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Thread: The Replay + Tactics thread!

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    Default The Replay + Tactics thread!

    Ok, here is the plan. People save replays of battles they fought - whtehr it was because you got an exceptional kills/deaths ratio or if you were trying a New Tactic out then this is the place to show us your replays!

    a good upload site for Replay files is (im not sure if regular members can host files in posts you see )

    here is my first upload. trying out a tactic I thought up for the Romans called a "Diamond Formation" 3 blocks of three infantry units with 4 Archers and 3 Cavalry.

    Block 1 - First Republican Cohort, 2xRepublican Cohorts
    Block 2 - 3xRepublican Cohorts
    Block 3 - 3x Republican Cohorts

    the three blocks are arrranged in half a diamond - the top half so it looks sort of like this:

    ---------Block 1---------
    --Block 2---------Block 3-
    ------Here be Archers----

    what happens is that the enemy charge Block 1 - and if they can they will charge another block, in my experiance they only charge 2 out of 3 blocks max - this is on Hard difficulty btw - leaving you one block to flank with and also 3 units of Cavalry to protect the formations flanks and rear. The Archers can fire into the gaps int he formation and this cuts down troops. Also, the Blocks are all on Fire at Will.

    Without further ado tho, here is the replay! Remember, host replay's of great battles or uniquie formations!!
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    Default Re: The Replay + Tactics thread!

    Well I don't have any replays, I am doing to many other things to really get any. But I do have a cool tactic I like to use sometimes.
    From another post of mine

    Quote Originally Posted by Hader
    ------P L L P P L L P -----
    ---C--- A ca A ------C------

    L=Legionary (Armenian)
    ca= Cataphract Archers
    I also send some Horse Archers out front to beat up the enemy before the battle. I use this formation a lot as Armenia with my professional army, and it is quite effective.

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