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Thread: Some gameplay questions

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    Default Some gameplay questions

    Awesome mod guys. The more I play the more I dig it... Just wondering a few things.

    1. Is there anyway to just be neighbors with someone without having them attack you? It seems like everyone turns on me as soon as I get a city next to them.

    2. Is there anyway to get the AI to attack another computer controlled country? I'm currently playing as Rome, and really struggling through Gaul (it's become my "vietnam") and I'm desperately trying to get neighboring Germany (my ally) to attack as well, but they are not having it...

    Any info is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Some gameplay questions

    The AI is not that unpredictable, sooner rather than later, they will attack you and the diplomacy is not the brightest thing about RTW.
    CA has spoken to improve the diplomacy and it is surely needed ( In MTWII).

    By all means I have no good answer to your question unfortunately.

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    Default Re: Some gameplay questions

    I do not think that there is any way to do that ingame, the AI always plays differently.

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