battle rage came upon Julian, and to him, It was all a chaotic whirling of stabbing, slashing and hacking. Julian impaled his sword through a young boy's chest, and the saxons fled back towards the city.
    Julius, in an attempt of personal glory, charged his cavalry into the fleeing enemy. The survivors dropped their weapons and surrendered.

    Julian could tell who the green boys were. He had seen a battle before, well atleast some minor skirmishes in Gaul, whereas the recruits votimited at the sight of the hundreds of cruelly hewn bodies strewn across the field like a river of the dead. Julian and his cohort dragged some of the dead Romans off the field, but Julian approached one who was still breathing. The wild eyes of the soldier looked p at Julian and he saw a spark of hope in them. "help. please" the soldier gasped, as blood flowed freely out of his mouth and nostrils. Julian smiled comfortingly at the wounded soldier and dragged him back to the camp.

    Julius stared at the battle reports with cold, dead eyes as his senior tribune sat opposite him, both of them looking out of place in the wooden hovel the former chieftain called his home.
    " What shall we do with the Saxon dead commander?" Vitellius, the senior tribune, asked duly, as he tried to make himself comfortable in the damp hut.

    " burn them. we lost too many men today taking this town." Julius awnsered cruelly

    "and what of the settlement?" the tribune asked , noting the General's delight when he saw a soldier struggling with a Saxon outside.

    "let the men have their fun, they've earnt it. Besides, these Saxons have caused us a hard time, and I am sure the men will enjoy some... Company" Julius awnsered, grinning slyly.

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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. On hold- but not for long.

    Done some minor editing on the first to chapters and expanded quite a bit on the last one. Have a bit more free time, so the next update shall most likely come this or next week.... And it will have screenies
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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. 29/2/12

    Cool. AARs typically pick up more steam when they include screenshots
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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. 29/2/12

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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. 29/2/12

    The Beachead

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Attachment 209501
    It was dark and damp in the bar where Julian sat amongst his comrades, drinking ale. The town had hardly been worth taking, with only a meagre amount of wealth stored away by the people, and almost no resources, the town was just a worthless speck of rock.
    "Hardly worth it was it? coming all the way to this frozen island to take a villlage whose name I can't even pronounce!" Gaius, one of the Milites slurred, clearly drunk.
    "No! why does the King even care about this speck of rock?" another soldier said.
    They're right. Julian thought to himself, but remaining silent because of the increased attention the conversation was bringing.A hulking member of Julius' Candidati came and sat on the table next to them with two of his comrades, eyeing the grumbling soldiers suspiciously.
    "He even named the town after himself! the arrogant bastard!"
    The soldiers chuckled, and the Candidati even allowed themselves a smile.
    Vithimer walked into the bar rigidly, and the men fell silent. All eyes fell upon Vithimer as he pointed at Julian. "You. Come with me." he said sternly. Julian rose from his seat confused. soldiers raised their eyebrows in puzzlement and mixed feelings of fear and dread went through Julian's mind as he left the bar to follow Vithimer, he lead him through winding alleys and twisted paths through the town until they came to a large longhouse, the former Saxon Chieftan's hall.
    Heavily armed Candidati flanked the enterance, preparing to stop the pair until they saw the Gothic centurion shoot them a cold stare. They let the two pass unmolested, but Julian looked behind him and saw a merchant being searched before entering.
    Julian forcibly calmed himself before entering, but his hands were shaking with anxiousness. The Candidati saluted as Vithimer strolled past, and they soon approached a large door. It swung open to reveal Julius seated at a small table. Julian straightened his back, placed his hand upon his chest and shouted "hail commander!" in a large a clear voice, mimicking the grizzled Gothic centurion. Julius saluted in return and motioned for Julian to take a seat, while Vithimer stood in the corner like an imposing statue.
    "Greetings Julian. your commanding officer has told me of your prowess in battle, and your obedience at following orders to the letter. at a personal reccomendation from Vithimer, you have been promoted the the rank of decurion, and your duties take immediate effect. what say you?"
    Julian was speechless. "I..." He stammered.
    "Well soldier?" Julius asked.
    "Of course my lord." Julian replied, regaining his composure.
    "very well. you are dismissed."
    Julian was ecstatic as he left the room and raced back to the barracks. Suddenly, the future didn't look too bad.
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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. 10/3/12

    I like the premise of focusing only on the one aspect of the campaign, i.e the British Isles. Following this. +rep

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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. 10/3/12

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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. 10/3/12

    I've had a day to relax today, so hopefully I should have an update ready tommorow.
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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. 21/3/12

    The Trials Of Brittania

    Julian stood stone faced in the commanders quaters. Thoughts race through his mind of what was to come. Would the saxons attack? Or would they bide their time?
    Julius barely shot Julian a sidewards glance.
    "I trust you Julian, not to convey this information to anyone else in thsi camp. do you understand?" Julius said sternly
    Julian nodded, his mouth felt dry. He would have to go get some water.
    "The treasury has run dry. The King has seen fit to expand the military to fend off the franks, thus the soldiers won't be payed." Julius grimaced as he spoke.
    Attachment 211387
    Julian's gaze dropped to the floor
    "Sir, If I may, the men have been a bit... tense lately. Over the matter of this money. Some of them have ha their grumbles-" Julian is cut off
    "To hell with their grumbles!" Julius shouted, kicking a chair across the room, making Julian flinch. "If I get anyone causing any trouble, you will tell me their names, and they will be hung from the roof of the saxon's heathen Temples!
    understood?!"Julius was simmering with rage, his facing had turned bright red and he had become extremely angry.
    "Yes Dominus, of course." Julian replied timidly, visibly shaken by the encounter.
    I shouldn't have really told him that. Julian thought as Julius smashed the desk with his fist to take out his rage upon something.
    "Dismissed!" Julian raised his voice, making a tremendous effort not to explode.
    Julian Saluted and left the room. The Candidati soldier guarding the door allowed himself a smug snigger before continuing his stone faced vigil as Julian wandered back to his quarters.


    "Prepare to move out!" Vithimer shouted
    Julian entered the quarters of his men and bellowed at them jokingly " Come on you worms! get up! The commander is having a little adventure to play swords with the Saxons!" The men grudgingly clambered out of their bedrolls and got themselves armoured. The Roman forces organized themselves into two long columns. "Where are we headed sir?" Severus, a young soldier asked.
    Julian was pushed out of his daydreaming and glanced at him. "Richboro or whatever the saxons call it, the King has asked for progress, and by the looks of it the Commanders reluctantly complied." Julian said to the young soldier, noting his inquisitive nature. The boy was tall and thin, A briton by the looks of things, with matted dark hair, and begging to get wisps of hair on his chin and upper lip. Julian turned his head to glance at the soldiers behind him, and he heard Valentinian grumbling about the lack of pay, but he let it slide. Besides, Julian like Valentinian.
    The soldiers had marched for the greater part of a few days, and many were exhausted. Unfortunately, they had to set up a camp around the city, and many were put to work constructing rams and wooden palisade spikes protecting the camp. Julian retired to his tent, exhausted, barely noticing his companion, and flopped onto the hard and damp bedroll. Still, it was better than nothing. Julian let his mind wander for a while before drifting of into a troubled sleep.
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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. 10/3/12

    sorry for the lack of activity, been caught up in some revision
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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. 21/3/12

    really good to see a IB2 AAR appear, and a good story keep it up

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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. 5/4/12

    The Time For Action

    "Julian! Wake up!"
    Julian felt rough hands shake him, and he opened his eyes to be greeted by the a bucket of water in his face, thrown by Cimberius, of the officers of Vithimer. Julian scowled at the man as he rose from his bedroll. "Thanks" Julian said sarcastically to Cimberius, who just laughed as the water dripped from Julian's soaked hair.
    "Well, at least your clean." Cimberius chuckled. "Vithimer requests you and your men to come and join the cohort. your late."
    before Julian could reply, Cimberius had left the tent. leaving Julian to don his armour.
    "come one men! up you get! Somethings going on and were needed in the cohort. Get them up Severus!" Julian said as he hauled the exhausted man off the floor.
    Lazy bunch the lot of em. Julian mused as the men slowly but surely got up and donned their filthy armour. days of marching and fighting had done that, and it was also due to the fact that there was a lack of armouries left by the romans that hadn't been plundered, and without anyone making armour of good quality, armour was reused and stripped from the dead. Julian was lucky enough to have taken a good breastplate from a Germanic mercenary, the previous one he had owned had been rusty and worn down.
    As the Milites got into position, Julian strode up to Vithimer.
    "Whats happening sir? why have we been called?" Julian asked
    "Youve not heard?" replied Vithimer "The saxon king has come out of his city with some of his best soldiers. Its going to be a bloody battle."
    their king? the saxons will suffer a deadly blow if he dies.
    "Aye. no doubt he will be a tough man to kill." Julian replied thoughtfully.
    Attachment 214387

    "Men! Today we face the Saxon King! A slippery bastard, and a famous warrior! whoever brings me his head will get a jug of my finest wine!" Julius shouted, the men cheered in response to his speech.
    "Foward!" Julius shouted, and the cohorts broke into a slow advance towards the enemy lines. Julian could see the saxons pouring out of the gates. but he could not see the kings bodyguard yet.
    The romans had halted their advance and aimed their javelins towards the enemy. Julian threw his javelin with all the force he could muster, he saw it pierce a saxons gut who shortly after collapsed to the ground in agony.
    Attachment 214390
    Julian saw Julius' Candidati race towards the unprepared saxons, causing havoc amongst them.
    Attachment 214391
    "Help the general! advance!" Vithimer shouted, and the cohorts broke into a run at the saxon line. Julian hacked at the saxons with his Spatha, burying it in a warriors chest, causing blood to spurt up into his face. Julian grimaced, only just blocking a sword blow to his side, then impaling the saxon upon his blade. Julian was knocked to the floor by a man with a battle axe, the hulking warrior closing for the final blow. Julian panicked, in a frenzy he crawled away from the warrior, looking for something to fight with. Julian picked up a broken spear shaft as the axe flew down,and thrust it into the man's groin, Just in the nick of time.
    Chaos Reigned all around the battlefield, the auxilia had broken from the elite troops onsalught, but the Milites were making short work of the saxon flank. Suddenly, the Saxons broke and fled into through the gates, with the romans pursuing them. Julian whooped with delight as they pursued the fleeing saxons, and he saw Vithimer spear the saxon king through the back.
    Attachment 214392
    The saxons surrendered. the battle was won. but at what cost?

    Attachment 214393
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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. Updated 5/4/12

    Excellent work! I always prefer a good first person view when it comes to stories of war.

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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. Updated 5/4/12

    keep writing c:

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    Default Re: RESTITUTOR BRITTANAE- An IB2 AAR. Updated 5/4/12

    Don't worry, this isn't dead, I went on holiday last week and now I'm back at school, so hopefully the next chapter should be up soon. Thanks for all the feedback
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