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Thread: War of the West General Information

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    Default War of the West General Information

    Mod Overview
    All the information regarding the mod, including the features, the map and all ideas are all inside the PDF file at the bottom of this post.

    Faction list and Symbols

    Official Team Members
    St. Polycarpe
    Role: All around guy, Team coordination, Team Leader.

    Lord Hamilton
    Role: Unit Conceptor, 2D Artist.

    Role: Coder, Scripter, Mapper.

    Role: Scripter, Coder.

    Role: Coder, Scripter.

    The Border Reiver
    Role: Researcher, Mapper, Coder.

    Kjertesvein (Aka Wille)
    Role: Scandinavian Researcher.

    Emperor of Hell
    Role: Install maker, Unit modeler.

    Role: Britannia (Welsh) researcher.

    Role: Flemish Researcher.

    Role: General Researcher, mapper.

    Robert Guiscard
    Role: European Researcher.

    Danny X
    Role: Mapper, Coder.

    List of Credits/Partnerships and Permissions
    • Germanicus Custom Settlements
    • Chivalry II: The Sicilian Vespers
    • Raaka's Norse Roster.
    • Ferrum Aeternum
    • Complete Byzantine Unit Roster
    • Mr. Crow's Weaponpack
    • Complete SIcilian Unit Roster (CSUR)
    • Mr. Crow/Johnwhile War Wagons
    • Dejawolf's Medieval Helmet Pack
    • Dejawolf's Viking Pack
    • Narf of Picklestink's Transitional Armor Pack
    • Broken Crescent (Alpha Delta)
    • Rusichi Total War
    • Tsardoms Total War
    • Lord Calidor Weapon Pack
    • Point Blank RC/RR compilation set
    • Baltic Total War
    • Shredzorz Weaponpack
    • Wrath of the Norsemen
    • Swagger's mod pack "L'Outremer"
    • Germanicus5 BAI
    • King's Banner
    • Royal Lady of the Court
    • Eothese's Expanded America mod
    • Crimson Tide 4.2
    • DLV Europa Mod
    • Blood, Broads and Bastards V.3.2
    • Davide.Cool Cog Warships
    • Davide.Cool Merchant Ships
    • Davide.Cool Better Water 2.0
    • High Quality Sky Texture 1.0
    • 1066 Mod
    • Redisigned Strat-models Settlement
    • Xeryx AI (XAI)
    • Hunter Makoy's Ultimate Education Mod
    • Magyar Mod
    • XIIth Century Totalwar version 2.5
    • RR_Raptor65 (M&B Open Source)
    • Thick_1988 ( M&B Open Source)
    • Tsardom Total War
    • Byg Grim Reality
    • The Last Kingdom
    • Agart and Overlord.U Improved Strat models (Castle and City)
    • Briarius Animation Pack
    • Deus Lo Veult Kaiser1993 Sound Mod 0.91
    • Louis Lux's Building UI from TATW.

    Special Thanks
    Ngugi for his help in adding sounds.
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