Last month Benchmark Simulations released the latest version of their Falcon 4 overhaul - BMS 4.32.

This has caused quite a stir in the flight sim community. They've achieved some extraordinary things with the now 13-year-old Falcon 4.

Highlights include:

- A new DX9 graphics engine.
- Totally overhauled flight modelling system.
- Totally new 3D cockpits which supercede the old 2D cockpits.

This release appears to have put at least some noses out of joint over at the other big Falcon 4 development group - Free Falcon.... some condescending remarks about BMS and catfights breaking out among groups of FF and BMS supporters.

Compared to Free Falcon 5.5.5 BMS 4.32 offers:

- Better graphics.
- Superb 3D cockpit.
- Better fidelity F-16 avionics (with the exception of GPS guided weapons), particularly the Link 16 Datalink and Sniper targetting pod.
- Much better stability with none of the CTDs that plague FF5.
- A much more believable F-16 flight model.

However, FF5 still offers a much better campaign experience and much more accurate database (i.e. aircraft and weapons performance).

The good news is both BMS and FF can live together on your computer as they are totally different installations.

HOWEVER, to install BMS requires an original Falcon 4 CD, unlike FF5 which uses a standalone installer.

SimHQ have posted a pretty good overview of the new BMS here:

Well worth checking out for serious flight sim fans.