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Thread: TATW Unofficial patch 4.0

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    Icon10 TATW Unofficial patch 4.0

    Third Age Total War Unofficial patch 4.0

    Removed ~lolIsuck

    ALL ADDITIONS/CHANGES ARE EXPLAINED AHEAD, NO LESS NO MORE. So far all the reported bugs have been fixed or declared not fixable. This sub-mod contains fixes for many bugs from Vanilla TATW 3.2, but there is also the not fixable bugs, or bugs that I don't know how to fix. Overall the sub-mod keeps the same gameplay and stability from Vanilla TATW 3.2, no performance decrease.
    Custom settlement: Weathertop 2.0 - New 3d models, new textures, better PC performance. Its now set as a village.
    Custom settlement: Argonath 1.1 - Fixed statues position.
    New custom settlement: Barad Dr
    Custom settlement: Dunharrow (with strat map model)
    New custom settlement: Carn Dm (with strat map model)
    New custom settlement: Goblintown (with strat map model)
    New custom settlement: Cirith Ungol (with strat map model)
    Custom settlement: Esgaroth - Buildings now has physics, just added invisible boxes where the houses are, fitting its shape, and gave them collisions.
    -Disabled all ambient buildings, so no more stonehenges, palmtress, monasteries or farms in mordor or anywhere. (Link here). In my sub-mod, I've also disabled watch-towers ambient models.
    -Fixed weathertop issue (now it cannot be uppgraded so will not change the settlement)
    -Cair andros is now back to a vanilla castle. The 3.2 custom version has completly useless layouts for both gates.
    New custom settlement: Azanulimbar Dm (with strat map model)
    New custom settlement: Fangorn/Beorn Halls/Rhosgobel (with strat map model)
    New custom settlement: Durthang (with strat map model)
    Custom settlement: Rivendell 3.0 (more deployment space, new waterfall effects, fixed clicking issues, attacker AI now works properly.)
    Custom settlement: Minas Morgul 2.0 (units can be deployed on walls, settlement correctly rotated to fit the strat map heighs and avoid reinforcement problems, it has now a real bridge, not a terrain mount.).
    Custom settlement: Esgaroth (fixed deployment issues and wall animations, it has now a real bridge, not a terrain mount. Settlement lowered to match terrain, builds were floating in 3.2)
    Custom settlement: The Black Gate (fixed reinforcements beeing spawn in mountains. Fixed defending army deploying units outside the gate. Attacking armies comming from mordor will now show up behind the gate, with no obstacle between them and the plaza, like it should logically be (just added a invisible gate in the opposing side of the settlement (facing mordor), no blockage with pathfinding, the AI just abandon the siege engines and attack the plaza.)
    Custom settlement: Dol Guldur (Fixed ladders on walls bug. Fixed reinforcements stuck outside batlemap. Did both by editing the terrain).
    Custom settlement: Edoras (Changed plaza position to avoid AI doing nothing, it was not really working in 3.2).
    Custom settlement: Minas Tirith (plaza position is now on the 7th level, there is a new inner gate on the 6th level, this way, the AI works 100% now, no more units doing nothing, yes, it really works, all attacking units from a full stack raches the plaza. )
    Custom settlement: Carn Dum (some layout changings for far better AI behavior, fixed wall animations).
    Custom settlement: Cirith Ungol (fixed terrain issue avoiding armies attacking from east, new darker textures, added The Watchers statues)
    Custom settlement: Osgiliath (all sides/versions): - Projectiles now cannot pass through buildings (same solution from esgaroth). - All attacking positions/reinforcements works now completly realisticaly integrated with the strat map, both cities can now be attacked with armies comming from the two sides, so if you, for exemple, attack east osgiliath comming from the west, your army will start the battle in west osgiliath, and not be magically teleported to east of east osgiliath. (ATTENTION: that changes were made by precisely editing pathfindings, disabling a gate and editing deploymet, it was exaustively tested with all different attacking amy setups. It works absolutelly perfect now for all attacking directions and circunstances. I've tested all gates, one by one). - There is now a real brigde, no more swimming time for troops. - Integrated the settlement with the strat map geography, showing a realistic river/heighs.
    PS: Fixes for custom settlements based on this thread.
    - Now, if you dont give authonomy to Fangorn, then you will be able to upgrade the city. Makes more sense at all because not giving authorization and holding a useless village was pointless.
    -Edited Dol Guldur terrain to look dirty like Carn Dm, no more green grass.
    -New battlefield pics (custom battle menu) for Erebor and argonath.
    -Setlements available in custom battles will now be Minas Tirith, Erebor, Azanulimbar Dm, Hornburg and Carn Dm. (It was necessary to remove some of them, and those wich remain are the most interesting layouts for multiplayer anyway). All custom tiles in custom battles are kept, including argonath and osgiliath rivercrossing.
    -Added green haze effect to Minas Morgul (a really moving haze, made by editing a smoke effect from vanilla med 2 , see the pic).
    -Beorn Halls now named Beorn Woods.
    -New interfaces and faction symbols taken from MOS and then adapted.
    -No more orc "castles". (Sauron made the black gate and barad dur with the power of the one ring and thats all, more castles than this seems quite anti-lore, we dont have proper custom settlements for it and the new upgrade system does not allow orcs to build castles, they actually really should not be able to do such...)
    - Strat map models are now limited, so for example large castles for dale and fpoe will load castle strat map models. Huge models bigger than Minas Tirith for generic settlements in the map really offend the immersion/lore).
    - Fixed weathertop not working.
    - Fixed weird object floating in Rivendell plaza.
    -Fixed w. osgiliath crash.
    -Fixed bug on Osgiliath river crossing custom battle and campaign map one.
    -Fixed ground tile textures in minas tirith
    -Battles in custom battle menu will now load the new fixed settlements.
    - Removed ballista tower build buttons in settlements were they cannot be built.
    -Changed faction descriptions to match the new upgrade system.
    - The faction Dale will now load southern european settlements.
    - No more crosses in any european settlement (edited the churches tech tree models. But there is still some crosses that are from the settlement itself and not from the techtree).
    - Settlements in Mordor cannot be upgraded anymore (they are now set as cities or large cities. No elves building beautiful cities inside mordor etc.)
    - Text editing for region descriptions, settlement upgrade and settlement features for making all the changes in this sub-mod more transparent for the player. Also removed vanilla text related with non TATW features like converting cities to castles.
    - Enabled BETTER WATER sub-mod again. (Exporadical CTD or not, this one is a must be.)
    - New loading screens. More armies/settlements/action, less faces and characters.
    -Changed the texture type that fills places like argonath and rivendell. The old texture looked like rooten cheese. The new one is similar to the proper argonath statue texture, like in the pics of the argonath that are on the preview. (Did it by editing descr_geography_new.db)
    - Argonath now is clean sun, no more rain, so you can see the epicness of the statues and its reflects on the water!
    -New event pics for dwarven marriage and dwarven woman (replaces the old cartoonish ones).
    -New event pics for settlement upgrades from all factions.
    - Unit detail on battlefield is now set as "highest" on the .cfg file so this bug fix is now standart.
    - Screenshot resolution set now as 1650 by default. (hd screenshots).
    - New recruitment system for AI.
    - New settlement upgrade system.
    New custom settlement: Dain's Halls. (with strat map model)
    New custom settlement: New erebor. (with strat map model) (not properly rorated on the strat map but I did it this way so the sun hits the main entrance and shows its beauty, as it has 1 gate only, there is no difference at all for its functionality).
    New custom settlement: Mountain fort. (with strat map model)
    New custom settlement: Generic dwarven settlements. (with strat map models). WARNING: These settlements are done based in Teutonic castles from MED2:K. This is why some sections of its walls can't be reached by ladders or siege towers, exactly how they originally were. Don't ask me why, they were like that in vanilla and I did not risk changing it.
    - New icons and descriptions for upgrading settlements. The ones in vanilla actually never matched reality. They were wall images, but when you upgrade the settlement you dont upgrade just the wall but all the settlment itself. For TATW, there is custom settlements wich dont even has walls. And as now factions like gondor will have stone walls for places where there was wooden ones before (large_towns), I've changed all these images to a generic building image. Each upgrade will show new descriptions matching the new system. The same goes to castles. So now upgrades in settlements will really worth a read on their descriptions! No more orc encampments with wooden palisades showing large stone walls descriptions, no more "God" quoted in fortress descriptions etc. Now everything is more to the LOTR mood.-New descriptions for each faction on the faction choose menu, at the start of the campaign, showing its settlement features.-Each faction will now have a more unique settlement characteristic. Some factions will not be able to upgrade certain types of settlements anymore, their building techtrees will be unlocked via 3 events, so they can upgrade all buildings, level after level with a new time/turn restriction, but they cannot upgrade the settlement itself. A proper analysis on that new system will prove it is lore accurate and also gives more uniqueness to each faction, beeing also a immersion booster. Settlements will be now a really different feature for each faction, like units are. This is how it will be:GONDOR (ALL STRONG SETTLEMENTS)-No restrictions about upgrading cities or castles.-No wooden palisade walls in large towns but stone walls.-No wooden wall in any castle level.HARAD, RHUN, DALENo restrictions about upgrading cities or castles.FPPO/ARNOR (NORMAL)No restrictions about upgrading cities or castles.OOG, OOTMM, MORDOR and ISENGARD (WEAK CITIES, NO CASTLES)Can upgrade all cities but no castles.Cannot build balista towers, no building icon shown. (Their custom cities battlemaps has no towers, and that is lore accurate at all).HIGH ELVES (NORMAL CITIES, NO CASTLES)Can upgrade cities but no castles.SILVAN ELVES (NORMAL CITIES, NO CASTLES)Cannot upgrade castles or have stone walls in cities (city and large_city will load large_town model).Cannot build ballista towers.DWARVES , OROCARNI DWARVES (NORMAL)Can upgrade everything. (But their city models are very limitated, see the preview)ROHAN (WEAK CITIES, WOODEN CASTLE)-Can upgrade all cities but is not able to have stone walls, even if the settlement upgrades to city or large city, it will still be a large town in the battle map. (weird siege engine animations in large cities but works anyway)-Can upgrade castles until "wooden_castle". (Lore...)-Cannot build balista towers, no building icon shown. (Lore reasons).There will be then 3 barrack events. They will occur in a certain time of the campaign, unlocking the building capacities. This way the inability of some factions to upgrade settlements will not mess the game. All factions needs both the events and upgrading the settlement itself in order to unlock new buildings for cities. In castles, they just need the 3 events. This also fixes a vanilla problem as now we can get all buildings for unique settlements wich are set as castles on minor levels, . Also notice that this way castles will really be military places compared to cities, as they are able to build any structure even without upgrading to higher castle levels (but they still need to wait for the events), so now castles will be really different from cities, making them more impportant and forcing the player to look for their capture in the camapaign in order to have a strategical advantage.
    Factions controlled by the AI will now recruit units faster than the player (except trolls, mumakils and siege weapons). Due to this new feature, the "help weakened factions" and the "last stand" scripts will be removed. No more enemy stacks magically appearing from nothing to mess your tactics and immersion. (The game is still hard as before, belive me...). Basically, it recruits a little slower than the best recruitment speed for the player (there is different speeds depending on the region).This system is properly ballanced to avoid money bankrupt or millionare factions, or even turn times getting too long, all made by Mank, any doubt, ask him.Factions always keep their fortune arround 20000 or so, so the game is well balanced.
    New custom settlement: DaleNew custom settlement: Dain's Halls (Replaces de previous version, with strat map model).New custom settlement: Generic gondorian castles and cities (all types/levels).New custom settlement: Generic elven towns and large towns.New custom settlement: Thranduil's Halls (with strat map model)- Dale, Barad Dr (replaces azanulimbar dum), West Osgiliath, East Osgiliath, Umbar and Dain's Halls available on custom battles.- Included the Umbar (middle eastern huge city) pathfinding fix.- Replaced Mountain Fort custom settlement from 3.0 with a dwarven fortress.- Fixed the new churches techrees (without any crosses) not working. That was because the names of the folders were written wrong by CA in vanilla! (north_euorpean and south_eurpean!)-New faction leader and custom portrait pics for some characters (based on the new movies).- Erebor strat map model simplified for faster loading screen times.- New textures for southern european settlements (dale faction) to look more like the movie. (You can see how they look on the dale city preview, I had to change the .mesh files for walls in vanilla TATW, I had no idea why KK placed them there, no usage at all, but better not risk.)- New unit info images. (For 89% of the units, I could not find the other ones )- New faction preview pictures.- New textures for Harad and Rhn settlements (middle eastern). More darker, no more shinning gold or weird pink walls. (Both for strat map and battlemap textures).- New grey textures for gondorian wathctowers replacing the pink ones.- New loading screens. Replaced some of the vanilla ones and added a lot of new ones. More armies and settlements, less characters and faces.- No more sprites for units no matter the camera distance. (no performance reduction)- Darker textures for esgaroth (for matching the movies). Also fixed some small terrain texture issues.-Removed the vanilla camera shake effect when projectlies from catapults, trebuchets and other engines hits or even when these engines fire. Also the shakes for when walls and towers collapse. (It was annoying, undermined the health of eyes and gave me headaches). See here.-Removed camera focus for when generals dies and also for when gates/walls collapses.-Music addon/change: New campaign and end turn unique movie music for Rohan, Gondor and Dwarves. A new campaign music track for Dale, FPOE and Arnor. (Kept all the old music files). New campaign music for Elves (kept the LOTR ones and added 2 or 3 more from the movies so now only the Howard Shore soundtrack is present). New battle music from the movies. No more medieval 2 tracks. All music now comes from LOTR/HOBBIT movies. Also replaced some dwarven diplomat sounds )scotish), you will no more hear them say "Scotlands" or "Scotland". Edited orc diplomat sounds, no more orc diplomats with german noble accent. (I used the vanilla battlemap voices from orcs to replace them). New battle win music for dwarves.- Dwarven siege towers and rams has now 2x more health and cannot be ignited. Dwarven rams can make 2x more damage than the others.- Removed the ability of firing cow carcases from gondor and arnor threbuchets.- Some small amend on models and textures for gondorian strat map settlement textures.- Added the grape shot ability for dwarven catapults. See here. Edited the unit description text to show such feature. Finally catapults will have a proper usage against units in med2 engine! Proper icon and button functionality.- Added mortar shot for dwarves catapult. Its a new custom made shot made by me, basically, its the same mortar shot from med2 but ignited, so it is a special shot for firing above walls and hitting enemies wich are inside the defenses of the settlement. It replaces the catapult fire shot, but only for dwarves. It works absolutelly fine. Proper description text for the unit. Proper icon and button functionality. See the preview.- Isengard's catapult main shot is now a bomb shot and can destroy a wall with a single hit. (Like the one used in Hornburg battle on the movie). Though it cant fire flaming shots anymore. The point is making it brutal against buildings and weak against units. That brings more lore and facton uniqueness.- Small changes on button texts for better fitting the new abilities.- Dwarven catapults has now 2x more damage than all the others. (For destroying walls and towers faster).- Better accuracy for all good faction catapults (specially good for the dwarven one). Lower accuracy for orc faction catapults. Better accuracy for elven faction ballistas. (I belive this will ballance the game as factions with trolls always get an advantage against the ones wich could not defend themselves against such units).- Unit recruitment rates lowered for AI, for better ballancing.- A few recruitment rates slightly speeded up for units with vanilla absurd values like 34 turns for recruiting a berserker. (It is still long, but more rational now).- Removed camels from the game. Replaced them with easter horses. (They were brutally anti-lore)- New warg mount 3d models and animations for OOG and OOMM.- New models for elven and dwarven siege towers and rams.- New model for dwarven catapult.- More loading screens from the Desolation of Smaug Movie.- You can now see Dale while fighting in Erebor. (Vice-versa was already true). (I've had to make the "unused 2" climate to load no tree, grass or stones because it was causing problems with the techtree method I used, anyway that climate is only used on dwarven settlements for the entire middle earth map).- A new small garrison script is now added. Dwarven large cities or large castles will load a garrison catapult when attacked. (both for player of AI). The principle is the same from the vanilla garrison script so the unit cannot be used after the battle for taking it out of the settlement, it will just disband after the siege.- Amended the waterfall effect. (Greatly reduced the flow interruptions, made it far more realist, greatly improves preformance in places with much of them, like rivendell).- Weather changes: Slightly reduces the chance of rain and fog for all climates, yet kept the characteristics of specific places like mirkwood forest beeing much foggy. Added "clear" pattern for mountain settlements climate (there was just fog and light fog, now you can see the sun, but still no rain or snow precipitation even if the ground is covered with snow.)
    New unit info images more to match the movies itself and possible future TATW upgrades than the units already there.
    The music pieces were taken from the movies soundtrack. As movie soundtrack are made to match the actions of the scenes, I had to edit the mp3 files to avoid too loud or too low volumes, depending on the track moment, so this way trying to keep the campaign map ambient mood. I also had to cut some parts of the tracks in order to keep the ritm.
    NOTE: After finding out that custom settlements can work well in custom battles but not in camapign ones, I've tested them all in campaign battles and all found issues were fixed in this release, as follows.Custom settlement: Generic FPOE/ARNOR settlements. Only city, large city, castle and large castle. (with stratmap models) Based on vanilla NE ones.Custom settlement: Generic gondorian castles are now based on southern european ones. The teutonic ones presented a unfixable bug, see here. (One more reason for not using them also for orcs, as I removed them in previous versions of this sub-mod). New stratmap models for them..Custom settlement: New layout for Minas tirith.(total settlement usage!) (see the GENERAL EXPLANATIONS section)Custom settlement: Some ice over Esgaroth's lake (it only shows up in winter , see preview)New custom settlement: Gundabad (with strat map model) (a little discussion about its concept can be found here)New custom settlement: Ruined Fornost Erain and Annuminas (with strat map model) (Can be upgraded by any faction)New custom settlement: Dwarven large castle and large city. (with strat map model) (The same from the previous level plus undestroyable/undockable walls, some cool fire/smoke/light effects and 3x more powerful towers.)- Fixed some incoherent descr_strat.txt entries.-Added some new regions. (In specific locations for better campaign map enjoyment and integration with places like Thorin's Halls. Simple towns or villages with nothing special in it, but guarded by bandits.- Winter textures for all custom settlements in TATW.- Some editing on map_heights.tga in gundabad region (absolutelly necessary for proper integration of the settlement mountains in the strat map, otherwise mountains would be cut at certain height)- Many amends in map_ground_types.tga for preventing reinforcements beeing spawn in wrong places on settlement battles (on water or mountains). That was actually beeing amend since previous versions. - Fangorn terrain is now flat (for proper AI functionality). Better vegetation distribution on it.-Fixed dwarves upgrading generic settlements to Erebor.- Hennet Anun is now a town (makes more sense), and has a waterfall.- Fixed small issue on AI functionality with siege towers in the generic dwarven settlement.- Added a small land portion on the rivercrossing near Pelargir (the crossing looks more natural now).- Proper alpha channels for Erebor and Azanulimbar Dum. The structures now can be seen at night.- Fixed bad AI functionality in all the temperate_decidious_forest climate. See here.- Fixed rocks appearing in minas morgul terrain (It was a bug of the previous version of this sub-mod regardig worldvegetation file).- Fixed pathfinding in Minas Morgul (units were entering the lake).- Fixed Osgiliath's trees appearing on the water and consequently the sporadical CTDs when loading battles there. (It was a bug of the previous version of this sub-mod regardig worldvegetation file).- Added the light effect for erebor, dain's halls and azanulimbar dm, in night battles (they are awesome )- Added light effect for barad dur, Isengard and minas morgul (green one) - More music tracks.- Better blockage for arrows being fired through thranduil's halls cave. (still might happen but very rare.)- Esgaroth finally working 100% for attacking AI. The walls are not more dockable by ladders or siege towers but can still be broken. See here.- Small smoothering on minas tirith cliff on stratmap.- Enhanced Minas Tirith stratmap model.- New building icons for dwarven ballista towers.- Removed the ability yo build towers in regions where there are custom settlements models that actually has no towers in it, like Thranduil's Halls.- Small fix on erebor wall's textures.- Fixed animation bug of the gates in Azanulimbar dm and Erebor.- Fixed the THE ONE RING SCTIPT not working. (I dont know why it simply stopped working, it was exactly the same vanilla 3.2 script, I changed nothing on it, it simply stopped working and no one knows why. Anyway it is running now and it works exactly like 3.2 vanilla, we did not change any concept, we just made it to work again, ask Jox25, he fixed it.) Sometimes it stills fails to move camera at the settlement where the ring is found but is sporadical.
    New Custom Settlement: Thorin's Halls (with stratmap model)New Custom Settlement: Orocani dwarven settlements (same in all 4 regions)Custom Settlement: Elven large town - custom elven towers, catwalks for deploying units inside the settlement.Custom Settlement: Dwarven settlements - units can now be deployed on the arcs.Custom Settlement: Rivendell - Some aesthetics changes to make it look more like the new The Hobbit movies. Plus ice on the water like esgaroth (only winter).Custom Settlement: Moria - Total new concept (and new strat map model), explained ahead.- All new regions have now proper encyclopedia icons, with proper region description, special features matching hidden resources and proper lore text taken from nearby regions.-Fixed road going inside Dain's Halls-Fixed units going on water in Minas Morgul-Elostirion set to town (it was a village, we have no custom settlement for elven village)-Better winter texture for orc settlements-Better winter texture for Carn Dum-Proper event images for upgrading elven cities-Removed all vegetation from moria climate. Still can show up, dont know why. -New stratmap model for Goblintown-Fixed med2 vanilla bug in rocks from "unused2" climate.-Fixed ceiling rock texture inside Erebor becoming white in winter.-Increased population for Fornost Erain and Annminas so you can upgrade both at turn 100 or so. (I did the correct cauculus )-Changed the title "helms-deep" to "Helm's Deep" in the enciclopedia of its region. (It was a vanilla 3.2 bug)- New misty mountains topography, see explanation ahead.-Changed coordinates of misty mountains custom battlemap to avoid the terrain flattering due to the new misty mountains topography.- New encyclopedia text for Kibil Dm settlement (it was showing garrison script in 3.2 vanilla but there is not)- Slightly increased the Iron Hills heights on stramap.- New building image for the Atlas of Middle Earth. (Its the middle earth map poster from the new Hobbit Franchise, it has The Orocarni!)- Existing resources properly indicated in new regions on descr_strat (the ; and following region)- New resources added for he orocarni regions.- Some new army units at campaign starting in Rhn cities plus increased their King's Purse. (To ballance with the new dwarven threat from the east)- Dwarven winning conditions: Removed mount gram region , added east moria.- New faction map objetives and localization images.- Kibil Dm is now a town. (Thorin's halls is already too strong, enough power for dwarves in blue mountains)
    -There is now 2 Moria settlements, east and west ones, like Osgiliath. -Both settlements are based on 3.2 models and layouts, mostly.-Depending from where the attacker comes on the campaign map, the battlemap will deploy them on different positions, like when attacking west moria from west they will show up in front of the gate, if they attack west moria from east, they will come from inside the mountain, with no gate between them and the plaza. -There is no gates in east moria.-The bridge is now really a bridge (I did it as narrow as possible, more narrow than this would bring bizarre bugs, belive me I tried a lot).-There is a custom tile in between the two moria settlements, like the osgiliath one. It can also be acessed via custom battle. (Its the huge hall of pillars seen in the movie).-East moria has no garrison script. (its already too difficult to take the settlement with the bridge).-Crusades for east moria but not west moria.PS1: BEWARE! The interaction between strat map heights, battle map heights and masks is extremly precise in Moria,do not change them otherwise AI will act wrong, like trying to circle the settlement finding new routes created by the terrain and not attacking the gate. It could also cause the rock dome 3d models to not match the terrain properly causing a big mess. DONT TOUCH THIS!PS2: OBS: Vanilla moria custom tile is now removed.PS3: Attaking AI can get messed in east moria trying to circle the settlement but they will not, give them some time and they will run to the plaza using the bridge.
    The shape of the misty mountains in 3.2 stratmap was, in my opinion, horrid, killing both immersion and aesthetical. KK probably did it this way because there is a engine limitation that flats the terrain when it goes above some specific height, meaning battles fought above mountains would show up a totally flat battlemap, so thats why Kk made the passages in lowered height. But I think having the proper mountain shape in stratmap is more impportant as it saves the immersion. So I did new misty mountains for stratmap, you will now see your armies climbing the mountains in stratmap, the settlements are far hight, so everything looks cooler and the flatering on battlemaps are not that bad anyway. I still kept some lowered passages, like near goblintown, plus all passages on misty mountains are not that much, meaning there will actually not much battles there. PS1: New unique settlement for mountain fort, it is a generic dwarven large castle but with some heigh changes to avoid terrain flattering by the engine due to the heigh where it is localized in stratmap. The heights of generic orc large cities were also changed (slighly, -20), for the same reason, as orc outpost settlement is now a lerge_city, still ok in all other locations. All that was made in IWTE.PS2: I kept the exactly same pathfinding passages for misty mountains in stratmap, I belive KK did it with a good motivation so I will not change it. I just changed the aesthetics.
    The final results are pretty good in my opinion. I added the mountains on the extreme border so you actually can see only half of their width. As we know, according to the lore they are really on far east.I also changed the position of 2 Rhun cities so the map is now more filled, less vast empty lands, one of the settlements added in previous version will now be owned by rhun, as they need now some advantage as the dwarves got too strong with the new orocarni settlements.Regarding to the lore, I belive the only attack on it is maybe the position of the mountains, but I belive it is justifiable to make them like such, as 3.2 map is limited and I dont want to enlarge it, because my basic premise always had been to make the actual map more interesting, filling the emptyness and avoiding redundant settlements and not enlarging the map itself. Extending he map on east would allow to place the orocarni even far but then I would need to fill the sotuth part of the map with lots of redundant boring anti-lore settlements for harad and rhun.Besides, as we know the localization of the orocarni is not completly clear in the lore so it give us some flexibility to adapt. The proper sea of helcar seems to have no defined position and actaully seems to not exist anymore, I followed some sources, seems legit.And this bit goes specially impportant:
    Christopher Tolkien and others have speculated that the Sea of Rhn might "be identified with the Sea of Helkar, vastly shrunken" (The War of the Jewels). InThe Atlas of Middle-earth, Karen Wynn Fonstad assumed that the lands of Mordor, Khand, and Rhn lay where the Sea of Helcar had been, and that the Sea of Rhn and Sea of Nrnen were its remnants. In The Peoples of Middle-earth there are references to the Sea of Rhn existing in the First Age, but no indication as to whether it should be equated with the Sea of Helcar or not.
    Well... peter jackson ressurected azog, why cant poor leo pull these mountains a little? It seems my convenient interpretation of the lore is ok.With this, seems like peter jackson view about it macthes mine.
    Custom Settlement: New layout for the Dwarves of Orocarni settlements plus fixed stretched textures. They are now generic and can be build anywhere.New Faction added: Orocarni Dwarves (The justification for the creation of the new faction is pretty much the same from what I have said in previous version. Their units are based in vanilla 3.2 dwarves to avoid unballancing. The new faction is well integrated in all necessary scripts in campaign_script.txt).-Better image for High Elven eldar spear unit info.-Some loading screen replacement.-Fixed some sections of the catwalks on the elven cities not beeing able to deploy units.-Added some fire lamps on the elven catwalks (brings a cool elven style/looking at night )-Fixed the vanilla 3.2 bug in mumakil buildings on EDB, see here-Included Germanicu5's fix for his own RBAI script, fixing reinforcements CTD and avoiding scripts turning off if you play 2 battles in the same turn. Here-Fixed buildings in Thorin's Halls beeing city ones while the settlement is actually a castle.-Better integration between deployment block doors in dwarven settlements (moving units through walls, ground and platforms got easier)-Reduced 4x the a_highland_mountains campaign map texture (the one that fills mountains like the misty ones). In vanilla it was too large making it look stretched.-Edited text files to explain players about the new settlement upgrade system.-Small amends on dwarven settlements 3d structures.-Fixed battlemap terrain surroundings beeing black, see here, it was a TATW 3.2 vanilla bug. (Yes, I paid attention to the fact that I changed some textures in descr_geography_new as I describe ahead, so all the values matches)- Din's Halls is owned by rebels on campaign start now and Orc Outpost is a town. (Thats because East Moria, West Moria and Goblintown are Huge cities so OOTMM got too powerful!)- Some necessary changes in campaign faction menu map images for matching the new changes.- Fixed OOG campaign faction menu map image (Vanilla 3.2 was not matching ingame actual situation of regions!)- Fixed some things related with the Moria Halls tile.- Fixed campaign map CTD (Rhun general having no name).- Beorn Woods settlement now called Beorning's Woods.- Small changes on the THE ONE RING SCRIPT so coordinates matches the new settlement positions.- Better winter textures for dwarven settlements.- The Balrog now shows up in East Moria- Changed Balrogs to Balrog in the text files.- Fixed the gound texture going totally black under the shadows at night battles, it was a vanilla 3.2 bug, see here. Battles inside mountains are far better now as well as any terrain under shadow in any battle.- Some small amends in Moria Halls, E. Moria and W. Moria terrain textures and also in its 3d models for better looking. New custom battle picture for Moria Halls.-More regions in extreme north of middle earth (with reduced building capacities) and terrain textures changed (stratmap). Every battle in these lands (unused1 climate) will be winter battles, no matter if it is summer (that matches the campaign map, its always winter there), always winter ground textures, vegetation and enviroment. The same pinciple is used on the hight passages above the misty mountains, it will always be winter there (both on stratmap and battlemaps). For the entrances of the mountain paths at the bottom of the mountains I've made them to be a foggy climate like (so not always winter in there). Besides The foggy climate is now removed from non mountain regions.- Moria (tropical) and mountain settlements (unused2) climates fixed (no more rain or snow but still all other conditions ).- Barad Dur custom battle climate set as mordor one (sandy_desert).- Blizzards totally removed from the game. (They are annoying and unfair as totally blocks your vision of the battlefield giving advantage to the AI.)- New game menu interface (from DAC).- Some small changes on extreme east of the campaign map.- Fixed some bugged UI unit info cards.- Some changes in text files.- New settlement upgrade event images for southern european (dwarves).- Removed spiders as mercenaries, but they are still in the ambushes!- Added permanent winter textures for Mountain Fort settlement.- Dain's bodyguard unit is now boar riders.- Dwarven regions now have dwarven rebel units when revolt (it was mordor orcs in 3.2)- Rohan bodyguards now ride Mearas horses (it means they run 1.2x faster than normal horses plus a small change on their unit text description to explain this)- Change settlement's names script edited to include both Morias.
    -Deleted some duplicated lines.-Castles can now recruit units faster than cities (1 or 2 turns of difference and not for siege engines.)-All castles receive one extra recruitment slot.-All castles received one extra free upkeep slot.-militia_barracks city was a pointless building (except for settlements with the AOR units) as it had the same recruitment rates from the previous level. So I've made its recruitment rates faster than the previous one. This building also gives now experience bonus for units trained here both for AI and player (In vanilla 3.2 it was just for the AI) and also has now recruitment_slots 1. The same goes to c_earls_stables castle and c_earls_stables city.- Removed the recruitment_slots 1 line from town_watch city. Guess it was just a messed line from 3.2 vanilla.- Changed the missile buildings recrutiment rates, in vanilla 3.2 they were strange and Im not right why, maybe to force AI to recruit certain types of units, the more advanced the building the slower was its recruitment rate so I normlized it, besides, with the new recruitment system, AI has now unique recruitment parameter rates.
    - Fixed bug with Orocarni Dwarves generals having no name.- More variations for Dwarves and Orocarni Dwarves unit amor textures plus some changes.- Some fixes in grammatical errors in Bear Riders unit description text.- Added Town Hall in one of the Orocarni Settlements to allow them recruiting diplomats at the start of the campaign.- Fixed Orocarni Dwarves victory condition's image not showing up.- Mattaram settlement is now castle. (more power to Rhn)- More King's Purse to Rhn.- Buildings for recruiting diplomats can now be built at the start of the campaign (no barrack event necessary).- Removed unit without texture from dwarves in Thorin's Halls on the start of the campaign.- Removed tower building capacity from Thorin's Halls region. (its custom settlment has no towers)- Added 5 more regions in victory conditions for Dwarves, both short and long campaigns (new regions on the north made it easy for them).- More rebel units at the start of the campaign in Wormcove settlement.- Fixed A LOT of issues in the new dwarven 3d models. (Beards moving strange etc.)- Added Variag Raiders as a mercenary unit for Orocarni Dwarves. (Same setup from dale cavalary)- Fixed mithril mines not beeing able to be built. (Balrog feature works well now).- Fixed campaign map CTD related with characters having no name.- Added the Orocarni Sub-factions feature (only it! not the rest in the thread! Kili Al you rock. )- Dwarven Axemen are now Mattock Warriors (same stats, ony changed the weapon model)- Rhn owns one more region (with garrison script) at the campaign start. (making them stronger for facing the Orocarni Dwarves)- Fixed #southern_european_militia_drill_square.tga, it was bugged since 3.2- New loading screens- Removed axethrowers from vanilla dwarves (only orocarni have them now)
    - Fixed menu image still showing "4.6"- Fixed Boromir stratmap popup name showing "orocarni".- Added some new loading screens.- Fixed low level settlements not beeing able to recruit any unit.- Climate around Umbar changed to be beach/sand like.- Music changes: Added 3 new tracks from BOFA movie to north european culture (dale and FPOE), slightly edited a dwarven music track to include something from the BOFA movie, removed 3.2 non LOTR franchise music from north european culture (dale and FPOE).- New stratmap model for Cirith Ungol.- Added static wall trebuchets in Minas Tirith. (They are actually cannon towers with edited projectile proprieties, they are independent from normal arrow/ballista towers in the same settlement, having nothing to do with their upgrades or functionality, so different tower types/levels cohexists well in the same settlement, they have no animation, they cannot be built, campaign will start with them already there. There is proper building icons for it in stratmap and their firing sounds are trebuchet ones, not cannon). (No tower can now be demolished in any settlement, all levels.)- Gondor penninsula beach can now be reached by ships and disembark armies.- Fixed Fangorn/Beorn woods custom settlement pathfinding.- Fixed Annuminas/Fornost custom settlemend pathfinding.- Fixed Hennet Annn being upgradable.- Fixed Fornost and Annuminas population decrease. (I had to get 2 of the same population growth buildings in Annuminas, found no other way.)- New custom settlement: Gundabad based on the movie (and respective stratmap model).- New custom settlement: Bree
    - Fixed some settlements on far east not beeing able to upgrade.- Foldburg and Adorn settlements has no more garrison script. (Helms Deep and Edoras already have, and these settlements are too close to each other, making things too difficult for Isengard.)
    - Castles descriptions will explain that castles can recruit units faster than cities.- Fixed settlement upgrades for Dwarfs being called MINING COMPLEX. (There is a building with this name already.)- Removed Dol Guldur's siege docking points from walls (No more siege towers climbing the steep hill)- Fixed a glitch in Dol Guldur's pathfinding.- Changed Moria's rock ceiling to make it look more natural, both settlements. (it was too flat)- Small amends in Dwarf generic settlements. (Added some trees, improved ground texture, reduced the size of some buildings).- Changes in Thorin's Halls: Deleted the back entrance/gate. There is a path to circle the settlement now. Added some 3d models inside and trees outside. New stratmap model.- Some small fixes in winter settlement textures.- Some changes in descr_regions.txt, allowing towers to be build or not in custom settlements.- Small change in map_climates.tga to avoid rain in Thorin's Halls.- Fixed mercenary unit of Orocarni Dwarfs having no unit card or unit description image.- Rebel armies will be randomly spanwed in Moria Halls, Erebor-Dale, Carrock, Falls of Rauros and Argonath custom tiles in campaign.- Added +1 free upkeep slot in each core building. Both for player and AI so difficulty is not changed. This is to facilitate defensive stances for the player.- Dwarf factions now allied at the start of the campaign.- Improved waterfall effects.- Custom settlement: Added fire effect for the Eye of Sauron in Barad Dr Settlement.- Custom settlement: All generic dwarven settlements now have powerful towers.- New stratmap model for Dain's Halls settlement.- Custom tile: Carrock (both stratmap campaign and custom battle).- Custom tile: Falls of Rauros (both stratmap campaign and custom battle). I've made changes in strat map. There is no more land bridge in the area to cross the river. Instead, there is this custom tile.- Custom tile: Tharbad rivercrossing (both stratmap campaign and custom battle)- Custom tile: Between Erebor and Dale (stratmap campaign, custom battle and reworked historical battle of the five armies). WARNING: The distance in between the two settlements in this custom tile battlemap is purposely larger than in Dale or Erebor settlements. It took a lot of work to adjust it the right distance so all deploying armies will take place in the map without invading the settlements owned by someone else or getting stuck in the mountain. If you are planning to mod this tile, DO NOT CHANGE THIS DISTANCE.- Blocked some tiles around Gundabad in stratmap to avoid armies being deployed on mountains.- Araw settlement is now a city, not a castle anymore. (too many castles in that area)- Custom settlement: Fornost and Annuminas. Removed some unecessary buildings I created there before for population growth.- Custom settlement: Gundabad. Fixed some darkened textures.- Custom settlement: Dunharrow plaza position slightly changed.- Custom settlement: Azanulimbar Dum: New visuals.- Custom settlement: Goblintown: New visuals.- Custom settlement: Erebor custom settlement battlemap now really looks like a mountain. (including its view in Dale Battlemap)- Custom settlement: Erebor mountain silhouette can now be seen from Esgaroth battlemap.- New custom settlement: Ruined Ost-In-Edhil (Used the 3.2 elven large city as basis) (with stratmap model).- New custom settlement: Restored Ost-In-Edhil (The 3.2 elven large city) (with stratmap model).- High elves now uses my previously released generic large city elven settlement model. Like Silvan Elves.- New custom settlement: Dain's Halls (with stratmap model). This new settlement will replace the old one.- New custom settlement: Ruined Carn-Dm (with stratmap model)- New custom settlement: Ruined Dol Guldur (with stratmap model)- New custom settlement: Tharbad (two settlements, north and south) (with stratmap model)- Added the following custom settlements from Arkay (with some changes by me):- New custom settlement: Beorn Halls (with stratmap model)- New custom settlement: Cair Andros (with stratmap model)- New custom settlement: Tolfalas (with stratmap model).- New custom settlement: Ruined Annuminas (with stratmap model)- New custom settlement: Restored Annuminas (with stratmap model)- New custom settlement: Ruined Fornost (with stratmap model)- New custom settlement: Restored Fornost (with stratmap model)
    - ABOUT RESTORING THE RUINED SETTLEMENTS:Only FPOE/ARNOR can restore Fornost and Annminas. Only OOG can restore Carn-Dm and as before. Only Gondor can restore Osgiliaths. Only High Elves can restore Ost-In-Edhil. Only Mordor can restore Dol Guldur. See here how I managed to create the system without causing any conflict between factions (no risk of FPOE restoring Osgiliath or Carn-Dm, for example). I also adjusted these settlement populations so they are similar to the ones used in Osgiliaths. There is historical events for all rebuilds.- WARNING: The changes in map_ground_types around Tharbad settlements are necessary to avoid wrong deployment of attacker units around the settlement.
    - Custom settlement: Improved Carn Dum terrain.- Custom settlement: Improved Gundabad terrain.- Custom settlement: Improved Rivendell terrain.- Custom settlement: Fixed Goblintown rock roof holes.- Custom settlement: Fixed Dol Guldur Restored CTD.- High Elves capital is now Mithlond. (Having it in the far Imladris isolated from the other settlements reduced the incoming and caused unrest in the other settlements).- Improved ground tile textures in Azanulimbar Dum and generic dwarven settlements.- Fixed armies being deployed over the mountains when attacking Carn Dum.- Improved stratmap terrain heights around Gundabad to integrate with the custom settlement.- Improved winter textures for orc and dwarves settlements.- Added winter textures for some plants in custom settlements. (osgiliath_plants.texture)- Fixed some text entries in expanded.txt- Fixed House of Kings not avaiable to be built in Annuminas.- Again, fixed Germanicu AI script, as explained in 1.6 version of this submod. (No idea why this was messed again)- Free upkeep slots change from 2.0 version back to normal. I realized I had already changed this in a previous changelog.
    - Custom settlement: Fixed Dol Guldur CTD - Custom settlement: Fixed Hennet Anun CTD. - Removed Carrock custom tile (it was bugged)
    - Custom settlement: Fixed Restored East Oslitah pathfinding.
    - Edited stramap pathfinding around osgiliaths to avoid attacking armies being deployed wrongly.
    - Fixed red arrow of The One Ring script showing in wrong location for the city of Dale.
    - Ost-in-Gil is now a town.
    - Fixed some loading screens not showing.
    - Overall visual changes (based on the movies) for Dwarves and Orocarni Dwarves units and their strat map models.
    - Overall visual changes (based on the movies) for Dale units and their strat map models.
    - Overall visual changes (based on the movies) for Silvan Elves units and their strat map models.
    - Overall visual changes for all trolls in game. (No original vanilla model was wasted, except the original olog hai armor).
    Some of these new models are used not as recruitable units but as officers who follow the units. They will not affect the unit power since officers get the same stats from the unit they are in, so these are basically one more soldier added for aesthetics. Animations for drummers work pretty well.
    - Added goat mounts for dwarves. (They will raplace dale cavalry mercenaries).

    - New mouse cursors.
    - New Faction icons.
    - Removed bear mounts.
    - Removed boar mounts.
    - Dwarven catapults and ballistas (for all dwarven factions) have now Strong crews.
    - Changes in Misty Mountains topography. Top is not reachable anymore. Mountain Fort settlement was relocated. Paths from West to east side of the mountains are kept.
    - Silvan axemen replaced with a sword ans shield unit (with proper stats)
    - Small changes in Gundabad Mountain Troll stats.
    Custom settlement: New generic dwarven settlement (with strat map models). Will replace the old ones for all dwarven factions.
    - Several small fixes and text edit.
    - Removed invasions. - Why? Because they were impossible to resist, they messed up the entire campaign, ruining the gameplay experience by ignoring all your strategies and tactics to control the strat map.
    - Gwaith ruins in Ost Il Edil settlement now gives +1.5% population growth (only for high elves). This is to make the restoration of this city doable in a sensible time during the campaign.
    - Small fixes in textures for dwarves.
    - Small UI improvements
    - Fixed Henneth Anun not being able to recruit Ithilien Rangers (the new settlement upgrade system was messing it)
    -Some fixes in region infos
    - Custom Settlement: Lothrlorien now has no walls (that small rock walls never made much sense and messed the battle. Added winter textures for tree leafs.
    - Custom Settlements: Hornbug and Carn Dum -
    Fixed allied armies/reinforcements being deployed on mountains.
    - Fixed a settlement in misty mountains not being acessible.
    - Fixed bug in Gondor's finance (campaign_script)
    - Fixed ruined Dol Guldur strat map.
    - Small fix in some silvan elves 3d unit models.
    - Added a unit of chariots for Rhn (Working perfectly, taken from Third Age Reforged)
    - Beornings: The unit will now load a werebear 3d model in battle. Their stats were changed.
    - Elven regions will now load only elven units when the settlement revolts, no more spiders.
    - Added Great Beast unit (from DAC with some modifications of mine)
    - New models and animations for wargs
    - Changes in text descriptions to match the current updates.
    - Overall changes in warg models (models, textures and animations)
    - Overall visual change in Orcs of Gundabad faction to match the movies.
    - Added dwarven goat chariots for Dwarves faction. Goat riders are now recruitable. Added a new building for recruiting goat units (Goat Breeder).
    - New tracks for campaign music.
    - Expanded and enchanced script for rebels showing up in cool places.
    - Two units of gundabad had their stats improved and their men number lowered. (Marauders and Halberdmen). Did this so their stats can match their new heavy armored looks.

    - Added more music.
    - Fixed some glitches in the unit models of tha last release.
    - Edited some text files.
    - Expanded and enhanced Rebels in cool places script.
    -Fixed techtree buildings not showing up in Rohan settlements battle map models.
    -Fixed CTD when loading Gundabad bodyguards unit.
    - Custom Settlement: Dain's Halls - Fixed reinforcements being deployed over the mountains. Fixed a small glitch in deployment paths.
    - Tweaked the dwarven chariot 3d model.
    - Custom Settlement: Dain's Halls - Adjusted winter textures
    - Fixed wrong textures in one gundabad unit.
    - Replaced Ents models with the ones from TATW REFORGED. This will fix crashes.
    - Replaced Dnedain Rangers models and textures with new ones from Louis Lux.
    - Substantially improved oldest dwarven units models.
    - New custom tile: Orocarni falls
    - New custom tile: Mountain Pass (replaces the vanilla one)
    - Custom Settlement: Dol Guldur - New model (movie version). Both strat and battle maps. Is not restorable anymore, will remain always as a ruined place.
    - Custom Settlement: Wheatertop - New battlemap model.
    - Fixed gundabad wargs not recruitable.
    - Changes in map_climates in evil settlements (no more Mordor climate outside of Mordor)
    - Fixed Gundabad bodyguards loading OOMM models in campaign.
    - Fixed fish resource position in Golben Tolfalas region.

    - Fixed some small bugs.
    - Custom Settlements: New custom Gondor, FPOE and Dale castles and large castles. Evil men castles and large castles replaced by Med2 Cruzades middle eastern forts.
    - Custom Settlement: A new stone keep battle model used for all men factions.
    - New forts based on cultures. (With strat map models)
    - Custom Settlement: New generic villages for good and evil men factions. (with strat map model)
    - New Custom Settlement: New town, large town and stone keep for dwarves.
    - New Custom Settlement: Grasgard
    - New Custom Settlement: Mithlond
    - New Custom Settlement: City and Large city for high elves
    - New Custom Settlement: Fishing villages
    - Weathertop is now a custom tile (used in the new ruins feature)
    - Removed large city battle models from all cultures. Such settlements will load vanilla city models now. (Same for its strat map models)
    - Changed the "rebels in cool places" script so it wont trigger in the very start of the campaign anymore, preventing attacks in iconic cities before turn 30 or so.
    - Changes in Gondor, FPOE and Dale settement stratmap models.
    - Fix: Edited export_descr_ancillaries.txt to remove mesoamerican culture in acillaries where it should actually not be (Should have done this since I made Rohan mesoamerican back then)
    - Changes were made in desc_campaign_db.xml file to extinguish devastation in areas around forts.
    - Dunharrow and Hennet Anun are now forts, the last one received some changes in the battlemap.
    - Custom Settlements: Black Gate, Ruined Fornost, Dol Guldur: Removed animation from fake gates to avoid them showing up weird (they should not show up when hit)
    - Resources largely modified, with new values and models. Some will load custom tiles when battles happen over them.
    - Updated the Rebels in Cool Places script to include the new tiles.
    - Ports are now custom tiles and will load custom battlemodels. (Not all of them, but almost.). 4 different models: men port, elven port, gondor port and evil men port.
    - Many new regions added to the campaign map. They are all villages with low population. There is still large unoccupied areas in Eriador and Rhovanion (Lore friendly).
    - Natural ambient settlements (lakes, swamps etc) are back. Except inside Mordor.
    - Added a Beacons of Gondor Aid script.

    Known issues
    The info buildings are messed in some regions, either because they are taken from other regions and what's written don't match the reality or because they're simply missing. Thats a fix for a later release after an overall check on all the new regions.


    They are distributed around in the stramap and have custom strat map and battlemap models, some are unique like the barrow downs and durin's tower, others are generic and will show up in more than one location, like caves and generic buildings. If there is an army over them, attack this army and win the battle to get acess to the ruin and claim the treasure (ancillaries and money). Ancillaries will now only be acquired in these places or settlements, not in open battlefields anymore (I kept as vanilla the ancillaries that were acquired in settlements, no change, only the ones once acquired in battle are now acquire in the ruins)

    Known bugs: Reinforcement armies comming from Dale city will get stuck in the battlemap if an ally attack the bandits in Ravenhill. I decided to keep it like this since, bad as it is, its the best option among the others I considered.

    - Fixed the tile between Erebor and Dale not showing Raven Hill
    - Fixed units from armies in the ruins not having unit cards or unit info images
    -Tweaked Dain's Halls terrain borders
    -Improved Azanulimbar Dum mountain winter texture
    -Tweaked Azanulimbar Dum terrain border.
    - Fixed projectiles passing through Erebor porticullis in Dale-Erebor custom tile.
    - Tweaked export_descr_ancillaries.txt file with better trigger conditions for the ruins feature.
    - Tweaked Rebels in Cool Places and Ruins Feature scripts (Using now mostly generate_random_counter instead of randompercent).
    - Fixed many "silver surfer" texture bugs for armies in ruins.
    - Moria climate in strat map will not load palm trees anymore and its terrain textures have now winter variations. (this was a TATW 3.2 vanilla issue)
    - Fixed invisible OOMM warg rider.
    - Edited event_titles.txt and event_strings.txt to avoid pop up messages warning about hordes spawing (the armies for the ruins feature (norway) and dark lord of mordor faction (papal_states), both are horde factions)
    - Fixed armies in ruins moving around in the strat map or turning into rebels
    - Changed stats of Vault Wardens unit (Dwarves) and its clone in Orocarni Dwarves to match their new models. Their stats had no shield but the new models have shields. Also slightly increased attack and costs.
    - Some change and arrangements in textures for generic settlements.
    --- The following changes were only possible due to this discovery:
    - Sauron is now an infantry unit, a general with custom model and animation both in strat map and battle map, and with troll bodyguards (no more 3 saurons glitch)
    - Balrog is now an infantry single man unit with custom general model and animation both in strat map and battle map (no more 3 balrogs glitch)
    - Treebeard is now an infantry unit with custom general model and animation both in strat map and battle map
    - Beorn is now an infantry unit with custom general model and animation both in strat map and battle map
    - Fixed Azanulimbar Dum wall animation bug
    - New custom settlement: Orocarni dwarves (all levels, 2 models)
    - Fixed this
    - Towers will not need to be manned to work anymore, no need to place units near them to make them fire. I think it is better like this in a general way, and it also makes sure towers will always work. (There was some malfunction for custom settlements towers since they are not standard like in vanilla game)
    - Fixed random campaign CTD due to wrong character names edition.
    - Changes in the elven fort battlemodel.
    - Fixed weird paved road texture on the terrain of Thorin's Halls custom settlement.
    - Fixed ladders/towers bugged docking in walls in the new stone keep custom settlement.
    - Fixed Arnor user interface bug (diplomacy button).
    - Fixed terrain inside east moria to avoid siege engines getting stuck on the ground.
    - Fixed Dale settlement terrain glitch in the secondary bridge.
    - The ruins guild building in Ost-In-Edil is now undestroyable.
    - Some edits in map_regions.tga
    - Fixed Balrog, Sauron, Treebeard and Beorn spawn scripts.
    - Fixed wrong texture in Barrow Downs custom tile.
    - Fixed Azanulimbar Dum wall animation bug
    - Fixed an orc ruin showing as ambient building.
    - Fixed some UI faction symbol bugs.
    - Fixed some text regarding the one ring in moria event.
    - Fixed mines showing up over beacons of gondor.
    - Fixed double mine building in Isengard.
    - Fixed unit info image and unit card for woodsmen (norway faction).
    - Fixed sauron's bodyguard having no text tooltip, text description and unit info image.
    - Removed general_unit atribute from Balrog and Sauron bodyguards in export_descr_units.txt.
    - Fixed the bridge of elven toll custom tile near Thranduils Halls.
    - Fixed silver surfer bug in some of the units of the ruins feature armies.
    - Mine 3d model will not appear in the stratmap anymore (I just lowered the model hiding it underground). Thats because I can't prevent them from showing up in resources that I actually dont use as mines anymore, like wonders.
    - Gwaith-i-Erynthin building is now available to be built onl by the AI. (Should be like this since its unique feature is increase population growth for AI)
    - Fixed Beornings having no unit info image, unit card and text descriptions.
    - Fixed Dol Guldur pathfinding not working for attacking AI.
    - Strat map UI changes.
    - Fixed some rebel settlements starting the campaign with no garrison army.
    - Fixed terrains being too small in the new evil men villages.
    - Custom Settlement: Added statues to Thorin's Halls.
    - Fixed Gondor settlements having empty techtree slots in battlemap.
    - Fixed Dol Guldur pathfinding not working for AI atackers. (Check the info about strat map heights in my tutorial about layouts)
    - Replaced the dwarven ruins battemap custom tile with a new model.
    - Added some new loading screen images.
    - Fixed 2 Saurons present in the stratmap.
    - Edited The One Ring Script to fit the new disposal of Sauron as a general (see 2.7 changelog)
    - There is only 2 tradable resources now, and both are invisible in strat map. One is generic (common goods) and is repeated in some regions to increase trade, the other one (ore) had to be kept in order to make mines work (using a hidden resource wont work, seems like mines only work with ore resoruces and its hardcoded). All the other resources are now used in the Ruins Feature. Expanded the Ruins Feature with more custom tiles and strat map models.
    - Edited export_ancillaries.txt to avoid saying some retinues were obtained in battles against specific factions. (in my submod one get random retinues attackign the rebels in the ruins)
    - New Custom Settlement: Mordor and Angmar castles and large casles.
    - If Sauron gets the Ring, Mordor will be able to build Castles.
    - Added Angmar Restoration script. (Witch King transfered to OOG, a new unit, money bonus, and OOG will be able to build castles)
    - Changes in orc fort battle model.
    - Custom Settlement: High Elven city buildings rescaled to better proportion. More trees in the settlement.
    - Removed the script that sends the witch king off map and respawns him.
    - Carn Dum is now only rebuildable after the Angmar rise. (still only by oog/angmar faction)
    - Fornost and Annuminas are now only rebuildable after the Arnor rise. (still only by fpoe/arnor faction)
    - Witch King will now be set as Faction Leader of OOG if the Angmar Kingdom rises. The Witch King of Mordor will be removed.
    - Changed the climate in Isengard. It was set as Moria climate, so it was foggy and dark. Now its a normal climate so you can see everything clearly, though the terrain is all mud so to prevent green field showing around.
    - Arnor Union script will now add population to Fornost and Annminas so to be sure these settlements get ready for upgrade.
    - Fixed some regions having population under 400.
    - The end date of the campaign is now 15 years longer. (Because objectives got more regions to conquer since I added more Regions to the game, and Mordor needs more time because its objectives are too many and far)
    - Fixed wrong textures in gates of Gondor and Arnor castles.
    - The trick for having custom animations for generals dont work, so things needed to be changed again:

    Balrog will not be in the game anymore.
    Sauron will be the size of a man (a little bit higher)
    Treebeard and beorn will be invisible generals (they had the same look of their bodyguards anyway)

    - Some new ruins spread in strat map
    - New custom tile for Belegost
    - New stratmap models for caves/ruins (now called mines)
    - New stratmap model for drake dens.
    - Fixed Azanulimbar Dum ceiling 3d model.

    -Yes, there is new animations for all the new textures in all the new present custom settlements, so no glitches when walls are hit.-The settlements are correctly rotated to avoid issues with strat map compatibility, like reinforcements beeing spawn on mountains. -They are also correctly placed to be lore acurrate, so, Cirith Ungol, for example, can be attacked from both sides, each one deployng the attacker army on the correct side of the settlement.-We also choose the right settlement types to implement those (citadel, large_city etc.)-Sally forth does not work for some custom settlements when there is no gate to the army to cross. (cannot be fixed). You must autoresolve the battle or advance towards the enemy sally forth army when the battle is loaded. -If you attack east osgiliath from west osgiliath, buildings in west osgiliath will be passable by units (it was necessary for deployment reasons). - Some settlements will start the campaign with wrong upgrade icons, that will be fixed right when you upgrade the settlement. Unique settlements uses generic icons so they will never fit, just dont look at them.- A few custom setlement's walls will not match the siege tower sizes (e.g. dwarven large_towns), yet everything works fine and it does not look that bad anyway.-Some very small texture glitches on the new siege engines due to some problems with 3ds max to .mesh conversion.-After realizing that custom settlements can have different AI behavior from custom battles to campaign ones, I tested them all (including 3.2 vanilla ones) to check if they were working well, that resulted in some small fixes on esgaroth.- BEWARE: Be careful when using these settlements in another submod. Settlements on this submod were made to have working layouts, that includes changes on many small things, even climates, check here and here for more information. Some of them have a precisely made integration between battlemap terrain and stratmap terrain, changing the terrains or moving the settlement position could cause bizarre results, like deforming the settlement and making it not work for the AI.- Minas Tirith: It works fine for AI with all army setups (trebuchets, ballistas etc) except that when the AI uses a ram to reach the second gate, its men can get lost in the curves of the city, BUT THIS IS SPORADICAL. Also SOMETIMES the AI can get stuck and not reach the plaza even after breaking the second gate. BOTH BUGS ARE SPORADICAL AND CAN HAPPEN IN CUSTOM AND CAMPAIGN BATTLES SO IF IT HAPPEN JUST RELOAD THE GAME AND TRY IT AGAIN.- Some towers in generic custom settlements based in southern or northern european vanilla settlements has no animations, this is a vanilla bug as I tested it in vanilla game and they actually never got an animation. - Everything in this submod was made just by editing/changing the less text folder/file sructure from vanilla 3.2 as possible, so I did no "mess". Everything is still on the same place so you can easly check what is new and what is from vanilla, everything is still organized both in texts on text files and folder/file organization.- The climate in specific places like moria or erebor must not be only in 1 tile (exactly on the settlement) but it must also cover a area arround the settlement, otherwise such climate will not load when an sieged army sally fort, giving weird results like green camps in front of moria. Do not change this, I've got weird effects in erebor by reducing the eare of the climate on it.- Siege towers can take some time to properly dock the walls in Carn Dm but they end up doing it well, give them some seconds.-Ignore the error report in the log about east moria, its working well.-The catwalks on the elven settlements are made to have space enough for archer units in huge size (150 men or so). Trolls can be on the catwalks and the results will be weird but there is actually nosense in putting them there and the AI does not use the catwalks anyway.
    The descr_geography_new.db file used is the TATW 3.2 vanilla one and contain the following changes for this sub-mod. Some of these changes were described in the changelogs.- Changed some rock textures in temperate_decidious_forest, temperate_coniferous_forest and unused2 climates (the original ones look like rotten cheese.)- Set all vegetation in unused2 climate to 0, no trees or rocks, it was the only way to prevent rock appearing inside erebor after the addition of dale in its custom settlement. This climate is only used in mountain settlements though.- Changed the grass testure in unused2 climate to a better looking one (the one seen in TATW 3.2 erebor was horrid)- Set all vegetation (rocks and trees) in mordor climate to 0.- Fixed bad AI functionality in all the temperate_decidious_forest climate. See here.- Changes on Unused1 climate now set to load winter textures for battles even if it is summer (I copied the values of temperate_coniferious_forest winter and applied to both summer and winter of unused1).PS: This new version of descr_geography_new.db dispenses the use of descr_geography_new.txt, this sub-mod installation will delete this .txt file and change the TATW.cfg file by deleting the rebuild_geography line.
    leo.civil.uefs: Everything else except the following:

    Callistonian for being so friendly and patient while helping me with coding.
    Shurshun for his new silvan elves units.
    Baz44331 for the Thranduil Hall guard's helmet model
    Mank: Codes for the new recruitment and settlement upgrade systems and participation in its concepts.
    FireFreak111: General guidance about all necessary procedures to create the mod and direct help in text or file editing. Sprites for the new warg mounts.
    Devils_Advocate: Barad Dr models and textures. Bree models and textures.
    xHolyCrusader: Preview Video
    Emperor of Hell: For helping with some strat map models and implementation, and also making the 1.0 installer.
    makanyane for the ambient settlements disabling and for beeing my counselor, advisor, solution finder and spiritual mentor.
    wilddog for IWTE and so much help in its use.
    KingKong for necessary changes on earlier versions of esgaroth.
    Stylix for giving me permission to use the interface 2d art from MOS.
    Paradamed for his good will guiding me about animations.
    Louis Lux for the new Ithilien Rangers models
    Mesn for allowing me to use warg models and animations from Call of Warhammer
    Lord Necromancer for making animations work for the new siege engines, as well as their UV maps. (Big thanks for your infinite patience, mate!)
    Jox25 New dwarven unit models and textures .New textures for fpoe/arnor generic settlements and help in mounting the settlements. For fixing the THE ONE RING script.
    Kili Al for writting the dwarven catapult script
    Arkay Custom settlements.
    Swagger for adding proper sounds for wargs, and new sounds for trebuchets.
    Arandir Tur-Anion for some help in codes.
    SilentHitman94 for The Watchers statues for cirith ungol.
    Vladyvid for some helmets for Gundabad Orcs.
    Third Age Reforged team for allowing me to use their stuff. And thanks all the community for suggestions and testing the sub-mod.
    - ATTENTION: Rivendell, Minas Morgul, The Black Gate, Edoras, Minas Tirith and Osgiliath were not settlements created by me. They are from the original 3.2 release, made by King Kong and Devils_Advocate. For these settlements, my sub-mod only contains bug fixes and changes. Generic gondorian castles and cities uses osgiliath textures and buildings, generic FPOE/ARNOR settlements uses Minas Tirith textures and buildings, these buildings and textures were originally made by King Kong.- Everyone is free to use all the stuff made by me in another mods and sub-mods, but only to be published HERE IN THE FORUMS, and giving the credits correctly of course.
    While making this sub-mod I was able to write some tutorials that can be found in the following links:
    IWTE - Custom settlements - Creating a working layout for your custom settlement.
    IWTE - Custom settlements - Creating a generic custom settlement (easy step by step procedure)

    How to create/implement a custom tile in your stramap.
    How to use custom settlements from another mod in yours, both in campaign and custom battles. (Editing .worldpackage files)
    Automatically testing your mod's campaign.
    Creating / editing strat map settlement models
    Creating / editing strat map character models.
    Making a non playable horde faction
    How to have multiple battle model general/captain animations in a single faction
    A friendly tutorial to mod animations. A step by step
    Multiple core buildings for the same settlement level
    How to have as many fort custom battlemaps as you want
    Last edited by lolIsuck; July 18, 2020 at 04:45 PM. Reason: link removed

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    Icon10 Alternative patch 2018 (READ THE DAMN FAQ PLEASE)

    Some text to fill the void

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Nice work! I haven't repped you yet so I guess I'll throw some in the pile

  4. #4

    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Dunharrow looks really really good!

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Nice forts, I really like weathertop! +rep

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Very nice! You have really progressed in your abilities. Thanks for sharing!!

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Looks pretty cool, especialy Weatherdrop! Keep it going.

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    very very nice!! + rep for u

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Nice job leo! Especially the weathertop looks wonderfull!

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Stunning work, leo!

    Especially Cirith Ungol and Weathertop look awesome. (love the texturing)
    I also like the fort-idea, I really hope we get to see those in 3.0

    Only dunharrow looks, well, a little empty. Maybe you could add some plants to make it feel a little more life-like. (just some constructive criticism, no offence )

    Keep up the good work!
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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Just amazing Leo! I would totally love to fight in the destroyed tower of Amon Sl. I'm glad that you made the tower itself as the settlement instead of making it a camp on a hill with just a tower on the top.
    Cirith Ungol is also amazing, i'm looking forward to fight in it! But the only way to get in is through the gate? Or can you also play a unit with ladders at the first wall? Anyway, it looks very nice!
    Now Dunharrow, also very nicely done! But it misses something, did you place trees on the ground level so that there is a forrest like in the movies? Also, did you place tents only on the top or on ground level too? Anyway, it also looks very nice, my archers will totally rape enemies comming at me.
    Awsome work Leo!

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Nice work, expecially on Cirith Ungol!! Thank you mate !
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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    You deserve this reputation+, good man. This is excellent work.

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Wow! Amazing!

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Amazing job, I like all of them. Amon Sl is a masterpiece and Cirith Ungol and Dunharrow look really nice too
    ow and just because you want it so much +rep

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    skins looked stretched in some places but overall - excellent!


    Rome 2 refugee ...


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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    The settlements are great.
    I esp like the Weathertop, it has nice feel to it
    The only thing I'm not unsure about are those blocks on the main square, around the flags. They look a bit out of place and too 'artificial' for ruins, like stone benches or smth, may be it'd be better without them?

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    It's good to know that these settlements aren't just eyecandy and are fully functional.

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    I only got 1 question, you took your inspiration for Weathertop from Lotro right?

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    Default Re: Preview: Weathertop, Dunharrow and Crith Ungol

    Very good job! Cirith Ungol and Amon Sul look especially good to me. +rep for you!

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