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    To any of those who are willing for the challenge, and to add to the realism of an AAR, how about do all the battles from general's view? I've been thinking of doing it myself as well..

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    Not a bad idea, but this is misplaced here. Moved to the Lounge.

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    Easier said than done. I've tried many times and just cant do it. In fact most generals could never do it alone since they could never be everywhere at once, they had commanders for different sections of the army to make their own judgment with messengers running here, there, and everywhere. If I could trust the AI to command some of the army I'd try, but the AI is retarded beyond anything lol. But I'm sure some people have done this though, just they down the difficulty level to compensate. I think it was Chirurgeon

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    It would not be fun I think. Siege battles are far too buggy to be handled from that point of view - you have to click multiple times in different ways to make units move properly. Additionally, field battles on steep slopes would be a mess since the camera is angled towards the ground - you can't see more than a couple of metres ahead of you when climbing. Other than that, general's camera works decently in my opinion and it's quite fun sometimes. I use it regularly in field battles except small ones where the outcome is not in question. I have tried to highlight some of the issues with this setting in the "Zhidislavs Battle" AAR.

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