Hi & thank you, I would like to add just a couple of new units to my mod
Claimants, Heirs & Conquerors: Tempesta` Meditteraeno`
the units are:
Swiss Mountain hunters
factions: Le Duchie` de Savoy
Herzogtum von Saxony
description: just like Genovese Crossbowmen but they use larger bolts which allow them to enter melee & use thier remaining one like a short spear
excellent stamina as they are experienced in Harsh Swiss mountain combat

for all the Italian factions:Elite Men at Arms
description: mounted unit Especially swift & good for strong initial thrusts into the enemy! for the rest of the battle they rest & then when it is over are superb & adept at chasing down all routing units & finishing them off!

for the Islamic factions: Egyptian Saracen` Ambushers
description: these units are on foot & their purpose is to seek out & find all Generals or Captains & cut the enemies armies head off! they use short but extra-wide Saracen` Sabre's

Corona De Aragon`: Matadore` Militia
description: experienced bull fighters who have decided to fight for their lord instead of in the ring, they appear funny because they may seem to be just standing around in the center of conflict but their purpose is to distract attackers & lure them to combat like they would do a bull
thank you
It is not difficult anyone with a rudimentary understanding of Modelling could probably do it with no problem!