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    Hello, and welcome to my first AAR. I have decided to do something unique (to the best of my knowledge) and do an AAR that follows one character's world conquest. This differs from the excellent stories of a resurgent Rome in Empire: Total War and the 1450 resurgent Eastern Roman Empire AARs I have read and was inspired by. The difference is I will (hopefully) complete one entire campaign from start to finish. The trick? I will follow not a man but a God.

    I have chosen to make the God that I follow an Assyrian God for one major reason, I really want to make an AAR around 1200 BCE that follows the Assyrians and if this is a popular one I will have a prelude and who's to say not sequels?

    By making the main character a God it allows the character to go through many plotlines that just aren't available to your normal generals. The normal generals will still be there however, they will be supporting roles not the main driver.

    I've not played Rome in nearly 3 years. I've beaten Julii twice, Bruti once, conquered Rome on Independent Greeks, almost beat it as Seleucids, and got pretty far in Germans. So I'm looking for a real challenge. Because I'm honestly probably playing a game above my skill level any advice will be taken in character in the form of an adviser or character talking to the main character.

    Game: Rome: Total War.
    Modifications: Because I haven't played in 3ish years I edited game data to allow Seleucid Empire to be playable without playing the Romans.
    Cheats: I will post the full map for the purpose of the storyline. I might also list all characters in the game to help tell the story.
    Populations of cities will be read as males of recruitable age or roughly 1/3rd of actual population. That will explain why that town of 233 can give me 160 soldiers.
    I will not adopt into the family except if extinction looks likely. This will help keep the number of family members more manageable. I will, however, promote the man of the hour into the family.

    I promise not to use the lame tactic of sallying out just to allow my towers to shoot down the enemy then retreating.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    And so the story begins,

    The story I am about to relate is not one for the skeptic. Thousands of years ago before my lord's Empire came about there was the legend of Nergal, the Immortal. Before Alexander united the world, before Xerxes and his Persian forefathers divided it between good and evil lived a time long forgotten. This was a time when the peoples of the world were plentiful. The harvests were large. And the women were abound.

    In the distant land of Assyria deep in the heart of what would become our Empire the waters changed the men there. Where once men's lives came and went in a matter of decades they grew longer. Time was not counted in hours or days but in the movements of the stars.

    In time a true Immortal came. No, it was not Nergal. It was Anu, destined to be master of the ancient world. Sumerian legend speaks of Anu and his kin dividing the world up among themselves. They each gathered wealth unfathomable and women. The women poured like the wine the Gods drank.

    The debauchery claimed their souls but not that of Nergal. A shy God and one not quick to anger he attempted peace. He attempted to console Anu and the others. Why should they torture a being who's lives were too short to comprehend? The response was why should we care for a being who's lives were too short to comprehend?

    After many years Nergal was cast out of the halls of ancient Sumeria into the wilderness. Anu grew tired of the whining and would not suffer the indignity of a boy who was more interested in the arts than women and conquest.

    The land outside of paradise was harsh. Behind him the laughs of Babylon could be heard as he traveled to the mountains. Food was scarce in these godless lands and water was impure but yet he traveled. A god, even a weak one is not an easy thing to kill.

    After fifty nights of travel he collapsed. There, in the dusty road he was found by the Assyrians. They taught this eternal boy the ways of the warrior in exchange for his knowledge of cities, roads, and laws. He filled them with tales of the riches to the south and they filled him with what honor was and what honor was lost.

    For many years they tutored each other. Nergal's thirst for vengance growing with each passing season as the Assyrians quest for riches turned their eyes southward. It was that Nergal finally led the Assyrians southward and over threw his great father Anu.

    The war lasted many generations. Babylon fell, Egypt fell, the wild people of the sea fled in terror. Nergal's thirst for vengeance grew and remained unfulfilled. He was the master of the world but a world where all feared and none loved him.

    Nergal spent many a sleepless night as Anu and the other Gods fled his armies. The boy had died in the harsh landscape that day. Now, now there was nothing but a monster. The fires he brought would tarnish his name for millennium. No, it must not continue.

    He visited his father, the great Anu on the island of Greece. There, the elder God himself had his back to the wall within his last palace. “Father, what have I done?” Nergal cried out as he fell to his knees with hot tears streaming down his cheek.

    His father, Anu knew that many a watchful eye were upon him. “You are still a boy. A man would have killed me.” Anu struck Nergal down that day. “May you only rule in hell.”

    Dazed Nergal could only lay there as his father sealed the chamber doors behind them. There he would remain until my lord's ancestor found him...

    My lord did not find him dead upon the floor of some palace in Crete. Far to the contrary, Nergal escaped. We do not know how nor in the end does it matter. He did not make it far before being taken prisoner. From prisoner to slave to gladiator and back again his life was truly what Anu wished he would rule- hell.

    Nergal's body stood in the center of the arena, his arms bound in front as the crowd cheered for their God of War. Nearly one thousand years had passed since that fateful day. His muscles were that of a man in their prime. His hair kept long black like the Assyrians who had taught him so much. In front of him stood an armored man with a large round hoplite shield and a spear.

    Through a razor thin eye slot the gladiator looked upon the God of War. There the Immortal stood silent, with his arms bound by a chain his shirt off and no armor nor a weapon upon him.

    In the crowd above the owner, Saiyat jeered at the hoplite gladiator, “He can't even move his arms!” Next to him stood the King of the Selecid Empire, Antiochus.

    “Not much of a show if you ask me.” The elder statesman murmured to Saiyat.

    “There's a reason we have to handicap this one. They call him the Assyrian. All he's been is a pain in the ass. He doesn't seem to understand the concept of first blood!” Saiyat threw down a goblet he had rested on the nearby railing towards the hoplite. “Get your ass in gear!”

    “You have money on the hoplite yes?” Antiochus asked.

    Saiyat gave his King a weary glance, “I learned my lesson last time. The Assyrian has fifty pounds of Gold by me.”

    Antiochus stroked his gray beard slowly studying the Assyrian. “Why do they call him the God of War? I always thought Ares of being armed.”

    Before Saiyat could answer the hoplite took two steps forward and thrust with his spear towards the Assyrian. Nergal crossed his arms at the incoming spear taking a disciplined step backward as the chain locked around the shaft of the spear. With a quick pull the weapon left the grasp of the hoplite. Nergal rolled it behind his back and in the time it took for the hoplite to realize what was happening the blade had entered his shoulder cutting major arteries and sliding deep into the man's chest cavity. With not a cry the man collapsed dead.

    There was hushed silence then expressions of discontent by everyone in the arena but Saiyat. “They call him the God of War because he always wins.”

    Antiochus raised an approving eyebrow at the slave in the arena below. “How much?”

    “I made enough to finance a year, wait you mean for the slave? He's not for sale.”

    The King of the heir to Alexander's Empire took a step towards the games master and rested a hand upon his shoulder, “Bring him to court, I wish to discuss our aggressors to the south.”

    And so Nergal was brought before the court of King Antiochus in the city that bore his name. In the King's palace the slave was brought forward. A collar was attached to his neck with chains held onto by six strong men. He was paraded before the throne where the elder Antiochus sat. Beside the King sat his son and a score of men stood along the walls, their eyes scanning the Assyrian.

    Behind the king stood his favorite body guard, a man who had saved his life once in battle against the Egyptians. He looked with disdain towards Nergal. Beside the King was his heir Aristarchus. Aristarchus, though the faction heir was widely rumored to be more interested in vice of all kinds than that of leadership. It was rumored that he had an exotic slave from beyond the Indus river valley to warm his bed chambers while his wife cried next door.

    Aristarchus turned to his father, “Father, who or what is this... thing?”

    The King smiled at his son before answering, “I promised you an expensive toy my son, a gift that you could not find. What kind is worthy for that of a prince?” He asked aloud to the men in the chamber.

    “One with a bit more curves and softer skin, father.” The prince sighed, “The slave have a name?”

    “My name is Nergal.” The Assyrian spoke loudly and clearly. Though he had not spoken a word the entire trip nor in many years. “I am the Assyrian King.”

    Aristarchus leaned back in his chair slightly whispering to his father, “Who are the Assyrians?”

    The King waved off the comment, “We welcome you to court. You have many years of training and they say you are unbeatable. We have many enemies though our armies are strong.”

    Nergal laughed cutting the King off, “Strong? You have rabble, from my tours I have seen your men practicing in the squares. Where's your professional armies? Where's your warriors trained in the art of killing? You have farmers and potters picking up sticks and poking the enemy with them. How you claim any relation to the great King Alexander is beyond me.”

    Aristarchus spoke up, “This is your King.” he looked insulted that some gladiator would speak down to the great Seleucid Empire.

    “My king fell years ago. I am an Assyrian. I burned Babylon. If you want my help you will need a professional army not farmers who dream of being hoplites and men who throw sticks they found laying around their house.”

    The King and his heir exchanged glances, “And you can train them?” The former asked.

    The Assyrian nodded with a sly grin, “I can in time create an army that could rival the Egyptians. But first, your Empire must be strengthened. Worry not of the enemy yet. Instead build roads to connect your forces. No amount of warriors can safe guard your nation when they can't get to the battle in time.”

    “Then you will help?” The King asked.

    The Assyrian nodded, “Remove this collar, I am the last of the Assyrians, not a dog.”
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    Well that's pretty interesting. I like.

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    But you do know the Seleucids have absolutely no connection to the Assyrians whatsoever right?

    Nice start btw.
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    Default Re: [R:TW]The Last Assyrian

    very nice - and an unusual intro. I am looking forward to the next update!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeniorBatavianHorse View Post
    very noce - and an unusual intro. I am looking forward to the next update!

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    Quote Originally Posted by |Sith|4|DarthLazy View Post
    But you do know the Seleucids have absolutely no connection to the Assyrians whatsoever right?

    Nice start btw.
    I know, Nergal is just drawn to them because they live relatively in the same area that the Assyrians did. The Assyrian history in this universe is tweaked slightly in case I ever do make a prelude campaign (if they finish bronze age total war or another mod). Despite many years on Crete the middle east is his home and so that's why he feels drawn to assist them, that and to get out of slavery and to kill some egyptians.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement guys I wrote up Turn 2 last night and will post tonight turn 2-4 before heading out for the evening I hope.

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    Turn 2

    Over the following year the Assyrian's advice was taken seriously by most in the court. There were still those who doubted the wisdom in using surplus supplies on things such as traffic but they were hushed when the winter's tax revenue came in. Higher taxes and the beginnings of a road network were already paying wealthy dividend.

    “Every provincial capital should have a roadway, if it has a roadway it should have land clearing and mining to capitalize on the land.” Nergal told his King Antiochus as they over looked the city that bore the regent's name name.

    “You've yet to recruit a single militia hoplite. We saw an Egyptian army probing our borders, I am beginning to have second thoughts, Assyrian.” The King replied with crossed arms.

    Nergal gave him a sideways glance, “You ready to give up after a mere six months? I've known women who could keep my attention longer than six months. If it pleases you we will begin construction of barracks, though until I can train real fighters to train more there will be little more than the rabble you have now.”

    “It would please me Assyrian. The left over revenue from building roads and mines will be spent on barracks.”

    Nergal turned fully to his King and slowly bowed, “As you wish,” It hadn't even been two hundred days and already the Greeks were wearing on him. As he was dismissed he thought about the royal family. They were related to a great general once upon a time. Now, now they were better bureaucrats than anything.

    Only their King had any combat experience and he spent most of his stories telling about how his friend saved his life. Still though, for all the annoyance that the King incited within the mind of Nergal, the Assyrian had to admit he had some fine qualities, not the least of which his religious views. He wasn't convinced that Nergal was Ares or a son of Ares but could feel the God's energy and strength.

    The faction heir, Aristarchus was everything that the first impression had led the Assyrian to believe. The man was rather vain like many mortal kings of old that Nergal had met throughout his prolific life. While rather intelligent he had a flare for all things expensive and rare. This ranged from women to tastes in clothing. Nergal suspected that the mortal had some deep sense of fear about his legacy for he was rarely seen without a scribe charting down all of his activities- that he would wish the future generations to see. Nergal saw some sense in that, he had seen too often how history and legend had warped a man into something he was not.

    The middle son was named Alexander. Nergal had the privilege of meeting him briefly when informing him of his work projects. The man didn't have much of a personality which was rare to not have by the time one reached thirty, the God thought. Usually by then a mortal's mind and soul was to the degree that only real pain and suffering, or the fear of such, could change them. Alexander was sharp but hadn't applied himself. Nergal saw in him a future King if that annoying brother of his ever had a misstep.

    Demetrius was the youngest male of the family. He too was incredibly intelligent, as far as mortal men went. But, unlike his brothers and sister he was a lively man who enjoyed a good time. Nergal had gone through stages of party in the past but now they reminded him too much of his great father Anu. Antiochus had seen to cull the spontaneous lad by assigning him a mentor who, despite the man being twenty-six still stuck around.

    For Nergal's own sanity he had to find at least one person in this family that he could trust. Antiochus' loyalty only went as far as the Assyrian provided results. The ex-gladiator didn't want to admit it but it would probably take longer than the old man's life time before Egypt was brought to heel once more.

    Turn 3

    On a cool evening the God of War sat upon the terrace of the Govenor's palace in Antioch. There the mortals left him to his thoughts. My lord might recollect the tales of the slave beaten to death for vexing the great Assyrian.

    The answer to Nergal's worries on his place within my lord's family came on one such evening. Dione, the youngest daughter of Antiochus, had developed into being quite the remarkable woman and at twenty-five she was well into her prime to find a suitable mate.

    Nergal had long given up on finding a woman for more than an evening entertainment. How long had it been since he had known love? Several times in the thousand years since his exile had he thought he had reached love only to find the sands of time blasting away her features into that of a hag before sending her soul to the next world. No, the life of an immortal was one without love.

    Dione however was different. She was the answer to his problem. If he could find someone who was made of the finest sinew and heart that he might bestow upon him a true fighting spirit then perhaps Nergal could remain in service to Seleucid Empire. Already the King was opening saying his frustration in the lack of success. But a mortal on his side? Now there was a treasure that no amount of gold or diamonds could compete with for the immortal.

    Nergal had wished that Demetrius to fill that role, the young mortal was lively enough but no, in the year since they had met he had already grown a reputation as a harsh and heartless ruler. While Nergal could respect that it was not the courageousness that he needed. No, for that Nergal would have to look at Demetrius' sparing partner.
    Hermeias of Posidieum

    Hermeias of Posidieum was just the man Nergal needed. At only twenty-three he had been born to a middle noble in the Empire. There he was rasied to elevation based purely on his natural fighting style. To be excellent in the militia hoplite that the Seleucid Empire employed at the time was akin to being slightly less than pathetic the Assyrian believed.

    It was then he decided to approach Hermeias of Posidieum. In the morning hours he caught the young man outside the militia barracks shinning the armor on the bronze shield that protected him in battle. The man looked up at Nergal.

    Many had become fearful or suspicious of the 'King's Pet God' in the last year. This was different. In the mortal's eyes were not fear or envy or even suspicion. Instead Nergal saw in him the look of respect. “You're Hermeias of Posidieum correct?”

    The man nodded and stood, “Yes Assyrian. You need into the barracks?”

    Nergal smirked a little bit at the man. They spoke for some time into the night on different fighting styles. The immortal was pleased to learn that the man of Posidieum had lobbied for the creation of levy hoplites, a unit more disciplined and skilled than the militia with some training. Even more to his pleasure he learned that Hermeias thought even levy hoplites would be inferior against the bows of Egypt. What they needed would be an army of horses to back up the men on foot and no militia force would succeed.

    Eventually the topic moved to that of love. Hermeias was unattached and when Nergal mentioned that the King had mentioned the prospect of marrying Dione off the young man jumped at the case.

    After that it was just a matter of time for Nergal to convince the King to allow this friend of the family to marry his daughter, Dione. Things were beginning to look up for Nergal. It is then that he learned his old enslaver Saiyat had not taken his freedom in stride.
    Threat of Rebels

    Saiyat was an old man but his son, a Greek by the name of Aristotelis of Aspendus, was neither old nor cautious. Word had gotten out that the Assyrian of the arena was now on Antiochus' war council. Wealth and coin from the Seleucid Empire was coursing through the hands of what Aristotelis saw as their family's property.

    An army of slaves and men of all sorts of vile reputation assembled near Hatra. On August 13 they declared that the Assyrian was their property alone and that his majesty Antiochus was false and perverse.

    Nergal's planning for the invasion of Egypt was now in jeopardy. To make matters worse, the bane of the immortal's service, Aristarchus had made signs of invading Parthia against the orders of both Nergal and his father and King.

    Things were becoming unreliable at best.

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    Turn 4

    ((I had an issue with screen shots where the later half of the battle did not show. I think I was forgetting which button was my ss button))

    As winter arrives things become no less appealing for the Assyrian. Mounting pressures within the court of Antiochus to act has forced him to raise more of the militia hoplites that he trusted so little. What's more rebel factions began to rise up around the Seleucid empire.

    Many of the armies were led by no one of note, however in addition to Aristotelis' army of slaves came Abreas of Rhosus, a man of Persian descent. He organized an army of Eastern infantry in hopes of reforming the great Persian Empire.

    Abreas' forces

    One evening while the governors palace was asleep Antiochus was pacing wildly down the marble and guilded hallways. He had been up all night celebrating the trade deals with Pontus to the north. Sauromates was a brilliant dignitary for the northern Kingdom to send and Antiochus was all too pleased to to open up trade relations that with combined with the birth of his two newest grand daughters it had proven to be quite the season.

    Treaty with Pontus

    New family members

    It is then that things turned south. His majesty might recall that the uprising of Abreas began at Antioch. It was because of this that the King himself heard the calls for his head clearly in the evening sky.

    Nergal opened the doors to his chamber with a great Assyrian ax in his hand, “What's that noise?” He asked his eyes glancing over the King.

    “That my friend, is the noise of revolt. It's happening all over the great Kingdom. I will attempt to bring peace to them and see what it is that they wish.”

    “I can already tell you.” Nergal replied stepping in front of the King's path. The older man glanced at him wearily. The months were straining their relationship. “They want your manhood. The minute you give an inch to them they will want more. They can call it Persia, gold, Babylon, Egypt, it doesn't matter what they say they want. The truth is they only want your manhood. You going to tell your grandchildren that they don't get a Kingdom because of some beggars?”

    The king scowled, “You know so very little Assyrian. Let them form up outside the city it means nothing.”

    Nergal shook his head, “It means everything. Come, let us ride out into battle with this great new host of Greeks. Show me that Alexander still has blood flowing in your veins or is he the last great mortal?”

    Antiochus stood silent for a long time. Nergal wondered if the King had even heard him. Finally, he nodded, “Call the militia!”

    Battle for Persian Secession
    Battle for Persion Secession

    Abreas of Rhosus, Pretender to Persia

    The next day the two armies lined up. The Persians had been granted the higher ground on a ridge over looking the city. Antiochus sat on top of his horse next to the Assyrian as Hermeias and his body guard provided the rest of the heavier cavalry on the right flank. The left flank consisted of the militia cavalry who's task would be to harass and weaken one of the flanks of eastern infantry on the ridge above.

    Battle positions

    “So few hoplites,” The King turned to Nergal, “We should ride out and meet them.”

    The Assyrian shook his head, “You meet this pretender and you have already legitimize his claims. Abreas of Rhosus is just that. He is no heir to Persia and no right to be questioning you.” The king looked hesitant. To that the Assyrian rode out in front of the army's host.

    “Greeks, sons of Alexander!” He called out to the men assembled before him. Nergal knew that these were the farmers and rabble that he would easily dispersed had the situation been reversed. They had strengths though. Over three hundred militia cavalry would pepper the poorly trained enemy and the hoplites only had to stand and fight and victory would be assured. “I come to you as a foreigner, a man from a forgotten era, the last of the Golden Age heroes left alive. I never knew Achilles nor Ajax but I knew their character. I knew that they would never suffer the wrongs of a Trojan or Asian who would snuff out the culture and history of Greece. That is is at stake today. I may not have been born a Greek. The Dorians may have been the enemies of my day. However, I was born a man with a conscious. I was born a man who knew when wrongs were commited. I ask all of you from farmer to King to look across that field to your foes led by Abreas and ask yourselves if you would suffer the rise of a new Persian Empire. Had your ancestors not fought against tyrants of Asian in generations past? Why should now be any different?

    “Victory today will not be won through pure numbers, they had the advantage. They have archers which we lack. They have spear men. However, we have heavy horses that put theirs to shame. We have light cavalry that can run circles around their troops. We have the sons of heroes with a wall of hundreds of spears for them to throw themselves against. They wish to recreate the nation of Xerxes then let us remind them and others like them what happens to Persian armies at the hands of true Greeks!”

    He rode back to the King, “You really believe all of what you just said?” Antiochus asked.

    “Not a word,”

    And so the battle begun.
    Abreas rushes forward with archers in the middle

    Abreas kept his archer core well guarded but the movement of the cavalry around his flanks kept his captains confused breaking off to attack different elements of the Seleucid army.

    Spears rain on the enemy

    Abreas managed to catch one of the militia cavalry unaware and break the formation. However, they ran directly into the spears of the awaiting militia hoplites.

    Too slow to escape Abreas

    Abreas' rage gets the best of him

    The battle was fierce and the would be heir to Persia struck down many a Greek before, spurred on the the Assyrian, Antiochus and his son-in-law struck from behind. Caught between a wall of spears and body guards the men broke.

    Abreas of Rhosus irony would have it would die fleeing from the very militia cavarly who regrouped and intercepted him and the last few survivors.

    With Abreas now the Emperor of his own little grave the cavalry grouped and struck at the disorganized mobs while the hoplites handled the one group that actually reached them.

    In the end it was a grand victory. Antiochus losses were barely over a hundred.

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    Turn 5

    In the following weeks Antiochus opened up to the Assyrian like no other time before. One thousand four hundred and nine traitors lay dead on the battlefield, cut down fleeing or gripped in arms with the Noble Seleucid Empire.

    Nergal was finally accepted. As they entered the gates of the city, now half stone as the great wall was being constructed, thongs of citizens cheered the King Antiochus and Hermeias. What's more is they cheered the 'King's Pet God'. Nergal wasn't a strange object of curiosity but now a part of the Empire. He was greeted as a Greek.

    As the months continued Hermeias and Nergal continued to grow to be close friends. They enjoyed hunting often and sharing stories. To Hermeias, Nergal was a vast well of untapped knowledge, a man who was alive when Troy was sacked. To Nergal, the young mortal reminded him of so many Assyrians now discarded into the graves of history. So many fine men were at his command. Now he was leading farmers into killing delusional men. But still, something about Hermeias gave the Assyrian hope.

    The planed invasion of Egypt's forces along the Levant was going smoothly but there were doubts in many's minds of Aristarchus' intentions with Parthia. Apparently, Parthia had the same worries and extended one of their best ambassadors, a young man by the name of Otanes. However, Aristarchus had something more to his game and accepted.
    Trade with Parthia

    It was possible the accession of his oldest son, Cleitos to adulthood tempered his plans. Nergal doubted that, he suspected this Cleitos would turn out much like the father. Something had to be done about that branch of the family tree for the King was old and would not rule for long.
    Cleitos, a future enemy?

    The independent Greek City-States similarly sent their own ambassador. Nergal and Antiochus both rode out to meet Castor of Elis.

    “Behold,” The ambassador announced as the King and God sat on top of their horses. They had chosen to meet on a hill on the edge of their territory. The Seleucid Empire's own ambassador Attalus had chosen these grounds because of the neutrality of the area. “I speak for the great and peaceful King Kleomenes of Sparta, heir to the Peloponnese and lord of all free Greeks.”
    They offer Trade

    Nergal spat on the ground, such arrogance in these Greeks. They truly were the descendants of the Dorians. He turned to the King, who seemed all too pleased. “We welcome you as friends and willingly accept your offer of trade. What is more we wish to offer an alliance to King Kleomenes so that we may better our relations.”
    They recieve an alliance

    Nergal whispered harshly, “You sure that is a good idea? We know little of this Kleomenes and we know that Macedon dispises these Greeks. It is an unsafe decision until we know more.”

    “Sparta are a proud race and I trust their intentions.” Antiochus smiled, “You have us as allies.”

    It didn't take long for the worries of the Assyrian to manifest when the Greeks began their siege of the Macedon city of Corinth.
    Spartan Peace

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    Another great update - however I do worry about those 'thongs of citizens'. I may just have nightmares for a week!
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    Thanks! Here we are finally some action. As for Greeks in thongs.. uhm.. well... the Assyrian is just trying to live up to the first part of his name.

    Turn 6

    Antiochus continued as planned building up a sizable army of militia hoplites and skirmishers to take on the threat of Egypt to the south. With the Abrean rebels destroyed and the gaps in the army refilled the elder King ventured out with Nergal ever by his side.

    The army was cheerful at the prospect of capturing Egyptian territory. Nergal had even arranged for Antiochus to meet a well known mercenary captain that had known the Assyrian back when he was a mere gladiator. Now the captain was led a unit of camel fighters. These Beoudin warriors were well in the art of camel riding an art that the immortal had to admit he never fully caught onto himself.

    Merc Captain and Avid Arena Fan

    The army then set about the business of attacking the Egyptian city of Sidon. While there the hill people of Armenia approached and opened trade relations. Antiochus granted it to them. He had hoped that all his other neighbors could live peacefully. The King had bet his entire Egyptian campaign on keeping his neighbors pacified as had his Pet God.
    Hill People

    Things, as my lord knows from his own experience do not always go as one hoped.

    In the far eastern city of Seluecia the Parthians struck with a small task force declaring war! They were led by a field officer named Vahauka. He had promised his King in Parthia that he could strike and quickly seize the city.

    However, Aristarchus was not without an army himself, and this was just the moment he had wished for. Captain Vahauka ordered a full retreat as the armies began to leave the city.

    Taunt of the Empire

    The Seleucid Heir

    The enemy army

    Battle is joined

    And the enemy heroically flees!

    However, Aristarchus did not stop there, his eastern army had much to prove. He had long claimed that Parthia was the real threat not Egypt and intended on making them pay, he invades to capture Susa.

    The road to Susa

    Turn 7

    First Battle of Sidon

    The camp outside of the enemy city was filled with good cheer. The Greeks were finally retaking the Empire left by Alexander to them. They never accepted the Egyptian claim to and this war was long over due to many of them.

    However, the Egyptians would disagree. Three units of their Nubian spearmen attacked while the city's garrison did likewise.

    The Egyptian Captain, one Amunmose came from a Nubian line of royalty. With the Nubian kingdom long dispersed and the dynasty of the Nubian Kings but a distant memory the captain had little choice but to earn a living in the fields of the Levant training the spears of the south basic hoplite formations. It was then that he heard of the siege and rushed to break it.

    The city Governor Ptahotem was all too eager for the support and throws in his impressive Garrison.

    The Seleucid Empire breaks camp and retreats the hoplites and the one grounded skirmisher unit to a nearby hill while the three units of mounted skirmishers, the mercenary camels, and the King with his Assyrian ally take on the three units of Nubians.

    It is then that the city's forces make an appearance with Sidon in the distance.

    Once one of the spearmen groups has been weaken the mounted skirmishers switch to another unit until all their throwing spears have been depleted.

    It is then that the mercenaries and Antiochus, spurred on by Nergal strike the weaken unit routing and eliminating them.

    The other two spear men of Amunmose continue forward towards the distant hill as Governor Ptahotem does likewise.

    Nergal notices that Amunmose's unit is lagging behind and convinces the King to attack with a full on charge. The battle is harsh on the militia but the Nubians don't last long and Amunmose and his lead unit is wiped out to the last man.

    The cavalry of the Greeks then turn and the last unit of Nubian spear men from the army in the field breaks almost immediately and is rode down.

    Governor Ptahotem orders his men to surround the hoplites and his skirmishers begin to throw their spears into the farmers.

    He sends his chariots to wipe out one of the cavalry wings that was not paying attention.

    Antiochus and the Assyrian send their forces to wipe out the skirmishers striking against the hoplites, clearing most of them.

    It is then that the Governor makes a grave mistake. Trailing behind the King of the Seleucid Empire his chariots run directly into one of the four units of hoplites. Nergal watched satisfied that though these men were hardly worthy of being arrow fodder the Egyptian forces were even less so. The captain of the enemy forces under the Governor, named Alexander pays with his life and most of the chariots are destroyed before breaking free and routing.

    The enemy's evenopment plan runs directly into a wall of thrown spears before breaking and being mopped up by the cavalry and a hoplite unit sent to defeat them.

    It's not long before the last two remaining units are likewise broken upon seeing that the battle is lost. Though most of them do die a few manage to make it back to the city.

    It is a clear victory and one that put aside the last few doubters in the Assyrian's ability.

    The siege continued for several more weeks as the armies finished the work on the battering rams. It is then the King learned dire news. Alkmena, wife of the King passed away.

    Nergal learned from a slave of all people and approached the tent of the King. The servants had all been dismissed and the king sat alone in the dark. Night had fallen and the only illumination was that of the dying embers of the fire.

    “I heard,” The Assyrian said softly.

    The old man turned up tearful eyed towards the immortal, “Do not trouble yourself, Assyrian. It is but one more mortal why should you care?”

    Nergal took half a step back, why did he care? “You're my friend,” He answered. The word felt so alien to him. He had only known this man a little over two years and in that time was he truly a friend? Did he consider the two battles they fought together enough to create a bond? He wasn't sure but what he did know was hearing about the death of Alkmena was enough that even one's heart who had beaten a trillion times felt cold.

    Antiochus's eyes widen a bit as he recognized that feeling in Nergal. The King stood and placed a hand upon his shoulder, “I am sorry I snapped Assyrian. I am not sorry that she passed, only that I was not at her bed side. She had been sick for some time and I knew that as we marched towards this cursed city but I ignored it. I knew the risks.”

    Nergal nodded, “Same thing happened to me in Crete. My wife had fallen and broken her leg. I knew she needed medical attention but the King of Crete demanded my attention. I wasn't there when the fever took, I wasn't there when her wails filled the valley. I wasn't there.” The immortal's eyes became downcast.

    Antiochus smiled a little bit, “So the God does have a heart. Come my friend, let us not fret. I have many grand children by Alkmena. I have a kingdom that would put any to shame. I have a family to be proud of and you are one of them.”

    They embraced and they spoke long into the night on Alkmena and Aristarchus' advance on Susa. There the Parthian leader Bagabigna and the garrison held out against the siege.

    “By the winter,” Antiochus spoke to his Assyrian friend, “Seleucid will be known in more territory than ever before.”

    Nergal smiled grimly, “And the Egyptians will know their true masters.”

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    Second Battle of Sidon
    Second Battle of Sidon

    The day of the battle was like so many others the Assyrian had come through. The sky was clear, the weather fair, and the sun shown strong. The news of Alkmena's death was only last month.

    Alkmena's death

    “You have this Antiochus,” Nergal reassured his first friend in a generation.

    The elder mortal nodded, “You're right. We've come to this blasted city to remove the Egyptians. Over a thousand Greeks stand ready. Is it not exciting Assyrian?”

    Army is ready

    Nergal smiled and took a deep breath, “You smell that? It's the smell of the enemy bowels churning. They see our three rams. They know what death awaits them.”

    Battle lines

    Antiochus nodded, “They much like they were in ancient times?”

    The immortal nodded, “Anu, my Great Father ruled from Babylon after the Akkadians collapsed but he fled to Egypt as well. He had many allies there. They were a proud race then, overly arrogant and they are a proud race now. But as you say, Sidon is part of the domain set aside for the Seleucid Empire.”

    “It controls but a small sliver of land. But I suppose it is a fine and fitting addition to leave to my son Aristarchus.”

    Antiochus that morning

    Inside the city only the survivors of the previous battle remained. They were battered, scared, and desperate. In the last few weeks the Governor Ptahotem hung himself. In his stead Captain Nekho, a veteran of the previous battle organized what few defenses the city had.

    Egyptian forces

    The governor's villa was empty, many of the staff having fled. But Nekho stood firm looking out over his remaining forces. “We will never give this dog King Antiochus and his pet Assyrian the keys to our city!” He shouted to his men. He had an odd assortment, many of the skirmishers had survived, some of the Nubians and a few chariots. They together made a rather unreliable force. The enemy on the other hand had a now famous General.

    Nekho was mulling this over as he looked over the scared men. He had spent the last few months training them, especially the Nubians. His attention was drawn away at the sound of the alarm. The three rams were approaching the city. He quickly mounted his chariot and rode off.

    Rams on the move

    He ordered his skirmisher unit to cover the break in the wall but the enemy javelins pushed them back.

    The skirmisher fight

    The Greeks seeing the skirmishers pull back ordered in the unit that had disgracefully been caught by surprise in the previous battle. Horse men rode in fast after the skirmishers.

    Horse charge

    Seeing this Captain Nekho ordered his chariots to strike the incoming Greeks. The chariots became confused finding a wall of spears ahead and to the side.

    Chariot's first charge

    It isn't long before the brave Nekho meats an ignoble ending at the end of a spear.

    The skirmishers of the Nile break before long against their mounted allies and are hunted to the last man as they retreat.

    Skirmishers are ran down

    Nergal and Antiochus rode into the gaps in the wall and ordered the spear men to surround the Nubians in the town square. The last surviving chariots rode out against the moving hoplites creating chaos and killing several.

    Second chariot charge

    On the far side of the square another hoplite unit moved in from behind.

    Moving a tad too slow..

    The Nubians stood firm as the Greeks approached. Nekho's legacy of instilling discipline into them held firm though they were waving they would not back down.

    Ghost of Nekho

    For all their bravery they could not defend from two fronts and the rear unit closed in. Victory was assured!

    As the cheers cried down Antiochus turned to the Assyrian. “Well played my friend, well played. The battle is over.”

    Nergal shook his head and dismounted looking around at the Egyptian architecture and civilians looking out their windows at the armies. “No old man it is not.”This city is seething with the culture of the enemy. Look at them, they see us as invaders not liberators. It'll take a strong garrison to control them.”

    Antiochus held up his hand, “I will not put them to the sword. They are misguided not evil.”

    The immortal glared silently at the naivety before a thought occurred. “Press civilians into our depleted ranks, Juda awaits. In the mean time, enslave the population.” The King give him a quizical glance, “Yes Antiochus, I said enslave them. Disperse a large portion over our Empire and they will move join with our culture. You do this and they will know their master.”

    Antiochus looked about at the civilians now slowly stepping out onto the streets, “Seven thousand you think suitable?”

    “Better make it nine.”

    Sidon Enslaved

    Over the next couple of weeks armed groups of men would dive deep into the city routing out people to enslave. Antiochus was especially troubled by these tactics and it was all Nergal could do to persuade him not to reverse the order.

    Nergal contemplated this as he watched a band of hoplites, their spears left at the square storm a house looking for suitable slaves. The house was nothing spectacular, just a cobble of mud bricks with some plaster. However, the woman they hauled out. She was Egyptian born, with beautiful bronze skin, silk hair- which may or may not be actually hers, and a perfect face. Nergal's eyes widen for not in hundreds of years had he seen a woman this beautiful.

    He walked up to the two soldiers and held up his hand for them to halt, “Where are you taking her?” He asked them.

    “To the King, Assyrian.” The Greek replied and pulled the woman towards the Governor's palace.

    The Immortal watched as the woman was hauled between the two strong soldiers. She looked towards him fearful of her fate her eyes pleading. The soldiers were taking her to cheer up the King after the death of his wife.

    Nergal spat on the road as he turned from the scene. The beautiful slave girl turned down a road onto the main avenae to the square disappearing from site. As he turned he saw a strange sight, a brand new chariot roll by him, not armed with the dreaded scythes, but with a Seleucid Empire banner flying behind it.


    For the first time since Antiochus took him from that arena a small bit of worry crept into the immortal's mind.

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    I'll have a long update soon. I decided to combine several and instead of doing a lot of small updates do big ones. In the mean time post your thoughts! I'm always happy to hear feed back good or bad.

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    Damn! I don't check the thread for for a while and you go and put 15 million updates up! I have a lot of catching-up to do after work (or at my desk when the boss isn't looking!) Have some rep, for all the work you have put into this if nothing else! Great stuff!

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    I like this ^^

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    ((I decided to split up this massive update after all, mostly cause my mouse won't highlight large amounts of text easily))
    Turn 8

    The Assyrian sat quietly in the governor's palace in Sidon as the news of the day was given to Antiochus. The Egyptians were massing a powerful army but it was still months or even a year away from being able to bring the fight to the Greeks.

    “You were right Assyrian, the time to strike Egypt was now.” The King raised his goblet to the men in his hall, “To the heroes lost pushing back Ptolemy's bastards.” There was a chorus of agreements. Nergal to drink to that.

    The great bronze doors to the chambers swung open suddenly interrupting the merriment. The runner of Aristarchus came charging in. “My lord I bring news most dire! The Parthia have attacked the Prince's army.”
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The room grew tired as the runner, told the story of the attack.

    First Battle of Susa
    First Battle of Susa.

    Horse archers and slingers of the enemy attacked.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Bagabigna, the lord of the city rode out with his vast army to assist.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Aristarchus stationed his hoplites facing the city army while his horse men faced the horse archers and slingers.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The attack began as planned with the cavalry of Seleucid running down the enemy reinforcements with relative ease killing them to a man and slaying Captain Roshan, a minor noble who dreamed of glory but only attained folly.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The horses then turned around and rode into the city's slingers riding them down before the enemy spear men could react all the while pegging the enemy with shafts.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The enemy spear men get close to the hoplites but the thrown spears of the Greek skirmishers push them away.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    It was then, that Bagabigna rode near and taunted the Prince. As my lord knows, Aristarchus was always quick to prove himself. He gave chase with all the cavalry cornering the fiend.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    More spear men attacked the phalanx only to be pushed back again.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    It was in this confusion that the terrible calamity hit our Empire. Aristarchus, son of the most benevolent ruler Antiochus was felled in battle. Not by some noble duel but by some unwashed hill man who grew up on the edge of civilization living off the dredges of better men.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The mauled armies of Parthia then turned to the shocked Greeks on the hill. While the Greeks were mere farmers and city folk they held their ground as Parthia threw wave after wave at them. Even the skirmishers entered the fray when all their javlins were used.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    But, Bagabigna was not deterred by the first retreat. He called out to his false Gods. I, from my advantage point could clearly hear, “Grant my men the courage to destroy Alexander's name!”

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Despite some initial success suddenly one of the wings of Greek hoplites broke with ne'er a loss of life.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Yet another broke and this time Parthia was quick to exploit it running down sixty of the panic stricken Greeks.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    In the chaos the skirmishers once again proved their worth charging in and routing the last of the enemy forces in a battle with lines resembling that of a pile of mixed rocks than the clean lines we expect.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    From that moment the army gave chase to Bagabigna, who lured them for miles until finally the hoplites snagged the corner of the formation. Bagabigna fought briefly but soon showed his true colors and fled from the battle field escaping justice.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    It was a clear victory but the price had been great.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The room was silent as the runner finished his tale. Susa was still in enemy hands and the King was without an heir. “My son.. I had wished to pass him the largest Empire in the world. “Runner, go to my Grandson Cleitos, he will see to it that his father is avenged and will be made my heir.”

    Nergal pursed his lips as he sat quietly. He had not met this Cleitos and knew very little of the man. He knew he did not enjoy the lavish parties that his father did, however. And he knew that Cleitos would soon take command of the Susa army with vengeance.

    Turn 9

    Turn I totally forgot to make note of which confuses me

    As summer arrived Antiochus agreed to allow a young man named Bucoi of Ariaratheia into the family by marriage of Heike. “My grandson needs a strong host of Generals.” he had explained to Nergal at the time. The Assyrian knew that was true, often dynasties collapsed around him for lack of leadership more than anything else. Still though, the man was a complete unknown. He had been a friend to Cleitos and from a rich family but beyond that little was known.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    One summer morning the Assyrian crossed paths with the King who was mounting up his and the Beoudin unit for a trip outside the walls. “Antiochus?” He asked his friend.

    The aged ruler looked down at the immortal as he sat on top of his mount, “Look after the city for me, Assyrian. I received news last night that require my attention.”

    “And that would be?”

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    “Armenians entered our territory north of Hatra. Now, as fate would have it, our old friend Aristotelis, that greedy bastard he is intercepted the Armenians and won! So now, we have our city of Hatra still in our hands due to a traitor who we will have to slay eventual. We cannot trust these mountain people to not come back with a larger army so I am leaving to widen our border in case Hatra is to fall.”

    “Widen our border?”

    “My spy reports the city state of Palmyra is poorly guarded. They have long scoffed at our Empire claiming that they owe no allegiance to sons of Greek.”

    The immoral nodded, “A fine plan, but it is wrong to take our eyes off of Egypt.”

    “My son died Assyrian!” The King yelled back. “I will not allow the hill people to endanger this Kingdom more. Your revenge might lie with the Egyptians but mine do not. They are a foe race, a ignoble race, but they are not our mortal enemies. All hill people will pay for the flower they plucked from my dynasty.

    “In case we do not meet again Assyrian, obey the new King in service as you have done me. I will miss our visits and battle beside you. I am an old man and grow weary of this life of pain. For that I envy you not.” He kicked the horse's sides and rode out to meet the rest of his men leaving the Assyrian behind.

    Turn 10

    Another turn screen shot.

    The hallways of the governor's palace were empty. Word had reached Nergal that the only naval force the Empire had were battered aside by a bunch of pirates. Nergal hadn't even been told there was a trireme out there flying the Empire's flags.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    What's worse, Armenian's goals have been made clear by the discovery of one of their spies in Hatra.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    And in the East, Cleitos is recalled to defend the homeland as Parthia sends a massive invasion force equipped with some of the best horse men in the known world.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    And Pontus and Egypt have formed a formal alliance. Armies of Pontus could be expected soon.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    As the Assyrian was mulling this over Antiochus' report arrived. The servant's hands were unsteady as they handed it to the immortal. The Greeks for all their oddities had a mastery of language. These were much easier to read than Linear B or Cuniform. “The King is returning?”

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    “Yes Assyrian, the spy's information was wrong.”

    Nergal nodded. Both the King and the heir had struck out for conquest and returned empty handed... perhaps he will see that slave girl again.
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    I had such a pain with formating on that last post. Turn 8's picture is in turn 9, which is why everything was pushed back. I'd fix it but after screwing with that post for two hours i'm going to leave it as is And I'm not even 1/3rd through the update. I think I'll do many small updates in the future.. and uninstall firefox and throw it out my window.

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    Turn 11
    See the last turn above. That is why I was confused last night. Turns should make sense from here on.

    Cleitos' troops rushed back to the eastern city arriving just ahead of the armored beasts of Parthia. The situation was most dire.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Back in the palace of Antioch the Pharaoh’s ambassador is sent away after demanding surrender, and rejects a cease fire that the local governor proposed.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    And yet another naval defeat as the trireme attempted to return to safe harbors.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    All and all it was a rather uneventful set of months while Nergal awaited the return of Antiochus. Why had the King left him in such a hurry? Why could he not have gone with him.

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    Turn 12

    Nergal leaned against the wall beside Hermeais outside of the governor's palace. Hermeias had arrived to replace Antiochus and Nergal greatly appreciated the company. The Greek had been hand chosen by the Assyrian but with the death of Aristarchus the need for allies didn't seem as great.

    “Cleitos married.” Hermeais told the immortal as they watched the newly drafted citizens of the levy hoplites train in the town square, “Someone named Epicaste.”

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Assyrian shrugged, “This man is a complete unknown to me. His father wanted to eliminate me and he's the heir.”

    Hermeais nodded slowly, “You're going to love the other news. Our new Greek allies now have Dacia to contend with.”

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The immortal grumbled slightly but didn't answer, “What else?”

    The Greek bite his inner cheek as he studied the ageless man before him. “Alexander, Aristarchus' brother has redirected considerable funds... he's hired an entire army of soldiers and is marching on the small Kingdom of Halicarnassus.”

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    “What? He's declared war on his own, without his father's approval?”

    The Greek nodded, “He didn't even respond to the Great King's letters.”

    “Get me your fastest horse!” Nergal yelled and ran to grab his gear. By the time he returned to the square a great white horse awaited him. “They have the strongest military for many miles, mercenaries, and actually professional soldiers not the rabble we have.”

    “What do you plan to do Assyrian?”

    “If I can't get Alexander to back down I will at least get him to win.”

    As he rode along the Seleucid highway he received word that the Armenians had broken through Aristotelis' rebels though with heavy losses. Nergal could only smirk as the merchant explained the battle he saw outside the walls. Finally he was free of the arena.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    But news did not get any better, for the Armenian cold war finally boiled over and they put a siege around the small city of Hatra.

    And yet another naval defeat though the Greeks attempted to come to the ship's aid. Seems pirates have a firm control of the Mediterranean for now.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    Turn 13

    As the winter months turned into summer again the Assyrian found himself in the wilderness. He pulled his horse to a small inn. He dismounted and entered. There were several travelers drinking good ale and swapping stories.

    “What be your business stranger?” The bar tender called out to him.

    “I am looking for rest and for news. Has Alexander begun his siege yet?” The immortal asked walking over the the counter.

    “No stranger, but Parthia has. Both Hills people have and rumor has it they'll both win. I don't know about you but I'm glad I'm not in the east.”

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Nergal smirked a little in the dim candle-lit light of the tavern, “You don't seem worried.”

    “Worry about the east? They've been running themselves practically ever since that pet God came along. No, I don't think Parthia would burn down a little road side inn like us. Now, that crazy bastard Zeuxis might. He just came of age and I don't trust the lad. He's got this hooting problem.” When Nergal asked what he meant the bartender continued, “I don't know, I hear he just hoots, like an owl or monkey.”

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    “Monkeys don't hoot.”

    “And how would you know? You ever been to the Indus? They hoot all the time just like owls.”

    The Assyrian leaned forward and rubbed his temples, “So war has begun with Armenian. I had hoped they would continue to flounder around for a few more years. Thank you, now about the room and a place for my horse...”

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Nergal arrived at the siege lines in the northern part of the Empire by early fall. “I hate Hittites,” He murmured as he was shown the way to the strategos' tent. Alexander had a keen mind and had suspected the arrival of the immortal for some time.

    “Assyrian, we plan on starving them out.” Alexander grinned as he pointed to a map of the city. “We've formed barricades around all exits, staying out of arrow fire though one of our Cretan mercenaries managed to snag a hoplite patrolling the walls. We've also caught a handful sneaking off to collect food and yet a few more just upped and surrendered.”

    The Assyrian stroked his chin as he looked over the battle map. “When they come pouring out, and they will, you want to get their range units in a cross fire, ride them down if you can and then focus on their hoplites. These are professional soldiers do not under estimate them, Alexander.”
    The mortal raised his hands in a shrug, “Don't underestimate me. I am not going to make the same mistake my brother did. If I have to wait a year more I will wait another year. I have the patience of a... of an immortal.”

    “That remains to be seen.”

    “Relax, Assyrian. Now, father will have returned to the front by now. Go and give him good advice. He's old and his mind might slip. I can crush this small rebel nation easily. We can't let our allies have the largest nation in the world can we?”

    And with little else said Nergal began the long journey south towards Antiochus.

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