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Thread: Emergant Nations Playable

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    Default Emergant Nations Playable

    Here is a mod which allows you to play an Emergant Nation
    Download the files on the link below

    Ireland -
    Italy -
    Romania -

    Remember to make a backup

    The link is a download for the startpos
    Unzip it and
    Place the startpos in:
    Napoleon Total War/data/camaigns/mp_eur_napoleon

    I have to add victory conditions for all the Nations

    Once you have done that, start Napoleon Total War
    Go to Campaign of the Coaliton and select
    Enjoy playing as selected nation

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    Default Re: Emergant Nations Playable

    Nice to see some new mods out there


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    Default Re: Emergant Nations Playable

    sorry stupid Question

    Hi what is rep ??????

    answer much appreciated

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    Default Re: Emergant Nations Playable

    Quote Originally Posted by NJM9911 View Post
    sorry stupid Question

    Hi what is rep ??????

    answer much appreciated
    Rep = Reputation; for description see this from the FAQ:

    The reputation feature is a fun little thing that enables you to see your community standing with the other members. In theory, the more reputation you have, the more highly thought of you are by the other members of the community. It has no other real meaning, and many members choose to disable it.

    Reputation here will be described as if you were using the default Empire skin. The symbols are different on the Rome skin, or the Barbie skin.

    If you are using the Rome skin, the add rep button is an eagle standard, a Ring is a helmet, and a crown is a legionary standard. The principle is the same however

    If, (for whatever unknown reason!) you are using the Barbie skin, the add rep button is the eagle standard again, a ring becomes a type of spangly star, or maybe a flower and a crown is a diamond ring.

    Moving swiftly back to the default Empire Skin then...

    How do I give rep?

    You can add reputation to a post by clicking this button, on the left

    You can only add 1 point of rep to each post and you can only give 7 points total a day.

    Additionally, you have to rep different users before you can give rep to the same user again, in order to prevent rep abuse.

    Who can give rep?
    Because of issues with account cloning in the past, where people created accounts just to give themselves rep, only users registered for at least two weeks with over 50 posts may give rep that counts. Users with less than 50 posts or who have been registered for less than two weeks will give a 0 rep point instead of 1, so any comments they leave will show up in your account, but you won't actually get a point for it. Please note, when a user jumps over the 50-post mark, rep they have given prior to that does not count retroactively. Furthermore, it may take an hour or so after your 50th post for your rep to start working, even if you've been registered for over two weeks by that point.

    How to know which member gave me rep?
    Generally people also mention their username along with the rep comment, if they have not mentioned then it's an anonymous rep and thus can't be known. However if you have been insulted via rep feature then contact any moderator or an administrator as they have the access to view it & will remove the insult & take care of the offender as per TWC's terms of service.

    Where does reputation show?
    Your reputation shows up in two places. One, on the left hand side where you post, a collection of symbols shows a rough guide to how much rep you have. Two, in your control panel. There's a more comprehensive display of the last 20 rep points you received, showing which post you got it for, who gave it, and any comment they left.

    Can I disable reputation?
    Yes, you can disable your reputation in your control panel. If you do so, your own rep won't show up but you'll still be able to give other people rep as well as receive it yourself.

    What does it look like?

    Each symbol represents a certain number of rep points. It starts at five, so if you have less than 3 rep points, you'll show the scales symbol for neutral rep. - Neutral RepSome very few members who have received neg rep from the staff will have this replaced by a red square. Those users who have disabled the reputation feature will simply show a grey square.Once you hit 3 rep points, you'll get 1 gold ringEach ring = 3 points, so if someone has 5 rings, they have 15 Rep points. You can only get a maximum of 5 rings, after that the rings are transferred into a fleur-de-lis. Each gold fleur-de-lis is worth 15 rep points.Each red fleur-de-lis is worth 150 rep points.
    • Scales: 0-2 Rep
    • 1 Ring: 2-3 Rep
    • 1 gold fleur-de-lis: 15 Rep
    • 1 red fleur-de-lis: 150 Rep
    • and so on
    [edit] Reputation Descriptions

    Every set of reputation points have its unique description which are actually famous movie quotes & they change gradually to something else with increase of rep points on your user account, one can see the current number of rep points on his profile by clicking My Account.
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    Default Re: Emergant Nations Playable

    thanks vey useful

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    Default Re: Emergant Nations Playable

    How about a playable mod for Hungary. Thinking historically The Kingdom of Hungary had much inportant military history before becoming part of the Austro-Hunagrian Empire. So as long as we are having palyable emergents why not Hunagry too? BTW I gave you rep for your work.
    Semper Ferox

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    Default Re: Emergant Nations Playable

    Links are down!! please can you fix it? regards

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    Default Re: Emergant Nations Playable

    Does anyone still have these files (Emergent nations), the links are dead.
    Semper Ferox

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    Default Re: Emergant Nations Playable

    The Modding Staff is aware of that the links are dead for this mod. Here I asked modders and mod users if anyone has the mod.

    We in the Modding Staff or one who have the mod will post the link here when the mod is available again.

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