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    Frequently Asked Questions [Updated for 3.1]


    - General Questions and Informations about the Mod
    - Questions about Features
    - Specific Questions to Features
    - Questions about Sauron
    and The One Ring

    General Questions and Informations about the Mod
    Q: What is Third Age: Total War ?
    A: TATW is a total conversion mod that merges the fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth with the gameplay of a Total War game.

    Q: Precisely what game is this mod for ?
    It is for the Kingdoms expansion of the Medieval 2: Total War game.

    Q: Where can I download the latest version and what do I need to download ?
    You do only need to download the new Version 3.0 (Part 1 and Part2). Afterwards download the 3.1 patch, the 3.2 patch and install all, done.
    You can find all files here:

    Q: Do I need to install all of the Kingdoms campaigns in order to run TATW ?
    A: No, one is enough. Whichever one you like.

    Q: Do I need to patch Kingdoms in order to run TATW ?
    A: Simply installing Kingdoms is enough though it is advisable to update it to the 1.5 version. Found here.

    Q: Can I still play the original M2:TW or other mods after installing TATW ?
    Yes, TATW is completely mod-foldered and will not interfere with the original game or other mods (one single file will be in the original game folder, but it won't affect the original game in any way)

    Q: How can I install submods and/or play with different versions ?
    You can, there is a usefull guide here:

    Questions about Features
    Q: Does this mod mainly take its inspiration from the movies or the books ?
    A: The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is primarily a source of visual inspiration. In regard to gameplay and general conception the mod strives to stay as close as possible to original book sources but deviations are unavoidable to accommodate the nature of a Total War game and enrich the playing experience.

    Q: Are there custom battle map settlements in TATW (Example: Minas Tirith, Hornburg, etc.) ?
    Yes, there are. Not all yet but more are likely to be added with future versions.

    Q: Is there religion in the mod ?
    No, we're using the culture system from the Britannia campaign.

    Q: Is Sauron in the mod ?
    Yes, acts as a "pope" for the evil factions. He has his own faction and resides in an unreachable settlement. He is also a recruitable unit in custom battles and can reemerge as a unit since 3.0.

    Q: Is the hotseat feature included ?

    Q: Are there interracial marriages in the mod ?
    No, princesses have been removed.

    Q: Why are there no merchants in the mod ?
    They do not really fit the setting and context of Middle-Earth and are quite unnecessary for engaging gameplay.

    Q: Okay, which agents are in the mod then ?
    Spies, Assassins (not for all factions), Diplomats and Servants of Sauron (Inquisitors).

    Specific Questions to Features Q: How do I play as Arnor? I can't find this faction in the campaign selection screen.
    Arnor is an emergent faction that Eriador transforms into when certain conditions are met. These conditions are communicated to the player via the description of Aragorn's ancillary called Elendilmir which represents the crown of Arnorian kings. Simply mouse over the ancillary and read its tooltip.
    These objectives are as follows: capture or hold: Hobbiton, Michel Delving, Longbottom, Bree, Staddle, Barrow-Downs, Amon Sūl, Annśminas, Fornost Erain, Athilin (new in 3.0!!!), Hoarwell, Tharbad, Coldfells.
    Furthermore you need to establish an alliance with Gondor, build the House of Kings in Annśminas (only possible If you have upgraded this settlement into a large city) and finally Aragorn must be alive. If these conditions are met, then you will receive an event, which tells you can reform Arnor. Choose accept in case you want to play as Arnor.

    Q: Is the AI capable of restoring Arnor ?
    Yes. Provided the Eriador AI doesn't loose its major settlements it will transform into Arnor at around turn 85.

    Q: Aren't creatures like Elves and Nazgūls meant to be immortal ?
    Yes, normally they are. However due to game limitations it is not possible to have immortal generals like elves and Nazguls and mortal ones like human and orcs. We have to make them all either mortal or immortal.

    Q: How do i kill creatures like trolls, mumakils, balrogs, ents and Sauron etc...?
    Most of this creatures are based on elephant models - the best way to deal with them is to use artillery - however if you cannot recruit some for what reasson ever, javelin units do work very well (especially againts units based on elephant models).
    In general armor piercing units, pikmen do work very well - and a cavalary charge into the back of some trolls/Balrogs are very efficient, too.
    (There is also a guide here: )

    Q: I do not get much profit per turn, although i don't have many units - how to improve your income ?
    Basically there are some steps as guideline you can follow to built up a good economy - there is also a guide describing this in detail. ( )

    Q: I am trying to defeat a faction by conquering some of its regions and now several armies spawn out of nothing. How is that possible ?
    The ‘’help weakened factions’’ script ensures it won’t be easy for the player to steamroll over the AI. Furthermore it will ensure factions won’t be destroyed easy early in the game.

    Q: How do I rebuild Osgiliath ?
    Upgrade East-Osgiliath to a huge city and upgrade West Osgiliath to a citadel.

    Q: What’s up with these corsair invasions on my coastal settlements when I play as Gondor ?
    As long as your are at war with Harad and they control Umbar, they will harass your coastal settlements by launching small invasions on them (based on random chance). To prevent this from happening, make peace with Harad or alternatively ensure Harad doesn’t own Umbar anymore.

    Q: I can’t request any invasions anymore when I start a new campaign. Is there something wrong ?
    The Dark Lord will not return before turn 40. Based on random chance (10% each turn) he will return after this specific turn number.

    Q: How do I get Aragorn ?
    If you play with Eriador he will be your faction leader. If you play as Gondor, he will always offers his services to you after turn 70 (the exact turn is based on random chance). Furthermore he will be a regular (not a faction leader), but a powerful general.

    Q: How do I acquire the army of dead ancillary ?
    You can only acquire it when you play as Eriador and let Aragorn stay for at least a turn in the region of Erech (starting Gondor settlement).

    Q: When I try to take Moria the Balrog spawns out of nothing. How is this possible ?
    The moment you siege to Moria, you will disturb the Balrog. The Balrog will be a regular unit that can leave Moria and move freely around on the campaign map once he is resurrected.

    Q: Can I get the Balrog ?
    It is only possible when you play as the Orcs of the Misty Mountains. You need to construct Mithril Mines in Moria. This is only possible if you have upgraded Moria to a huge city. Furthermore it is not possible to resurrect the Balrog before turn 90.

    Q: The Ents are going to war. What is this all about ?
    The moment you conquer Fangorn with Isengard, the Orcs of the Misty Mountains or Mordor, you will angry the Ents. Treebeard will spawn as a powerful rebel unit near Fangorn.

    Q: How can I get more Nazgūl with Mordor ?
    As from turn 50, you will receive one Nazgūl every 30 or 40 turns. The only conditions you have to fulfill is to have Barad-dūr in possession. The same also applies to the A.I.

    Q: When I change my capital I suddenly noticed a loss of money in my treasury. How is this possible ?
    Every time you relocate your capital, you will have to pay 5000 for doing so.

    Q: What are the consequences of granting the Shire, Fangorn autonomy ?
    Based on random chance and certain conditions (type of faction you play as) the people might aid you by providing resources in the form of army reinforcements and money. You can’t build or recruit in the mentioned settlements as a result of granting autonomy.

    Q: What are the consequences of not granting (or cancel) the Shire, Fangorn autonomy ?
    : Based on random chance, unrest (riots) will rise in the mentioned settlements.
    If you declined autonomy but change your mind concerning the Hobbits, maintain ownership of Hobbiton, Michel Delving and Longbottom (none of which under siege), put the diplomat in Michel Delving and keep him there for maybe as many as 15 turns, to get the request again.

    Q: How works the Palantir, where to find it, how to use it and what effects has it ?
    There is a great guide providing all of the important information to the Palantir, here:
    The Palantiri and The Mirror

    Q: In the first few turns I noticed A.I. factions taking rebel settlements out of nothing. How is this possible?
    A: The ‘’settlement A.I. conquerors’’ script ensures the A.I. will expand early game to make the more challenging for the player. Pre-determined rebel settlements will always be the target of A.I. factions based on where they are located on the map.

    Q: Where can I report the bugs I found ?

    Q: What is this RC/RR submod I keep hearing about ?
    At its core Real Combat/Real Recruitment strives to bring as much realism as possible to the units' combat stats and means of recruitment.

    - The "Real Combat" portion of the mod adjusts a unit's statistics so that they better reflect its equipment, training, race/faction, experience and even reasons and means of fighting. The whole system follows an established formula so the balancing is consistent across the board rather than being arbitrary for each individual unit.

    - "Real Recruitment" deals with unit recruitment and availability of units. Factors considered are race, terrain, culture level, settlement/barracks level, the unit's level of training etc. For example elite units replenish slowly and cannot be recruited nearly as often as the more common type of soldier. Also elves will experience faster unit replenishment times in the woods while they will barely scrounge up any soldiers in a desert locale. Likewise dwarves prefer mountains, etc. These are just some of the examples.

    - In the end RC/RR also incorporates many different small mods (or elements of them) which may contain new units, new visuals, new ancillaries/traits, unique buildings, gameplay elements, etc. All in all it strives to create a package of reasonably selected content that makes TATW feel more fulfilling.

    Q: Why can't I recruit advanced units like Eldar units or Trolls ?
    A: The barracks events are required for training more advanced units. It happens around turn 45.If you wish to remove these restrictions follow the instructions in the spoiler:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Note: this is also an alternative to reinstalling if you have "bugged events"

    Delete everything in this file, and save it.
    Open this file with notepad and press CTRL+H. In the "Find what" field, type
      and event_counter large_city_barracks 1
    Leave the "Replace with" field blank, and click "replace all"

    Repeat the process, but this time type
      and event_counter huge_city_barracks 1
    in the find what field.
    Save the file and you're done!

    Also make sure that you have sufficient "culture" to build a certain unit. Units' culture requirements are listed in the recruitment buildings' info cards.

    Q: How do I increase culture?
    A: Build "culture buildings" like schools, breweries, shrines to Melkor etc.

    Q: Sometimes when I siege an enemy AI controlled settlement massive amounts of troops are spawned out of nowhere the next turn, what gives?
    A: You have fallen victim to the Garrison Script. It is designed to help the AI protect its mayor cities and make the game more challenging. Only the more important/famous cities and capitals have this script.

    To remove the Garrison Script follow these steps:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Open the file

    Find the line that says
    ;#################### Garrison Script Version 1.3 #####################
    Remove everything below it until you find the line that says
    ;########################### MONEY SCRIPT ##############################
    Save the file and you're done!

    Q: Why does the AI get high tier units so early in the game?
    A: This script gives troops to the AI to help them expand, defend, survive and invade better.

    To remove:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Open the file with notepad, and find the line that says
    ;########################### SLAVE CONQUERORS ##############################
    Delete everything under it until you find the line that says
    ;########################## ADDITIONAL NAZGULS ##############################
    Save the file and you're done!

    Q: I charged my cavalry into some enemy units and suddenly a line of stakes appeared before them and my horsemen got impaled. I thought stakes could only be deployed in the "deployment phase", what is this treachery?
    A: This script allows the AI to deploy stakes whenever it wants to help it deal with cavalry and make it more challenging.

    Removing the "stakes script":
    See this post:

    Questions about Sauron and the One Ring
    Q: How do I acquire the One Ring ?
    A: Through events in your campaign you will be automatically notified where the One Ring might be located. If you conquer the settlement in question (the event will tell you which one) within the given time limit, your general will acquire the One Ring. When this happens an event will automatically pop up explaining you have successfully acquired the One Ring.

    Q: What happens if do not acquire the One Ring after receiving several messages about its location ?
    A: If you play as a good faction, the One Ring will always somehow end up in the hands of its former master Sauron. When Sauron is resurrected, he will be introduced on the campaign map in the form of a unique and powerful general. Mordor will also become stronger when this scenario becomes a reality. Your relations with other good factions will be penalized for the fact you haven’t tried to prevent Sauron from regaining the One Ring.

    Q: When do I have to take the One Ring to the White Council ?
    A: You must have the One Ring for at least 10 turns in possession when playing as a good faction. After this an event tells you, you have to bring the One Ring to the Council. Based on certain conditions, this can be at (the event will tell you where): Imladris, Mithlond or Caras Galadhon.

    Q: Do I have to bring the One Ring to the White Council within the given time-limit with my ringbearer ?
    It is a requirement if you want to have the possibility to destroy the One Ring later in your campaign. If you fail to meet the demands of the Council leader to show up at the meeting in time, the relations with other good faction will be less good as a result.

    Q: What happens if the One Ring gets stolen from my ringbearer ?
    You will have to be patient and wait until your spies report to you where the One Ring might be located.

    Q: What is up with these reduced movement points of my ringbearer ?
    The closer the One Ring gets to Mount Doom the more it can influence the One Ringbearer. It will become harder and harder to reach Mount Doom. These effects to do not apply to the Nazgūl and Sauron.

    Q: When I reach Mordor controlled regions with my ringbearer, they automatically declare war to me. How is this possible ?
    Mordor and more specifically Sauron want to have the One Ring back. Unconditionally.

    Q: How do I destroy the One Ring?
    You must play as a good faction and you must have accepted the task from the White Council to destroy the One Ring. Bring you ringbearer to Mount Doom and keep him there for more than 5 turns.

    Q: What happens if I managed to destroy the One Ring ?
    Mordor will lose all of their armies on the campaign map.

    Q: How do I resurrect Sauron when I play as an evil faction (not when playing as Mordor) ?
    A: First you must acquire the One Ring. Second you will be informed through an event that you have to take the One Ring to Sauron. You can achieve this by positioning your ringbearer in front of the Black Gate. Ensure that the Black Gate and Barad-dūr is controlled by Mordor! If you succeed, Sauron will be very pleased and will reward greatly for bringing the One Ring to him.

    Q: What happens if I fail to give the One Ring back to Sauron within the given time-limit ?
    : Sauron will give the order to the other evil factions to take the One Ring from you. They will as a result all declare war to you. You will also lose the Dark Lord’s protection.

    Q: How do I resurrect Sauron when I play as Mordor ?
    A: Acquire the One Ring and take it back to Barad-dūr with your ringbearer.

    Q: What happens if I let Sauron get killed ?
    A: Besides losing a extremely powerful general , your economy will take a serious ''hit''.

    Removing any or all of the above mentioned scripts will disrupt the intended balance and flow of the game. Experimenting and adapting to the challenges is preferable to simply removing them. However you are still free to adjust your gaming experience according to your preferences.

    When tempering with the script files always make backups in case of "accidents" or should you wish to restore the scripts at a later time.

    Changes to the script files are NOT save game compatible.

    Big thanks to axnsan for compiling the information about the various scripts and instructions on how to remove them. See the original thread here.

    Another big thanks to Baron Samedi for collection new & more FaQ stuff after the 3.1 update.
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