In this exclusive Eagle Standard interview, TWC's MasterBigAb was lucky enough to sit down and talk to Total War modding legend King Kong. KK is of course the creator of Stainless Steel for Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms, and team lead for the Lord of the Rings inspired Third Age: Total War.

Total War Center's MBA: Now let's come to the Third Age mod, which obviously is one of, if not the most loved modification ever made for Total War. The fascinating Middle-Earth conversion gathered thousands and thousands of fans around it and has been actively developed for almost 5 years now... or is it even that a King Kong is never satisfied and will never lean back playing "his own mod" he and his team created ?

KK: I cannot exactly say where the end of this development is, but I really hope there will be one. Probably I seek the game that I consider myself a perfect strategy game in a great setting. My main goal is indeed to finally play a great strategy game again, of course it will be a long campaign of Third Age. Then I could consider my project as done.

With questions, as well as special pictures and video content of The Third Age Total War 3.0 in abundance, The Fellowship demands you check out the full interview!