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Thread: [Broken Crescent] Omani-Son of the Desert-Chapter 16

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    Default [Broken Crescent] Omani-Son of the Desert-Chapter 16

    Omani-Son of the Desert
    ابن الصحراء العمانية

    The Desert.
    The Great Beauty.
    Mother of Conquerors,Prophets and Life.

    Many donīt understand her.
    Many are afraid of her.
    Many paid with their lives for this ignorance.

    We arenīt afraid.
    She gave us our lives.
    And we dedicate our life to her.

    We are the Ummah.
    We are the descendants of Mohammed,peace be upon him.
    We are the Ummah.

    Spoiler for Information
    This is my first ever AAR.
    Please be kind with me,and tell me grammatical or spelling errors,as english isnīt my first language.

    This AAR will be an Character centered AAR,and please recognise itīs not an Gameplay AAR.
    I will most probably use different save games,the battles will be mostly custom.
    Itīs about the character,not the Gameplay in this case.
    Also I am not muslim.If you see any errors or lines you donīt think which are fitting,
    inform me please.


    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7

    Chapter 1:Born to a hard Mother

    Hot dry wind surrounded Wallids face.
    The Omani desert was a unforgiving place,if you ever underestimated her.
    You could see to one ocean to another if you climbed a really high dune,
    his father always said.
    Not far away a oasis was to see,the reason why Wallid and his clan stopped here.
    The sun shined down merciless on the Bedouin,as if the desert tried to strike him down.

    But now Wallid ibn-Amar had bigger problems.
    His wife was in her contractions,and he would hopefully receive the son he prayed
    so long for.
    His own successor.
    Wallid was nervous,it didnīt looked good for his wife.
    Her sister helped her to give birth to the new clan member,she was adept in this so called "art".
    His wife had high fever,and it was certain that she would die because of the difficult birth.
    She was laying in the womens part of the Bayt,the bedouin tent.

    "Sit down Wallid." The voice of his brother took Wallid out of his deep thoughts.
    "What if she dies Rashid?I have a child,but no wife.How could Allah be so gruesome ?"
    "Dare you speak such words.Wallid,I understand your desperation,but if it is Allahs will,
    it will happen.You know we will be there for you,we always were,we always will."
    The deep voice of his elder brother always calmed Wallid down.He stood by his
    side in every situation,and even for an Bedouin he took special care of Wallid.
    "I know,Rashid.Alhamdulillah,you know I spoke in desperation.But these cries,these cries
    of fear and despair of my wife,they make me crazy."

    It was true.His wife had a lot of pain,and no sword would have stopped her to cry it out.
    She couldnīt stop it.
    "Wallid,you remember how we had our first raid together,do you ?"
    "Naturally brother,how could I forget this glorious day ?"

    "We were there,with the other young Bedouins,ready to fight.We both,standing side by side."

    "Our enemys were the men of the greedy Caliph of the Abbasides.Our arrows brought them to an end."

    "In the end,our swords told them more lessons than any of their teachers."

    "Yes I remember that day with pride,Achy."
    "Well,then you know that I will always be there for you,and your sucessors."

    Suddenly the cries of fear died.The only thing to hear were new cries.Cries of an baby!
    "Oh my dear,look what beautiful son Allah has gifted to us."
    The face of Wallids wife Derya decorated a tired smile.
    "My son,I have a son ?"
    "Yes,and he can be proud to be your son."
    Wallids eyes filled with tears of joy and bitterness at the same time.
    "Give him to me."
    The young clan member was tiny,he almost fitted in one hand of the Ibn.
    "I will name you Malik,King of the Kings."
    The little thing in his arms had the same face as him,he truly was his son.
    "Oh dear,I feel tired."
    Wallid looked up to his wife.Bathed in sweat and her own blood she layed on the bed made
    out of goat skin and wool.
    "Are you staying with us,my beauty ?"
    "I think itīs time to go." Again she smiled,but sadness was to see in her eyes.
    "I understand,my dearest." Both spoke calm.
    "You was always my Malik."
    "And you my Malika."
    He gave her a last,soft kiss,before he let hear slide into death slowly.

    Wallid walked out the tent.The hot dry wind of the desert blew in his face.
    But he was not the only one whose head was surrounded by the wind of the desert.
    "Do you see the desert,my son ?
    Make it yours."
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    Default Re: (Broken Crescent) Omani-Son of the Desert

    Comments are always welcome,please keep them constructive and nice.
    Please remember that I dont always have time,so I will see how frequently this AAR will be updated.

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    Default Re: (Broken Crescent) Omani-Son of the Desert

    Chapter 2:The young Malik

    "Malik,come here."
    The strict voice of his father send Malik reeling to his father.
    "What were you doing ?"
    "I took care of Zad el-Raheb."
    "I am proud that you are taking your horse so serious,you are treating it good,
    but help your father when he demands it."
    "Sit down,my son."
    Malik sat next to his father Wallid Ibn-Amar,a wise and grown old man.
    His face was hard,and his beard got white over the years.
    A scar runned down from his eyebrow to his cheeks.
    "Have I ever told you the story of the Sahara ?"
    "The Garden of God ?"
    "Yes.The Sahara is a desert like ours,but bigger,spending more life.
    I was there,when I served the Fatimid rulers."
    "Is it beautiful ?"
    "Yes,she is.Thousands of miles,and you see no human.And still,
    its home to our Bedouin brothers."
    Wallid took a sip of his black tea,which he made himself.
    "I loved the desert as I loved your mother,Malik.
    Both gave me the love back.While the desert was my wild
    mistress,striking down even the most durable of foes,your mother
    calmed me and was always there for me."
    "Like my uncle ?"

    Wallid looked out on the desert,he has placed a carpet on the dune and sat
    there now with his son.
    "I grow older everyday,my son."
    Malik looked up to his father.He saw the bitterness in Wallids eyes.
    "Soon you will be my successor,but you have noting to take care of.
    Our clan,it died out."
    It was true.The Ibn had no childs besides Malik,and his brother Rachid
    died in the Rub al-Khali.
    "Find your way.Follow always Allahs will.Please Malik,whatever you do,
    hear to your heart but think with your head."
    "Should I find a woman ?"
    Wallid made a deep sigh.He put his tea down,looking on the carpet.
    "It is your choice.I could have married with a woman you when you were younger.
    I could have married you to one of the daughters of the mighty clans,
    but I didnīt.
    I always wanted that you find your own way.Would it make me happy
    to see you bring forth our line of successors ?Naturally.But who am I
    to find your way.Itīs in the hands of Allah."

    Wallid suddenly watched deep into the eyes of his son.
    "Become a general,a warrior,a slayer of men.
    Become a Iman,a teacher,a wise leader of men.
    Or find a good woman,make successors and live a happy life.
    Do what you want to.Allah already has carved your way.
    But donīt waste your gift,your life,to the demons.
    Stay away from treachery,alcohol,false leaders.
    They all want to consum you,donīt let it happen.
    I am proud of you,my son."

    He was touched by this moment,his father always was a rolemodel and
    teacher to him.
    But he was always distant,far away.He made Malik hard,not happy.
    Malik was now 16.He could swing a sword,string a bow and ride a horse.
    He learned all this by his father.He even taught him how to wrestle,as
    Ibn-Amar spent a lot of time at the military camps of the Fatimids.
    "The wind gets stronger,a desert storm may appear.Pave the tents.
    They shouldnīt fly away."

    Malik strung the tents to the ground,so they coulnīt fly away.It takes months to
    make a new tent,and no one wants to spent time on activities that time consuming.
    Suddenly his horse Zad el-Raheb,which he named after the famous horses of King Solomon,appeared.
    "Come here my friend."Malik fondled Zad carefully over his fur.The big muscles under the skin
    of the Arabian Horse relaxed.
    "One day we will conquer the world,together.You and me destroying empires and getting
    rich.You will get the best stable next to my palace.Zad el-Raheb,Malik of the horses,
    how do you like that ?"
    Malik got his horse when he was 14.His father gave it to him after he begged for months.
    Zad el-Raheb was young,like Malik himself.He grew up with Malik and if it was not
    that Zad was a horse,they would have been brothers.

    "Malik take care of the Bayt,not the horse.He will not fly away.Even though I wished that."
    "I am sorry father."

    Weeks later near Muscat.

    "Father,I never was to a city this big.I am frightened these people
    will look at us as strangers."
    "Yes,they will.The city dwellers got weak,have forgotten the true path
    of the Bedouin.They are our brothers and sisters,but they are weak and
    fall for the demons.Watch out,as citys are the host of sins.
    "Yes,father.Your advise is heard."
    "Good boy."

    News have spread through the Omani desert.The ruler these days wants
    to start a military campaign.
    Against who ?Unknown.There are so many traitors in the world,the Imam
    can select who he wants.

    Oman came to power recently.They were under the sovereignity of foreign powers.
    Now the country is trying to reach new heights,to rival the old and mighty Caliphates
    of the Crescent.

    Malik and his father Wallid rode through the massive gate which protected the
    city of attackers.They were a part of a steady stream of traders,soldiers,merchants
    and citiziens.

    The city itself was a strange sight for the young Malik.
    Everywhere stood buildings which stand close to another,people were sitting in
    corners,streets full of dust were busy with life.Wild dogs strained through the streets.
    Far away the big Mosque of Muscat was to see.This was one of the few glorious
    sights in this city.

    "We are going to visit the Mosque later,first we have to meet some friends."
    "Friends ?"
    "We Bedouins gather together whenever the rulers of these lands call for arms.
    Itīs a rariety that the Imam even calls the Bedouins to arms,as the rulers always
    had to come to us.Now everything is different.This Imam is different.Heīs one of us-
    a Bedouin.The people of the desert listen to him."

    On a big Marketplace was a mass of people who were talking,ranting and who
    made their anger hearable.
    Hundreds of Bedouins forced to stay close together in the small place they occupied
    were waiting impatient that someone would clarify to them what the Imams plans were.
    Some were leaving already.

    Suddenly a loud and mighty voice was to hear.
    "Achys,my people from the desert,listen to me."
    A big,bearded man stood on a podest,gathering all the attention
    of the mass of Bedouins for him.
    "I know this sticky narrow place makes you uncomfortable.Even I would rather
    sleep with my camel than stay here."
    Loud laughter was to hear from the Bedouins.
    "We all love this country,as we all love our mother the Desert !"
    With the last words he raised his voice.The Bedouins started to
    yell and cheer.
    "But traitors and foes danger our beloved mother.To the north
    the Caliph of Baghdad pisses in the sands and laughs at beheaded
    The mass started to yell angry and growl.
    "Itīs enough.Are you at my side brothers ? Will you
    slay at my side the Caliph of Baghdad ?Will you
    defend our mother ?Yes you will.Because Allah wants it."
    The Bedouins were in a furious rage and howled and cheered.

    "He makes them raging and furious.They will now follow him blindely."
    Wallid was shaking his head.
    "Like sheeps they are going to follow his commands and will go into death."
    "Father,why do you think so.You said the Imam was one of us,a Bedouin.
    One of the people of the desert."
    "But his heart is not righteous.He wants war,bloodshed."
    Do you understand my son."
    "He would kill his own kind for enjoyment.He is a dangerous man
    with dangerous thoughts.Be careful with people like him.
    He is one of those false leaders."
    "But when the Caliph of Baghdad is doing such gruesome things.."
    "The Caliph of Baghdad is a wealthy old man.The Abbasids are done
    with war,they had too much of it.The Imam stirrs things up."

    Wallid and his son sat down near to a well.
    "What do you think he plans,father ?"
    "The Imam has excellent informants.He knows that the Abbasid is like a
    fat overgrown goat.Defenseless and full of wealth."
    "You mean he wants to attack the Caliphate ?"
    "Maybe not directly.The Abbasids have many foes.
    They are maybe weak in this state,but their troops
    are still dangerous and armoured well.He would be a fool
    to crash right into them."
    Wallid looked into the crowd,as if he was searching for someone.
    "Do you await someone father ?"
    "Yes.An merchant who travels from Baghdad to Muscat.He is an old friend."

    Out of nowhere,a well suited man walked to them.
    Alhamdulillah,I found you !"
    "Welcome in Muscat,Mahmut.My son,Malik."
    "As-Salamu Alaykum."They shaked hands.
    Mahmut took sat down next to them.
    "Well what can you report my dear Mahmut ?"
    "Always right to the point Sadiq.I like that."Mahmut laughed a warm laugh.
    "News make the round that the Caliph is sick and tired.The constant war with
    the Saljuks is overhelming.Many good men have died Wallid.Peace be upon them."
    Mahmut looked on the ground,shaking his head.
    "That are sad news.Your Family is alright ?"
    "Yes,yes.My son is in the army now.A simple foot soldier.He makes me proud
    but I want to protect him.It is gruesome Sadiq."
    "Yes,I can share your feelings.Is it true what is said about the slaughter of Bedouins ?"
    Mahmut looked Wallid in the eyes."No.Your Imam is a fanatic.Hopefully he never reaches
    "Let us hope my friend."
    Wallid placed his hand on Mahmuts shoulder who smiled in response.

    Weeks Later

    Wallid was right.The Imam gathered a army of Bedouins around him,ready to attack the Abbasid Caliphate.
    Even though he knew better,Wallids pride forced him to join the Army.And with him his son.
    They all met in front of Muscat,and in the end a great army of Bedouins was formed.
    The Bloodshed should begin soon.

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    Default Re: (Broken Crescent) Omani-Son of the Desert

    Chapter 3:Bloody Sands

    Suhar was taken quick.The Omani revolt against their own kind redeemed.

    Shocking News !The Abbasid Caliphate announced a treaty with the Ayyubid Sultanate,the new major factor in the Crescent.

    Near the newly independent announced state of Quatar,the great Imam halted the army.

    He wanted to re-adjust to the new situation.
    "No,No.This is all wrong."
    Mershad was in rage.Since he was Great Imam all his companions did was failure.
    "We can wager war with the Ayyubids,Allah has turned them."
    "But Imam,we arenīt nearly as strong with them."
    "Dumb dog,Allah is on our side.Like the Prophet Mohammed,peace be upon him,we are going to bring our
    enemys to their knees.What are you,a man ?I guess..rather not.Real man rather die standing than live on
    their knees.Out of my sight."
    With a handsign he send his advocates out of his tent.
    "Dumbfound heretics.We can conquer everything."
    Suddenly a young man entered his tent.
    "Great Imam,news from the scouts."
    "Tell me better good news."
    "Yes,erm,the self declared Sultan of Quatar has taken place in the valley down to us.
    he has assembled his whole army."
    "Son of a man-loving goat.Go."
    The young man who was covered in mud left the tent quickly.
    "Yes Imam ?"
    "Gather the army,we are going into battle."
    "Yes Imam."

    In the Bedouin Camp

    Wallid and his young son sat at the fire,eating lamb meat.
    "Son,in Suhar we didnīt came to battle.We entered the city as liberators.
    When a real battle breaks out,then,well just stay calm.At my side nothing is going to happen."
    His son looked down on his sword polishing it with goatskin.
    "How is it father ?"
    "How is what ?"
    "To kill someone ?"
    "What do you think,hm ?"
    "Terrible.Destroying a work of Allah."
    "Thats a good thought.Let your ideas flow,Allah has put you against you enemies.
    Dont you think he wants you to destroy them ?It is terrible,but the man on the other side
    wants to destroy you too.That is why you never kill innocents."
    "I understand.Still,I dont think I am ready for it."
    "You are always ready.That is the saddening fact."

    The Next Morning

    In the morning,the Great Imam has gathered the Army.Now,everyone was ready.
    It was fresh,a cold wind was blowing through the ranks of men.
    They havenīt even seen their foes.
    Suddenly the Great Imam gave the command to move forward.

    Men and horse were moving forward,like a steady stream of mass.
    Some were uncertain,some just raging.Everyone prayed to Allah.

    Then they were able to see.The traitor Sultan of Quatar,going forward in the battle lines.

    Wallid hold onto his word and stood by the side of his son.

    The Battle began as son as the Omani Noblemen crushed into the enemy cavalry.
    Horses clashed against another,Swords impaled or beheaded Riders and steicen soldiers
    fell into the muddy and bloody mess the ground now was.
    Cries of fear and despair filled the air.

    Then the Bedouin Camel Archers shoot into the enemys infantryline
    with deadly accuracy.

    The slaughter of the Quatar men continoued,and one after another
    got destroyed.

    Suddenly,Wallid stood in a stream of enemy soldiers,hacking and thrusting his
    old arabian sword into everything that moved.

    His son rushed into his aid,helping his father and killing his first enemy.He slashed
    across his enemys throat,blood splattering onto his cloth.
    "Thats what I told you son."
    His father grinned at him with a grim face.
    They continoued to trample and
    kick their enemys with deep passion.
    Suddenly a enemy soldier climbed onto Maliks camel.He strangled Malik from behind,trying to cut of his
    arterys.Malik broke his grip with his free hand putting pressure on the point between thumb and forefinger,pulling his enemys left arm into a arm drag and pushed his enemy over his head.
    The enemy fell to the ground and got trampeled by Maliks camel.

    The battle war over soon,and the Sultan of Quatar got captured and beheaded infront the howling
    Bedouins and other troops.

    In The Evening

    Wallid and his son Malik made a walk outside the camp.
    "How do you feel about this day.What are your thoughts ?"
    "Hm,I brought an life to an end.Not only one I brought many lifes to an end today."
    "Thats what a man does.Its sad.I pray for every enemy I have have stricen over
    the years."
    "Really ?"
    "Yes,and I know they forgive me.Had I done otherwise,they would be praying for me now."
    "Father,how can God let things that horrible happen ?He sees everything,shoulnīt he intervene
    and bring the violence to an halt."
    "Maybe.God is everything.So he is death too."

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    Default Re: (Broken Crescent) Omani-Son of the Desert

    Will continue soon.
    Just let me rephrase a bit.
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    Default Re: (Broken Crescent) Omani-Son of the Desert

    Interesting concept. Plot-driven AARs have a certain flavor, so I'll be following this too. If I may have one suggestion, some of the text is truncated in the middle of a sentence (I guess due to the text editor you use for writing), which makes the reading a bit confusing. Otherwise, it's a good start!

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    Default Re: (Broken Crescent) Omani-Son of the Desert

    Nice to see Broken Crescent mixed in here. I miss it. You manage some arresting imagery in your narrative. Rep.

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    Default Re: (Broken Crescent) Omani-Son of the Desert

    Chapter 4:Mesopetamia

    Mesopetamia,the Ancient land.

    Some say it is home to the earliest of Civilisations.
    Some even say it is the birthplace of mankind.

    Now it is certainly one thing:in danger!

    First victim of the Omani conquest was the city of Basra,an important and rich port city.

    Basra was taken quick,as the defenders marched out of the city to meet the Omanis.
    This was a big mistake.
    As soon as the city was under controll,the great Imam ordered the slaughter of civilians.
    Omani soldiers roamed through the streets and executed everyone,even the women.
    Rapture,pillage and murder were privilege of the victors,their hands stained with
    shame forever.

    Wallid and his son left the city as soon as the slaughter began.
    They had no intentions for the ravaging which took place.
    They camped with other Bedouins outside the city.

    "This is what I told you son.Men changing into demons,slaughtering like animals
    and blooddrunks.
    If you ever turn into something like this,shame on you.You will beshame me and
    my fathers.Your children will be beshamed too.
    "I understand father.Shouldnīt we help some inhabitants of the city ?"
    "Only when there is the opportunity.What do you want to do,fight with the
    thousands of the great Imam.You are brave.You are also naive my son."

    Next target of the Banu Omani,as it was called lately,was Wasit.It was rather unimportant,but the great Imam wanted to ravage all of Mesopetamia.

    This city was heavy fortified,as the Abbasids learned from their past mistakes.They coulnīt win against the Omanis in open field,so they tricked them into their fortifications.

    Soon the Omani Soldiers brought the ladders forth to the walls.
    Their inexperience has costed them alot of time.

    When they reached the top of the walls,Nubian Soldiers already awaited them.
    Bloody battles ensued.

    The walls were taken,and the Gate was opened up for the oncoming Bedouins.
    It was a sight to behold.

    The Battles in the city were hard fought,as the men of the Abbasid Caliphate gave their last to defend their homes.

    Hybris.The hot blooded great Imam and his son fell in battle,their graves made out of mud and the bodys of their own soldiers.

    In the end,every enemy soldier got killed.Even their commander,a high ranking member of the royal Abbasid family was slaughtered.

    To which price ?

    The Banu Omani was leaderless now.
    No real noblemen were there,no real figure to lead an army.
    Riders were sent home,to bring the message and to crown the new king.
    What was he worth for the soldiers of the Banu Omani ?
    The dream of an Omani conquest of the world was shattered.
    Bedouins were discussing and swearing,no one knew what to do.
    They lost alot of men in Wasit,and the city was after an anger filled sacking completly useless.

    Malik and his father fought hard in Wasit,and Wallid got wounded by an enemy sword.
    His left side was damaged,and a rib got hacked.
    Malik soon decided it was best to leave the Banu Omani and search for an doctor.
    This would mean that he and his father had to travel to Baghdad,alone and covered.
    Nobody could knew,when somebody found out who they were,both would have been dead.

    So the journey to Baghdad began....

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    Default Re: (Broken Crescent) Omani-Son of the Desert

    Quote Originally Posted by Radzeer View Post
    Interesting concept. Plot-driven AARs have a certain flavor, so I'll be following this too. If I may have one suggestion, some of the text is truncated in the middle of a sentence (I guess due to the text editor you use for writing), which makes the reading a bit confusing. Otherwise, it's a good start!
    Thank you Radzeer,your comment is very appreciated.You are truly one of the best Writers here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aristarchus View Post
    Nice to see Broken Crescent mixed in here. I miss it. You manage some arresting imagery in your narrative. Rep.
    What do you miss about Broken Crescent ?Itīs still in developement.Thank you for your comment.
    To be honest I am not really good with screenshots,just trying to get some nice angles.

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    Default Re: (Broken Crescent) Omani-Son of the Desert

    Chapter 5:The Road to Baghdad

    "Allah is big,and Mohammed is his messenger,Allah is big and Mohammed is his messenger...."

    "Is your friend alright ?"

    The skinny Arabic Merchant gave Wallid a strange gaze.

    "Yes,he is just tired from all the traveling."

    Malik and his father Wallid were travelling to Baghdad,fleeing from the desperate and hopeless
    Banu Omani.
    The injury Wallid received in the battle of Wasit was getting worse.It was pus-filled,and Maliks rudimentary medical skills were not enough to help his father.

    "He doesnīt look to good.He is drooling and sweating.Is he really alright ?"
    "I already said he is just tired.Move on Merchant."

    The Merchant who joined them on a tiny sideroad to Baghdad just couldnīt keep the silence.
    He was always talking,without a stop.
    If he knew that his father was wounded he could do the math and see that these both Bedouins are
    not just mercenaries on the way to Baghdad.He would see two enemys of the Abbasid Caliphate.
    Lucky enough,he was busy talking.

    "So,have I told you the story of the donkey who met with an Saljuk Soldier ?"


    "So the donkey comes into the Shisha house in which the Saljuk Soldier makes himself comfortable,
    and the Soldier asks:"Donkey,why do you make such a long face ?" Get it ? He is an Donkey with
    a long face !!!!"

    The merchant was laughing desperatly,and Malik was sighing.

    He turned around to look after his father.Wallid was sitting completly motionless in his camels saddel,
    whipping back and forth with every motion the big animal did.
    The road they were traveling on was narrow and tiny,dry and timid.Placed in the wilderness of Mesopetamia it was a wonder they met with this merchant.Maybe he killed Maliks nerves,but atleast he had water.

    Malik and Wallid fleed one night of the Banu Omanis Camp.The men were still drunk and pillaging,but news
    made the round that the Abbasids already send a revenge force to Wasit.It was a matter of time that the Banu Omani was shattered.

    Wallids wound provocated a fever,and his condition got terrible.He had a blurred sight and lost control over his orientation.He needed help immediatley.

    "So there was this big guy in this clamp bar in Damascus.Everybody was completly drunk and senseless.
    I just tried to pickpocket him while he was sleeping,as all of a sudden this guy wakes up.So I run for my
    life while he was throwing stones after me.Haha,summernights in Damascus.
    What is in your thoughts sadiq ?"

    "Nothing,is this really one of the routes to Baghdad ?"

    "Yes it is.As a child I always traveled to Baghdad with my father."

    Malik wanted to grab this guy and throw him around.By Allah,how annoying one can be !
    Suddenly some Soldiers on horses were to see on the horizont.They were traveling fast,and one of
    them had a lettercase with him.

    "Assalamu Alaikum friend.What is your destination."

    "We have to bring message to the Caliph of Baghdad."

    "Baghdad is the other direction." Malik pointed in the opposite direction.

    "The Caliph is on the way to Wasit.Havenīt you heard ? The Banu Omani is about to
    break.We will crush them.Wait.....arenīt you both Bedouins too ?"

    "Yes,but we come from Medina.We hear from the Banu Omani,terrible."

    "Why would you choose the eastwards road to get to Baghdad ? Get off your camel."

    Malik got off his steed,standing on the dry ground.

    "Your friend there too.Hey,get off your camel !"

    Wallid didnīt made a move.He barely could sense what was going on.

    "Canīt he hear correctly ? Get off your camel,you dirty desertmaggot !"

    "Settle your tongue." Malik looked the soldier deep into the eyes.
    Suddenly the soldier got off his horse and walked towards Wallid.He lifted his cloth,as his left side
    got stained with fresh blood.

    "This wound.....what happened there ?"

    "He fell onto a scythe."

    "You are lying.You dirty bastard ! You both are Banu Omanis ! You want to spy out Baghdad !"
    The soldier grabbed his sword and drawed it out of the drawer.
    Malik immediatley grabbed for his sword.
    The Abbasid soldier hold the straight blade onto Wallids neck.
    The other soldier was still on his horse and threatened Malik.
    All of a sudden the soldiers hand was sliced off.He fell to the ground with a deep cry and turtled up.
    Wallid then threw his lance against the other soldier,who fell impaled by the lance off his horse.

    "You have to be quicker Malik.These two had you in a throatcut hold."

    Malik stared unbelieving at his father."You are sick.How can you react so well ?"
    "I am sick,not dead." Wallid smiled a tired grin before he fell to the ground.
    "Father !" Malik stormed to his fathers aid."Is everything alright ?"
    "No,but you can trust me.We will get to Baghdad and I will be alright.Do you know why ?"
    Malik was shaking his head.
    "Because of you.I will give my life in your hands.Make me proud."
    Malik was desperate and touched at the same time.He felt how his stomache was
    getting sick.If he failed,his father would die.The pressure on his shoulders was enourmous.

    "Get on your horse merchant,we will race to Baghdad !"
    "Why should I help you both ? You are enemys of the Abbasid Caliphate,the people I screw over for their wealth !"
    Malik took a golden,crescent-formed Medaillon out of his bag.It was the only loot he took from Basra.
    "You will help us because of this."
    "Oh,have I told you the story of the Camel which made love to an Indian Merchant....."

    So they raced to Baghdad,with Abbasid blood on their hands and an wise Merchant as their companion.

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    Chapter 6:Baghdad

    The Given Garden.
    Capital of the Abbasid Caliphate.
    To some Capital of the World.

    ".....and so the old Courtesan of Alexandria gave all she got to the Pharaoh.
    Haha,Sadiq,I really enjoy your interested ears.You are the first one who listening to me for such
    a long time."

    "Really ?Why is that ?"

    "Well,because the people....."

    "Wait,I donīt want to know." Malik sighed and rubbed his forehead. "How long is it to Baghdad ?"

    "Not long.Do you see that river,in the far northwest ?"


    "When the street meets with the river,Baghdad is just a stone throw away."

    Malik was relieved.The long hard journey and the dangers on the road had taken their toll.
    His wounded father was in a delirious state right now,and Malik wasnīt able to hear one of the Arabian Merchants storys anymore without strangling him to death.
    He looked behind him.His father was laying on a cart,saliva running out of his mouth.Wallid Ibn Amar was as near to death as he ever was.

    Soon,they rode next to the shimmering waters of the river Tigris.
    "Look Sadiq,the Tigris.One of the mightiest Waters of the world.It is the lifespending Atery of Mesopetamia.When I was a kid,my father used to say the waters of the Tigris make you younger."

    "You came around with your father,didnīt you ?"

    "Yes,yes.I really miss him.The time comes when a son has to depart from his parents,especially his father.Atleast we always know that Allah will take care of them."

    Malik saw the saddened face of the Merchant.He thought about how it would be to lose his father.
    Wallid was his teacher,his bodyguard in times.He taught him everything.Now he would die because his son couldnīt bring him to a doctor ?Never,Malik thought.

    "Oh,how glorious.The gates of Baghdad."

    In the distant,a big gatehouse was to see.Shimmering walls left and right protected the centre of the Abbasid Caliphate.The gate throned behind a district of outlaying houses and farms.People were coming and going,forming an steady stream.Just like Muscat,but much bigger.Faces and languages of every part of the world were to hear and see.Strange clothing and Animals filled the sight of the young Bedouin.It was hectic,but the Guards remained patient and held order.

    "We just go and become a part of the stream,so we wonīt be recognized much."

    So they did.When they rode through the gates,a new world opened for them:the gigantic city of Baghdad was infront of them,taking their sight.Far away you could see the towers of the great Mosque.
    Thousands of smells came up to them,some nice,some just downright disgusting.Guards were patrolling the streets,and even the most quiet corner was loud.

    "That is Baghdad,the most glorious city.When I am old,my residence will be here."

    "Naturally Merchant."

    "Believe it.With my connections and knowledge of the market,this man right here will be the richest of all.
    Maybe I will take the palace of the Caliph."

    Malik rolled his eyes and got off his camel.He walked slowly to his father.

    "Father,we are in Baghdad,you are saved !!"

    Wallid just starred at him with a tired look,his eyes dry.

    "Merchant,we have to get to an doctor."

    "No problem,follow me."

    So they set off into the depths of Baghdad.


    "Hm,let me take a look at that."

    Mershad Halwah was an experienced doctor,as he took care of nearly every person in his district.

    "This wound looks really not good.The odds are bad my young friend."

    Mershad saw the desperation of the young man infront of him.

    "Is there anything you can do ?"

    "Yes.I will take care of him.It will be a struggle,and it could happen that he dies.He is old,physical in good form,but this injury is serious.His ribs were cut and core has flown into his blood."

    "Thank you.Really,you are my last hope."

    The doctor felt sorry for this boy.What is his Patient ? His father ? Who knows.To ask for payment now would be disgusting.Money is no subject in the face of death.Even if the two couldnīt pay him,he saw the real feelings of the young man.

    Malik walked out of the large house.He strided to a bench,and sat down.He digged his face into his hands.He had hope,but he also was surrounded by ifs.What if the doctor recognized that they were Bedouins ? What if he refused to help his father ? What if his father died ? These questions tortured him,nagged at his soul.


    "What ?"

    "I never introduced myself.My name is Salim."

    Malik smiled a small grin.

    "I know that you both are Bedouins.And I know that he is not just your companion.He is your father."

    "Have you listened to our conversations ?"

    "No.Its the saddeness and the passion you bring up.Its hard not to see."

    "What if he is going to die ? He died because of me.Because I wasnīt fast enough."

    "Thats not true.You couldnīt go any faster.What do you want to do,fly him to Baghdad ? Haha,I donīt think so."

    "He is my father.I should have done more."

    "No.You are right he is your father,but you did all you could.Now its in Allahs hands to decide the fate of your father."

    Malik digged his face into his hands again.Salim placed one of his wealy hands on his shoulders.

    "How did he die ?"

    "Excuse me ?"

    "How did your father die ?"

    Salim sighed deep.The thoughts alone on his fathers death brought tears into his eyes.

    "Saljuks.They ambushed us in the hilly regions of Azerbaijan.First they slaughtered our bodyguards,then they decapitated my father.I was their hostage.My fathers head was used as their banner.Once the opportunity was there,I killed some of them and took the head of my father home.
    Nightmares hunt me since then."

    Salims face was painted with tears.Malik just nodded silently.

    "Be strong,young Malik.Even if your father dies,your path in this world just has opened up."

    Salim stood up and slowly walked into the house.
    Malik was on the stepping line:
    his father was not far from death,
    he was thousand miles away from home,
    it was a scary situation.

    So Maliks day came to an end,with an prayer to Allah for his father,and the sun sinking down,while Baghdad dissapeared into darkness.
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    Default Re: (Broken Crescent) Omani-Son of the Desert

    Really nice

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    Default Re: (Broken Crescent) Omani-Son of the Desert

    Hey Guys,due to my computer crashing and burn (literally),I wasnīt able to continue my Story.Also I lacked some drive,but I want to write on now.First I have to re-install Broken Crescent,but that shouldnīt be a problem.So this AAR might be back !!

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    Problem solved.This AAR will live on,but donīt be too stocked for new visuals.I will try my best,but there will be a lot of text,filled with intrigues,murder and war.The next chapter should be up today.
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    Chapter 7:Strange World

    The scent of Jasmin hung in the air,filling the small room with heavy odor.A young warrior,who was not from Baghdad,arouse from his bed.Sweat run down his body,as this was one of many hard nights for the young man.

    Malik was worried.His father was still in a dangerous state,his body recovering from high fever and a deep wound.

    They were in Bagdhad for seven weeks now.Seven.It was a miracle that they werenīt found by the Abbasid bloodhounds,who were imprisoning and executing Bedouins since the war has started.But the Banu Omani was in shades,as the stronghold of Wasit has taken all their commanders and most of their soldiers.

    Malik dressed himself in his new attire,which he got from his Arabic host,the doctor Mershad Halwah.He and his family took care of the two strangers,who came from the deserted east of the Abbasid Caliphate.

    They were no rich family,as Mershad was not the only doctor in Baghdad.Life wasnīt too hard to them,so they always were able to help where they could.

    After he was done with his prayers,Malik strolled to the first floor.This building,it was build on multiple levels,something Malik never was in before.He came into the biggest chamber of the house,a breezy room,where the wounded and sick had their sleep.

    Wallid Ibn-Amar laid on his bed,eyes wide open.

    At first,Malik assumed the worst.

    "Father,Father !! Are you alright ?"

    "Yes.Did I scare you ? I was lost in my thoughts."

    "Which thoughts ?"

    "How we get out of Baghdad,out of Abbasid territory.The Caliphs soldiers are still looking for Bedouins,and Mershad told me the worst.Entire caravans slaughtered and their heads pilled next to the roads they came from.The lies the great Imam has told became true.The Banu Omani did nothing

    but scare the old man,making him act anxious,he is frightened that the Bedouins could strike again."

    "Father,you are not able to go anywhere.What do you want to do ? Crouch to the border ?"

    "Watch your tongue young walad.Well,for me it is not possible to flee this country,but you on the other hand...."

    "NO! Father,I will not leave your side!"

    "But you must," Wallid raised his upper body,"I am a wounded old man who is taken care of by an doctor,

    you are an young man,the world is open to you.Donīt waste your life for false loyality.I know you will always stay loyal to me,but you must move on.I have talked to Salim,he will bring you to Damascus,from there on you will live your own,new life.Have you forgotten what I told you ? That you could be anything ?"

    "No." Malik let his head sink.

    "Then make me happy,as you have made me proud already."

    Wallid reached out for Malik,who bent forward to him.Wallid gave Malik a kiss on his forehead.That was the last time the two would meet for a long time.

    "Sabah el kheer,young friend !" Salim was talkative as always. "
    As-Salamu Alaykum,Salim."
    They embraced each other and went on to stroll down the quiet lane.With them were Salims
    camel,Maliks camel and alot of cloth,carried by the desert animals.

    "Where you ever to Damascus young friend ?" Salim seemed more than happy about his company.

    "No.All I knew was the Arabic desert.This changed in the last few months." He was right.Just 5 Months ago he was in the desert,living with his father.
    Now he has seen bloodshed,pillage and murder in this new strange world.

    "You will love it.It is a city not as great as Baghdad,but still a sight to behold of.Speaking of Baghdad,we will at leave the western gate.You should be safe as the guards will see no difference between you and any other Arabic man in this city."

    They continued their slow walk through the narrow alleyways.Malik could smell the city,the smell of thousand different persons and he didnīt like it.The city was just too small for him,making him anxious.

    "There sadiq,the western gate.Just be silent,as we will be examined."

    "Why will we be examined ?"

    "Have you forgotten ? I am a merchant.Thatīs normal."

    The tiny caravan moved closer to the gate,where the usual stream of people who leave and enter the town still has not emerged yet.There was the odd merchant or farmer who walked out of town,but it was early in the morning,not a lot of people would do their craft at this time.

    "Stop!" A big guardsman halted their caravan.

    "Salim,what do you transport now ? Another load of Hashish ?"

    "That was only one time,Mahmet !"

    "Still.Give me a look at your goods and you are free to go anywhere you want."

    The bulky man,clad in chainmail,walked up to Salims camel and grazed into the packages the enourmous
    animal carried with it.

    "Cloth ?"

    "Yes,yes.Cloth for the market in Damascus." Salim wasnīt lying.He had no need to do so.

    "And whats in here ?" Mahmet opened the carriages of Maliks camel,which were empty.

    "Why doesnīt your friend have anything with him ?"

    "He is just a traveler on his way to Damascus.Please Mahmet,can we go now ?"

    "Mhm.Do you know what bothers me,Salim ?" The big man took a step towards the merchant.

    "No.What is your problem ?"

    "Well my problem is.." he bent slightly forward to Salim,breathing in his face."My problem is,that the wage for guardsmen is so low,and I have pretty high debts.So,I would like to lend me some
    money,if thatīs not too much to ask for ?"

    "Mahmet,you corrupt pig."

    The big man laughed."Taīala."

    "No.I will not come with you."

    "Then give me some of your money." Salim shook his head,angered and scared at the same time.

    "Hm,then you give me no other choice." Mahmet hit Salim with the shaft of his spear,sending him to the ground.

    "And you,what about you ? Would you lend me some money ?"

    "Back off,ghabi !"

    "Oh,you made a big mistake !"

    Mahmet took big steps towards Malik,closing the distance between them fast.Malik drew his sword,which he has hidden so far under his tunic.Mahmet hammered Maliks leg with his spear and in tackled him the next moment.Standing over Malik,Mahmet prepared to pierce Malik with an heavy strike.
    But Malik used the tiny moment and threw dirt of the ground into Mahmets face.

    "Naghil ! You blinded me,I canīt see !"

    Mahmet stumbled over his own feet,landing in the dirt.

    Malik took his spear and rammed it into Mahmets thigh.Mahmet screamed and winced in pain.Malik rushed to Salim and carried him onto his camel.Then he mounted his own steed.

    With Salims camel and Salim himself he rushed out of Baghdad,as the wounded guardman cried for help already.Maliks cover never was lifted the last seven weeks he spent in this city.One corrupt guardman changed everything.

    A dangerous and demanding journey laid ahead of them.
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    Default Re: [Broken Crescent] Omani-Son of the Desert-Updated !

    Chapter 8:The Merchant and the Bedouin

    Heavy steps.Up and down.His body got swayed back and forth.

    "I never liked camels," Salim Naideen couldnīt stop talking.This trait could be helpful,but most of the time it created uncomfortable situations.

    "The nice thing about Mesopetamia is,the countryside is greener than this timid wasteland north,south,west and east of it.I really like it.Someday I will build my residence here,at the Euphrat,enjoying my life with dozens of my beautiful Women."

    "I thought you wanted to build a residence in Baghdad ?"

    "Ah,Baghdad.Itīs too busy there sadiq.I like it quiet and nice,there are many people who are talking the whole time.I canīt stand it."

    Malik couldnīt hold a chuckle in.They were trotting along the river Euphrat for days now,leading them to Damascus.Hopefully.

    "Are here any Dattlepalms ?"

    "Yes,wait a moment."

    Salim got of his camel,walking to one of the short palms.He picked some dattels,they would be useful as supplements for the long road.His head was still pain and on his left temple a bruise has grown.He wonīt forgett his last confrontation with Mahmet.

    "Look there Malik,some fishermen.They canīt be far away from home,maybe they will guide us the way !

    Hey! You there!" Salim waved at the fishermen,who in return navigated their small boat to the riverbank.

    As-Salamu Alaykum friends.Could you tell us if there is any village near us ?"

    "No.We are from An-Nasyria.We are traveling upstream,to get out of Mesopetamia."

    "Why ?"

    "Havenīt you heard ? The Banu Omani has formed again under a self proclaimed Imam,a religious fanatic.
    They are ravaging through Basra at the moment but they also pillage villages and everything which is on their way.We only escaped a raid because we were setting out to the al-Furat.Our families and homes have been destroyed.Now we will flee to better lands,maybe Aleppo."

    "The Banu Omani has formed again ? " Malik was shocked.How could this monster form again ?

    "Yes.The Calipha already sent an army to crush the remnants of the old Banu,but they hid in the mountains south of the Caspian Sea.It is said that they made an alliance with the Saljuks,giving them the land in return for protection.It is true sadiq.We saw Turkoman warriors between these Bedouins."

    "What is the Calipha doing ?"

    "Hiding.He thinks he will only live on when he hides in Baghdad.Most of the smaller Garrisons around the country have been called to Baghdad.He wants as much protection as possible.The people of the Abbasid Caliphate have to protect themselves."

    Malik was deep in thoughts.His father was in safety,Baghdad wouldnīt be easy to take.But what about Salim and himself ? If this man has spoken the truth,they are in great danger.Every moment they could collide with an Saljuk force !

    "Have the Saljuks declared war on the Caliphate ? "

    "They hadnīt to.The Calipha sent them war declarations as soon as he heard that the Banu Omani was aided by Saljuks.Old man,doesnīt even know what he is doing."

    Malik was worried.

    "Is there any safe route,other than the water ? "

    "I donīt think so.We would take you with us,but our boat is too small.We are really sorry. "

    "You donīt have to.We will find a way through this dangerous territory.Allahs graze be on you. "

    "And it be on you,too."

    The fishermen navigated away,further up the river.Salim and Malik knew how much in danger they were.
    Every corner,every curve along the way was a point where they could be ambushed.
    Malik and Salim were anxious the next hours.Even Salim,the never ending talker,was quiet.

    They could smell it miles before they came there.This rotten odor,smelling like burned flesh.
    Salim even had to throw up once.Then they came along the source of the smell:A pile of human parts,
    burning and rotting.

    "In Allahs name...." Malik hasnīt seen anything quite like this.The pillages in Basra and Wasit where events he didnīt saw with his own eyes.But entire village slaughtered like cattle,just for the joy of it.Malik and Salim trotted through what was an village.Burning huts,some dogs still searching for their owners,who most probably are death like anyone else.

    "Malik,I never saw something horrible as this. " Tears were in Salims eyes,half of sadness,half because of the biting smell.

    Suddenly Malik drew his sword.He heard something.

    "What did you hear ? "

    "Be quiet. "

    Then again.It was something deep.Someone was groaning.
    Malik got off his camel,his sword still in his hand.
    Then he found the source of the groans:An old man,grey beard and clothes a cattledrover would wear.
    His chest was pierced by an arrow.This arrow wasnīt made by Bedouins,that was sure.

    "Is there someone ?" The old man reached out,as he couldnīt move.He sat against an bag of wheat.
    Blood has flown into his eyes,and he couldnīt see what was infront of him.

    "My friend,can I help you ? " Malik kneeled next to the man,touching him on his shoulder.

    "No.These bastards,these dirty bastards.They killed my wife before my eyes,they took my son.My cattle they thrown into the river.They burned my house down. "

    Tears,which were red of blood,came running down his cheeks.

    "Who has done such atrocities to you and your kin.Who is responsible for this ? "

    The old man grabbed a hold of Maliks shoulders,turning him face-to-face.

    "Saljuks.Hundreds of Saljuks. "

    Maliks throat became dry.

    "When did this happen,are they still near ? "

    The old man released his firm grip of Maliks wide shoulders,sinking back against the bag of wheat.

    "I donīt know.I canīt feel anything.Run young warrior,leave this place as fast as you can.But do me a favour first. "

    "Whatever you want. "

    "Kill me. "

    Maliks throat became even more dry than it was before.He already killed men,numerous at that,but never someone who didnīt want to kill him,too.

    He thought about his father and the words he told him:Never kill innocent people.

    "Please,do it.I canīt die this miserable way.End it. "

    But Malik never did.With tears in his eyes and an heavy heart he slowly turned away and went back to Salim and his camel.

    "Come now,Malik.Letīs leave this evil place. "

    Malik just nodded.As they were leaving the pillaged village,he could still hear the groans.


    "At Day az Zawr we will take another route,or else we will never reach Damascus. "

    Weeks have gone now.The territory of the Abbasid Caliphate was behind them.They reached the lands of the Zengids,an mighty Sultanate under the leadership of Nur ad-Din Mahmud.The Zengids were in conflict with the Ayyubids,which were led by the mighty Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb,who himself was an former protege of the Zengids.But for know,Salim and Malik would be safer here than in the Abbasid Caliphate.

    Malik had problems sleeping.The day he and Salim discovered the pillaged village and the old man who was dying were haunting him.He never told Salim about it.

    They comforted themselves for two days now in a little village,just at the shore of the mighty Euphrates.

    Salim already found costumers for his cloth and annoyed the locals with his stories of men and animals who did unspeakable things.

    "Malik,I have an idea. "

    "Tell me about it. "

    "You donīt have to come with me to Damascus,as I found someone here travelling north.To the Sultanate of Rum. "

    "Are you trying to fool me Salim ? I wonīt go into Saljuk territory. "

    "They are different.The Sultanate would be a good place for you.Atleast,at the moment.I have the impression that the war will wager over to Damascus,and I think you had enough for an 18-years old.

    Go somewhere quiet,you donīt even have experienced the comforts of an woman. "

    "Salim ! "

    "It is the truth.No man should die as an virgin. "

    "You are making me feel uncomfortable. " Malik was filled with shame,as he never talked about subjects that intim even with his father.

    "I know.But I want to open your eyes.You only experienced war,and you should live an peacful life.

    I think itīs what your father is wishing."

    "But Salim,I canīt let you go alone.If there will be war in Damascus,you will die. "

    "Then it should be ! Believe me,I have seen many wars,and always survived.Else I wouldnīt speak with you." Salim grinned.

    "Salim,I think Damascus is the right place.If there is war,then we will survive.Your chances are higher if I am on your side. " Now it was Malik who grinned.

    "You stubborn cameldrover.Then follow me into the depths of Damascus,and get killed in an war which is not yours ! " Salim gesticulated wildly with his arms,and Malik started laughing.


    When the sun slowly arouse over Day az Zawr,just reaching over the horizon,none of the Villagers,or Salim and Malik,knew of the seventy Saljuks who have taken position east of the village.

    Malik woke up suddenly,his stomache feeling wrong.He sensed danger.

    He was right.

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    Chapter 9:Saljuks

    Yusuf was a compessionate man.He had a a loving wife,two sons and was a Bey of the Sultan.

    But right now he was a monster.

    Yusufs sword just beheaded the village elder of Day az Zawr.Blood sprayed on him,lust for more raged in his stomache.His men were ravaging the little village which was property of the Zengid Dynasty,the attack ordered by Yusufs master,the Sultan of the Saljuks.

    His next target was an imposing man who pointed a pitchfork at him.Yusuf pierced the man with one of his arrows,just as he rode by him.

    "Bey Yusuf ! Bey Yusuf,we have secured the village.Women and children are gathered in the village center. "

    "Perfect.Let them live,they will sell well on the markets.Order the man to search for any survivors which can bear resitance. "

    "Yes my Bey."

    Yusuf got off his horse.He gave it to one of his men,before he entered the biggest house of the village.
    Decorations hung at the walls,and the ground was covered by an large cape,which was stained with blood.

    He left the house overseeing the village.A glorious day for the Sultanate ! His master will be satisfied with the results of this raid.He saw his men,gathering the children and women together.Everyone of them have served him well,some he even knew from his childhood.

    His father was the Atabeg of Mus already when he got the title from him.Yusuf always tried to do his best in favour of the Sultanate,and he climbed the military ranks fast.

    Yusuf turned around when he spotted movement in the corner of his eye.He walked towards the alley which laid left to the building he just left.Carefully he moved on,walking down the dirty lane.
    His hand on his sword,his senses sharp.Every hidden attacker would fall before....

    ....a sudden sting hit him.The world got dark.The sounds got damper.He barely tasted the blood in his mouth.But one thing,one thing he could make out.....this smell....this smell of camel.Then he saw no more,and his breath got weaker,he felt tired.He noticed how his body hit the ground,dying.That is the death of Yusuf Bey ? The glorious young Atabeg who defeated the Khwarezm Shah at the Caspian Sea ?
    He couldnīt breath anymore.The tiredness became a deep sleep.The world was no more.

    Malik assured that his foe was dead.He hold his hand before his mouth,feeling not breath he was sure that he killed this Saljuk.Judging by the looks he was an important person,wearing heavy armour,decorated in golden lines.A masterfully crafted sword hung at his right side,a beautiful ceremonial dagger at his left.
    Malik cleaned his dagger which stuck in this Saljuks rips just secounds before.

    "Malik ! Malik ! " Salim spoke in a whispered,but still hounded tone.

    "We have to get out,let us go ! Fast ! "

    Malik just nodded.It was to their luck that the villagers prohibited them to sleep in their houses.Salim and Malik slept in the haystack next to a house by the river.

    Now they just had to move on,find a way out of the danger zone.The missing Commander of the Saljuk forces would be noticed soon.

    They moved around the right side of the house.Ducked,but still in a quick manner,they found cover at the next building.Both of their camels they had to left behind.

    "Listen,we will get those horses,and get out as soon as possible. " Malik pointed at two horses left at the stable which were unnoticed by the Saljuks.

    "They will kill us as soon as they see us.I have an better idea.I dress as an Saljuk warrior,and you are my prisoner who I just caught,eh ? Eh ? "

    "Can you speak any Turkish ? "

    "Naturally ! " Salim made a challenging pose.

    "Speak some ! "

    "Well,wait a moment. " Salim cleared his throat.

    "Can..I....borrow the horse you call your wife ? " Salim had an proud expression on his face.

    "What does that mean ? "

    "I am not too sure,but a merchant in Ankara told me it meant `here is some secret loanī.I had to bribe an Saljuk guardman.Oddly enough,he arrested me on spot."

    "Then we canīt trust your skills in the Turcoman language.Lets get the horses,then we race out of here.
    Hopefully no one will detect us. "

    Salim rolled his eyes and was angered at Maliks mockery but there was no time for that now.

    They had to the get the horses and if they would survive afterwards was an questionmark,too.

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    Default Re: [Broken Crescent] Omani-Son of the Desert-Chapter 9

    good job
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    Default Re: [Broken Crescent] Omani-Son of the Desert-Chapter 9

    Read through it all just now and it's good, certainly interesting and love the interplay between the characters keep it up! Also, love BC so always good to see an AAR- giving me pangs to play it!

    bitte sehr

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    Default Re: [Broken Crescent] Omani-Son of the Desert-Chapter 9

    Now I finally caught up! First of all, I'm glad that you could get back after the break.
    You have quite a few interesting characters, and I am looking forward to reading where you will take the plot. BC stories are always fascinating.

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