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Thread: The Hochmeister's Plan (CoW Hochland AAR)

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    Default The Hochmeister's Plan (CoW Hochland AAR)

    Hi everyone! This will be a Call of Warhammer AAR featuring the Empire provinces of Hochland- one of the most Holy Roman Empire influenced armies of the Warhammer world.

    This AAR is accompanying a Hochland guide over at-

    Hochland is led by the Hochmeister Count Aldebrand whose leadership will be sorely tested in the coming wars for Aldebrand has determined to save the Empire. This course will force Hochland to confront numerous opponents in a very short period risking not only the fate of Hochland but the salvation of the Empire and perhaps all men.

    Campaign Info
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Call of Warhammer 1.4.4 with no submods played on VH-VH

    Goals- introduce Hochland and the Empire while showing a general strategy to approaching the start of the Chaos Storm after turn 40.

    The Empire
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    Count Aldebrand is the hereditary ruler of Hochland. A region of dark forests and mostly small towns just south of the Middle Mountains. These mountains and surrounding forests are home to Beastmen, Trolls, and other monsters. The dark forests and dangerous predators within have given rise to a resilient hunting culture and the best long rifles in the known world(although some dwarves dispute that claim). The men of Hochland grow up under the shadow of Chaos and uncertainty, the small villages and modest cities of Hochland stand at the crossroads of the the Empire and maintain order by an adherence to tradition and a strict hierarchy which rests above 8 mostly autonomous provinces where town burgmeisters do what they wish within the limits prescribed by the relatively few noble families that rule wide tracts of the ancient forests. Due to the relatively isolated nature of Hochland the old religions remain respected in many areas though the upper nobility are dutiful adherents of Sigmar even they are not above stopping at a shrine to one of the more powerful old gods now and again. This leads to a reputation amongst other areas of the Empire that the people of Hochland are backwards and so steeped in the ancient blood magic of the old gods that there is small difference between them and some followers of Chaos. Of course such words are rarely mentioned within hearing of any Hochlanders. Few want to fall dead on a road somewhere with only the sound of a single shot ringing out moments later.

    Count Aldebrand has watched with growing desperation the unraveling of the Empire through most of his life. The attacks of Beastmen, Orcs, the undead, and other deformed and corrupt creatures have pushed back the forces of the Empire on almost all fronts with growing regularity. Now some towns and cities have even thrown off the protection of the Empire and declared independence. These rebels are traitors who do not understand that only through unity do humans have a chance at survival. The lesser races or the degenerate Elves do not have the conception of stability and progress in measured pace that men have and would inevitably upset the order of the world if the Empire were to fall.

    With growing numbers of monsters roaming the provinces while Heretic priests march unimpeded converting the poor and ignorant to Chaos, Count Aldebrand decides something must be done and since no one else seems ready to do it...

    The litany of troubles include the recent skirmishes on the border of Hochland, there are even stories that other provinces of the Empire having whole towns overrun with vermin. Aldebrand follows the progression of these events and adds it to the reports of Chaos armies on the march and the unchecked increase in power of Beastmen and other mutant monsters convince Aldebrand that waiting for the Empire to act is a foolish dream. Aldebrand studies his favored hunting birds for hours on end for several weeks, his focus disturbs the staff at his palace and even begins to alarm his wife until finally- Aldebrand feels he has a plan, a plan that will either restore the Empire or at least see it into a future where its might can be fully realized.

    In the year 2523 Imperial Calender, Count Aldebrand gathers all the forces available stropping the garrisons of Hochland and leaving every city vulnerable to attack. His first target is the hold of an army of Beastmen on the very borders of Hochland.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Hochland army encamps outside the walls and begins siege work- the Beastmen have not had a serious defeat in several years fighting incompetent Imperial forces and disorganized militias and decide to attack the Hochlander's in the midst of their preperations!

    Count Aldebrand orders the siege rams placed end to end to protect the center of his line while ordering the infantry to protect the archers and Marksmen as best they can.
    The beasts mass outside the walls before beginning their charge- then growling, howling, honking, and all sorts of strange inhuman noises erupt from the beasts as at some unknown signal the entire horde rushes straight for the Hochlanders- though over 1/10th of the beasts have already fallen to the Hochland Marksmen considerably evening the odds.

    Count Aldebrand and his Encarmine Knights are everywhere in the battle, by his bravery and the example of the knights the entire Hochland army fights to their utmost and pushes the beasts back against the walls to be cut down by the Hochland Marksmen!

    This first battle is won... but will the blood of Hochland run thick enough to supply all the many coming battles? Aldebrand keeps close counsel and in fact does not even share his plans with his family.

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    Default Re: The Hochmeister's Plan (CoW Hochland AAR)

    Great to see you back here! I will definitely follow this adventure.

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    Default Re: The Hochmeister's Plan (CoW Hochland AAR)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Radzeer View Post
    Great to see you back here! I will definitely follow this adventure.
    Yeah- I needed a short break from learning to mod. Call of Warhammer is quite fun! The only reason I haven't played it more in the past was stability issues but with 1.4.4 the bugs seem nearly eliminated aside from very occasional spelling errors or wrong unit picture etc. Not had a single crash yet.

    I personally prefer it to 3rd Age but that is because in Tolkien's world the armies of evil are somewhat blah aside from a few units. In Call of Warhammer you can take any faction even the Chaos ones and have a very interesting campaign.

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    Count Aldebrand listens to the rejoicing of the army outside his quarters and feels sad- he must use these men hard to accomplish his plans and this battle is only the first of many. On the morrow he will order the army to split with one half following his designated Heir, the Prince Godwin while Aldebrand leads the other half to subdue a rebel town. Traitors who have forsaken the embrace of order and rebelled against the Empire, the first step on the path to Chaos are still fellow men and some whisper that if only the Empire relaxed certain laws many of the rebel towns might be entreated to accept the laws of the Empire. Count Aldebrand has some sympathy for the rebels criticisms of Imperial authority as he has experienced his own frustrations but weakening the Empire while Chaos waxes stronger is not the answer.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Count Aldebrand has drawn up his army outside the rebel town and prepares siege engines, the rebels inside are eager to give honorable battle and pour out of the gate.

    Count Aldebrand does not want honorable battle, he wants execution. To preserve the lives of his men and the continuation of his plan the Count must take some calculated risks... such as charging into the midst of the rebels alone before they have even completely exited their camp to slay the rebel commander.

    After a savage battle outside the fight moves into town as Hochland units chasing wounded rebels into the central square.

    The battle is won at the cost of nearly half his men, Count Aldebrand shows no remorse openly and some of the men who had rejoiced such a short while ago now begin to suspect Aldebrand might be more dangerous to their lives than an enemy army. Such thoughts are in the minority however as most of the men are resolute in the knowledge despite a hard fought battle they have been victories against nearly 2 to 1 odds. Aldebrand's reputation as a commander grows though his penchant for winning at any cost underlies that reputations with a darker hue.

    Count Aldebrand comes across a Shaman traveling with an escort abruptly in the middle of the next days march. The Shaman hold the other side of a bridge which Aldebrand must cross.

    The battle is short and only the drowning deaths of some Marksmen is remarkable...

    Count Aldebrand rejoins Godwin after sending most of his remaining men onward to Hergig to recover and gather new recruits.

    Count Aldebrand orders the siege rams to breech 3 of the town's gates simultaneously and then a general attack toward the center of the rebel town.

    Aldebrand finds the rebel commander in the streets and slays him in personal combat.

    The rebels ask for no quarter and Count Aldebrand would not have given it even if asked- how can traitors ever be trusted in the future?

    The battle is not without casualties but Count Aldebrand and his knights dispatch the greatest numbers of the rebels in running battles through the streets of the town.

    Aldebrand sends Godwin east with most of the remaining army to eliminate a Beastman temple which sprang up less than a decade ago on the site of a former Empire town. Aldebrand remains in Volgen which was a prosperous large Empire town before turning rebel. Many of the townspeople are sent to colonize the former Beastmen encampments while new loyal settlers are brought in from other Hochland regions to the pacified rebel towns. Aldebrand consults with his merchants council and treasurer- the fast pace of battles are wearing down the Hochland army more quickly than he had anticipated and raising new recruits or a building program must be budgeted for. However the crisis is averted as treasures are found while razing the Beastmen's temple in their camp which pay for all the costs.

    Hochland has nearly doubled in size but Aldebrand plans for even more gains as the Empire appears unable to act against the threat of a the rising power of Chaos. If he must he will conquer the former Empire lands but the memory of Sigmar and tradition is strong, Aldebrand plans instead to set an example for his fellow Lords and aid the Empire through this dark time by pacifying the Chaos forces which have infiltrated into the heart of the Empire.

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    Default Re: The Hochmeister's Plan (CoW Hochland AAR)

    One of Aldebrand's recent disappointments which had inspired his plan to act even if the rest of the Empire wouldn't was the order to raise an army which the Empire than ordered away- Count Aldebrand had no idea where his men had been sent and after a year had given up hope of ever hearing news of them again. The army had been sent to aid the Empire's ally Kislev from an invasion of Tzeentch followers swarming down from the north.

    Karl Todbringer has served Count Aldebrand loyally for years but his first duty was to obey the orders of the Empire, not just the ruler of the Grand Barony of Hochland. He had marched east with no complaint and his example quieted the Hochlander's most of whom had never been outside the barony before. Arriving at Kislev Karl finds the city already under siege and moves to offer relief- the opposing forces of Chaos are strong but Todbringer will serve the Empire to his utmost even if it brings death for him and his men.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Karl orders the single company of Knights Encarmine to dispatch the Hellcannons and then seek targets of opportunity as they will be too far away to hear any orders he gives after battle is joined.

    Karl positions his army on a hill overlooking an open and earthen plain... the Kislev garrison arrives to the battlefield from the south while both opposing Chaos armies move down from the north. The Kislev cavalry charges straight away and is mostly obliterated in the opening moments of the battle although Kaspar and his bear cavalry manage to kill one of the opposing Tzeentch commanders. The strong Kislev infantry move up and occupy the 2nd Tzeentch army but the larger army of Chaos assaults the Hochlander lines directly. Karl is in the center of the line inspiring the men to resist the onslaught of chaos twisted men and other beasts and demons whose mere appearance on the field of battle makes most men weak in their knees.

    The battle appears nearly lost when most of the Kislev army flee's the field overcome by the charge of Chaos knights and the magic of Tzeentch sorcerers. The Knights Encarmine harry the enemy where able until finally catching the enemy sorcerers as they move out from the protection of their army to move up to assault the Hochlanders on the hill above. Only 1 sorcerer even notices the approach of the Encarmine and has time to let loose only a single screech before all the sorcerers but one are brought down. The single remaining sorcerer puts up a fight and calls for aid. The Encarmine knights are nearly overwhelmed but manage to fight free and just as the last knight turns, he hurls his sword and slays the sorcerer in mid spell cast before falling dead himself.

    The remaining Encarmine retreat back to the rest of the Hochlanders on the hill charging an enemy company of Chaos knights on the way- luck is with the Encarmine as their charge slays the remaining Tzeentch commander but the Chaos army continues to press the attack. The Encarmine are knocked out of the battle as the Chaos knights turn and engage them... only a single Knight escapes only to fall wounded moments later.

    The Chaos knights charge and and Karl Todbringer sensing a pivotal moment in the battle orders his remaining bodyguard to charge the rear of the Chaos knights who remain the strongest company on the field. The battle swings in the balance... Karl and his fellow Greatswords engage the enemy they have trained their entire lives to defeat. One by one the Chaos knights fall but so do the Greatswords- finally Karl is brought down by the 3 remaining Chaos knights but as the Chaos knights have been engaged in this fight the rest of the Chaos armies have finally begun to crumble due to the repeated charges of Kaspar and the great Kislev bear cavalry.

    The remaining Tzeentch followers are dispatched while a few manage to escape onto the open plains to bring word of their defeat to the north.

    The battle is hard fought and nearly lost... Karl's final charge and Kaspar's unfailing courage to fight on despite the rest of his army fleeing the field have won the battle for the Empire, but just barely.

    The Hochlander's leave Kislev to mop up the remaining Chaos followers on the rolling plains and begin the march back to the Grand Barony.

    Godwin arrives to the lay siege to a large encampment of Beastmen who gather around their dark temple.

    The beasts outnumber the Hochlander army by a wide margin and only the presence of heavy cavalry give Godwin a chance of winning this battle. The Hochlander lines nearly buckle but manage to hold against the initial onslaught.

    The Panther Knights lower their lances and charge repeatedly through that long day...

    The well trained cohesion of Empire Halberdiers, the Panther Knights and Godwin and his Encarmine bodyguard's actions win the battle at a high cost. Half his army slain but the last presence of Chaos on the very borders of Hochland is eliminated. Or nearly... until word arrives that Delberz has been captured by a Beastmen offensive.

    With the loss of Delberz Middleheim is being pressed hard and Count Aldebrand issues orders to raise new companies and retrain the remaining veterans, they will be sorely needed in the coming months.

    Godwin is preparing to join his men in returning to Hergig when word arrives of Hochlander flags being seen on an army marching west... Godwin rides to meet the remaining men who are returning from Kislev. They are surprised to see Hochlander's so far east. Godwin tells how Hochland has nearly doubled in size since the army left and the men are amazed- whether or not Aldebrand admits it, the very presence of Chaos is forcing even the hierarchy of the Empire to change as Hochland has grown from a midsized Barony to approach the being called in truth, The Grand Barony of Hochland.

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    Default Re: The Hochmeister's Plan (CoW Hochland AAR)

    Count Aldebrand reads spy reports that speak with alarm of the crumbling of order and Empire from all directions. Despite the setback near Hochland, the Beastmen continue to advance on other fronts while the neighboring Principality of Oster faces an invasion of Nurgle followers. Hochland is now able to support two 3/4 strength field armies and when the veterans from Kislev are back to strength those field armies will be full strength and dangerous. For now they are merely capable and the odds against the armies are large.

    Count Aldebrand consults with his priests and council of advisers on the potential of involving the Grand Theogonist. Most counsel patience and to use the friendship of the Grand Theogonist when absolutely necessary. Aldebrand decides that striking fast and stimulating his neighboring provinces of the Empire to action is more important now than waiting for some later date that might never occur.

    A Crusade on the Beastmen is called!

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Delberz is right next door to Hochland but Aldebrand intends to use the blessing of the Theogonist to gain acclaim for the men who join the crusade and to force the neighboring barons to work together.

    Aldebrand has given over command of Hochland's 2nd field army to Godwin who marches to the aid of Ostermark to combat the Nurgle invasion.

    Godwin is unsure of what the Ostermark forces are capable of in combat and elects a surprise night attack without his allies to divide the Nurgle armies. Godwin also feels that the darkness might hide some of the horrors of the mutations Chaos has wrought amongst the followers of Nurgle from his relatively inexperienced army, most of whom have never fought a battle, let alone a Chaos army.

    The opening salvo of the Nurgle Hellcannons splatters down amongst the Pistoliers company and sends them to flight...

    The Pistoliers regroup and with the aid of Godwin and another company of Knights Encarmine dispatch a company of Chaos Knights and then seek out the commander of this forsaken army. On the right flank however a company of Chaos Knights have swung around the protecting Halberdiers and smash into a group of Free Company archers who are completely surprised.

    Godwin has picked a superior position and the Nurgle army is forced to pursue the Hochlander army up a steep slope into a hail of arrows and musketfire.

    With the death of the Nurgle commander and the massive missiles fire the Nurgle army is eventually defeated but the single company of Chaos Knights which swung wide on the right flank kills nearly 200 before being slain.

    The Knights Encarmine particularly distinguish themselves in this night action and are happy to take credit for winning the battle. Actually they take credit for winning every battle they fight in but in this instance it might be true.

    Middleheim defeats the Beastmen with the aid of Count Aldebrand who destroys several medium sized armies of Beastmen congregating to aid in the defense and the crusade target is quickly captured while the forces of Middleheim, Hochland, Nordland, and Reikland have cooperated for at least a short while.

    Aldebrand does not let the Beastmen regroup and quickly moves to attack Karroburg, a small city the Beastmen have only recently overrun. Aldebrand passes command of the army to Charles Ludenhof who has been lately feeling neglected.

    Two armies of the bestial pests have converged and the odds are against the Hochlanders but the commander of the first army to engage foolishly leads from the front and is killed in the very first engagement by a company of Drakwald foresters and some Empire swordsmen working together.

    The fall of the largest beast with the biggest horns does little to stop the rest of the nasty buggers from swarming to the attack and the Hochlanders are soon attacked on all sides.

    The Hochlanders resolve never wavers and the Hochland Marksmen in the center of the square the infantry form remain untouched although every other company is forced to engage in melee. The beast bodies pile all around the ranks of the Hochlanders...

    The continual charges by Aldebrand and a company of Panther Knights just called to duty contribute while the steady and inspiring leadership of Charles Ludenhof with the infantry win the battle despite long odds.

    Count Aldebrand and his guard slay nearly half an army by themselves...

    Back in Ostermark Godwin leaves the support of his allies and moves to engage another Nurgle army.

    Godwin's cavalry uses precision tactics to separate the most dangerous Nurgle units such as Chaos Knights and simultaneous charges from all sides to eliminate them with a minimum of casualties.

    The Nurgle commander either saw what was happening to his best units or just forgot his role in the battles when he falls dead at the head of his company of Plaguebearers fallen to the backstroke of an Encarmine Knight who was not even aware of the oncoming charge.

    Despite the death of their commander and heavy cavalry the Nurgle army is composed mostly of elite units who fight nearly to the last causing significant casualties.

    The battle is bloody on all sides and every Hochland company contributes its share of dead except for the Pistoliers who escape completely unscathed. Compared to the last battle where 1/4 the Pistoliers died in a single instant the vagaries of war are seldom so noticeable.

    Godwin turns his army around and marches back to Wolfenburg there to engage the next Nurgle army- this time with the help of Ostermark. Reinforcements from Hergig arrive just prior to the battle allowing the Empire superior odds for a change.

    The army of Ostermark charges into battle without awaiting Godwin's forces and the Encarmine Knights are forced to salvage what they can...

    Meanwhile Count Aldebrand continues his campaign of eradication of the beasts who have come to symbolize the breakdown of the Empire to him.

    Taking risks and engaging larger forces in nearly what amounts to personal comabt, Count Aldebrand subdues nest after nest of the vermin.


    Sometimes the beasts manage to gather enough forces that Aldebrand is forced to concede that his men must aid him and his grasp of tactics does not completely desert him in this mad rush to kill a blight on the Empire...

    Godwin has stalled the tide of the Nurgle invasion for now but Ostermark has suffered large losses and Godwin's army is depleted. While the Nurgle followers have lost half of their armies they still outnumber Godwin nearly 4 to 1. An encampment of Beastmen is also nearby while the Dark Elves have invaded Nordland and could prove problematic as well.

    Godwin respects Aldebrand's opinion and Aldebrand was never one to shy away form calculated risks but in this circumstance Godwin is having difficulty deciding which risk is greatest- returning to Hergig and replenishing his army before embarking on a fresh campaign, attacking another army of Nurgle to ensure Ostermark can recover, or laying siege to the beasts encampment? The beasts have never been on good terms with the followers of Nurgle but such a move poses a grave danger to Hochland should Godwin fail to win victory and lets his army be destroyed...

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    Default Re: The Hochmeister's Plan (CoW Hochland AAR)

    Godwin has never personally liked Count Aldebrand but always respected his authority. Lately Count Aldebrand has seemed withdrawn and barely even mentions his hunting birds when he writes any dispatches to Godwin. The Empire still faces serious threats but the recent expansion by Hochland seems to have changed the game. Godwin has begun to wonder if Aldebrand's continued obsession will bring ruin down upon Hochland. For now there is little Godwin feels compelled to do as Count Aldebrand's obsession has begun to heal the scars riven through the Empire by the onslaught of Chaos and the dark minions of the undead. The greenskins have seemed less of a threat in recent years only because of the extreme peril the entire Empire faces. Godwin decides there is not much to do other than obey Aldebrand's orders and try to save as many Hochlanders as he can if Aldebrand's growing arrogance and cold disdain for those who have not done as much to restore the Empire as Aldebrand himself has done. If that arrogance threatens the destroy Hochland than perhaps Godwin might be forced to act. For now Godwin focuses on the present situation and decides to trust in the fact that Beastmen hate Nurgle followers even more than the forces of the Empire and risks laying siege despite scout reports of a large Nurgle army only a few days march away.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The beasts rush out of their settlement to give battle and meet a hail of gunfire and missiles.

    The fighting moves quickly to melee and the men of Hochland stand firm.

    The vermin rabbles blood lust fades quickly and when the Beastlord falls dead the remnants of his army try and reach the safety of the temple at the center of the settlement.

    Game Info
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    This battle you can clearly see the effects of Germanicus AI- two flanking attacks with a relatively weak center. Makes it more difficult to surround and kill the AI when your own line is stretched so far and sending any units into the gap forces them to have enemies to their flank and rear unless the flank attacks are defeated first. Since the AI general is less likely to attack on the flanks sometimes it takes awhile to find and kill him thus leading to more casualties.

    The battle is won at some cost but the last presence of the Beastmen near Hochland's borders is cleansed.

    Empire archers prove their worth in this battle.

    Godwin leaves a tiny garrison to clean the settlement and tear town the Chaos temple while he advances rapidly after the retreating Nurgle followers and lays siege to the Ostmark town sized in the early days of the invasion.

    Godwin lays sick in his tent on the day of the assault, perhaps from being in close proximity to plague bearers which inhabit the town. Many of the Hochlander's in the assault feel ill and despite a small garrison the captains commanding the attack in Godwin's stead fail to coordinate their attacks and casualties are high.

    Count Aldebrand has subdued the Beastmen's lairs along the southeast mountains and now advances on to Fassberg, a town belonging to Middleheim which had fallen to the beasts only months previously. Some of the original population might still remain in the feed pens.

    A team of skilled spies infiltrated the town as the Beasts celebrated some obscure ritual and opened the gates to the advancing Hochlander's just as dawn was breaking...

    The beasts respond to the attack vigorously but the Encarmine and Panther Knights manage to make it through the gates without a scratch and turn the streets into killing fields, charging down alleys and retreating around corners before the stunned beasts can respond.

    The surviving beasts retreat to the center of town where they had begun to build a temple to their insane Chaos demons and there Aldebrand orders his cavalry into an attack which goes badly wrong. The cavalry are bogged down in a milling mass of beasts and men and before the fight is won nearly all the Knights fall dead or wounded.

    The town is captured but the cost is higher than Aldebrand had counted on, especially to his precious Knights who are far more difficult to train and equip.

    Unknowingly Count Aldebrand had trapped all the greatest Beastlords still living in his assault, the ritual the attack interrupted was a series of challenges to raise more Beastlords... for now the beastmen will retreat to the dark and isolated places of the world but until the taint of Chaos is forever stilled upon the world Aldebrand knows the Beastmen will rise again.

    A short while later as the winter snows melt into an early spring the news arrives of massive battles between Chaos lords in the north...

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    Default Re: The Hochmeister's Plan (CoW Hochland AAR)

    Aldebrand drafts orders that Fassberg and Smallhof be handed back to their original owners- Middleheim and Ostmark. The treasury can barely support the construction ongoing already, to prepare two more towns to meet the necessary specifications for Aldebrand's plan is more of a burden than the treasury can currently bear, as well the growth of Hochland has alarmed some of the more cautious men in neighboring courts who remember the rapid spread of Sylvania in the early years before the taint of vampircism and undead sorcery was confirmed. A gesture of good faith will help maintain relations.

    Aldebrand passes command of his army to Welf Ermolt, a young Encarmine Knight who leadership abilities have impressed the Count. Aldebrand himself will devote the next while to overseeing construction and resettlement efforts in the rapidly growing territory of Hochland personally.

    The first target that Aldebrand orders Welf to reduce is a Sylvanian stronghold called Blood Keep, the vampires have kept tight hold on the fortress for many years but now is the time to strike!

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Welf manages to cajole a Wissenlander general into aiding his attack. The Wissenlander's have developed an almost unshakable superstition regarding Blood Keep after dozens of failed attempts to recapture it from the Vampires. Without the mystique of Hochland's recent rapid expansion and defeat of the Beasts as a semi organized force Welf would not have been able to convince the Wissenlander's to attack.

    First Welf advances with his army which has some veterans but many new recruits and tempts the Vampires into an attack on his apparently vulnerable army. The Wissenlander army arrives as reinforcements just before the undead swarm down off their hill and into the allied lines...

    The battle is fierce and the undead never retreat or surrender once battle is joined so losses are high. Welf had asked for several of his friends to join him on this expedition and with the permission of Count Aldebrand each had raised a company of Encarmine Knights eager to spread the glory of Hochland. With repeated charges by these knights and stout defense and the somewhat halfhearted aid of Wissenland, Blood Keep is captured!

    Further east on the edge of Averland and Sylvania, Godwin has marched south with an army of mostly veterans to follow the Count's orders to reduce the power of Sylvania.

    The first battle in this campaign goes very well, so well in fact that some of the veterans become boastful and laugh at the silly tales of frightening undead power they have heard for years. Compared to your average troll or even a Beastlord the vampires fell easily.

    In fact, only the penetration of a group of vampires past the front line caused the majority of the Hochlander losses.

    The following month Godwin moves up to lay siege to a town of rebels... scouts report 3 large undead armies converging- now the only safety might lay in quickly capturing this settlement and seeking shelter behind its walls as despite the attitude of some of his men, Godwin knows that the stories of the Vampires wrath are all too true.

    Godwin orders his captains to prepare his army for a siege assault form 3 different directions. After the rams break down the gates Godwin personally leads the first charge...

    Archers are sent onto the walls to cover the approach of the infantry while Godwin races through the streets seeking to find any organized resistance.

    A battery of cannons in the central square is captured before it can focus fire on the incoming infantry companies while all other resistance is quickly if bloodily overcome.

    The very next day Godwin attempts to gain what advantage he can and advances unexpectedly out from the town he has just captured to confront the nearest Sylvanian army. Scouts report this army has more powerful undead than the first army Godwin fought.

    Blood Knights and Vampire Knights race out to challenge Godwin's army all alone. At first the veterans scoff but it soon becomes apparent that this challenge is not pure arrogance. If the Blood Knights had been a full strength company the battle might have turned out worse.

    The companies of knights that came south with Godwin can deal with most of the undead with a strong charge.

    Godwin finds that the Blood Knights and Vampire Knights are not so easily defeated and loses the majority of his guard in close combat before the other companies of Panther and Encarmine Knights can ride to his aid.

    The sheer number of the undead armies and the strength of the more ancient vampires might make this campaign quite challenging. Godwin sends a request for reinforcements including cannon, meanwhile a messenger informs him of the advance of Welf and the small army that captured Blood Keep.

    Godwin knows the only way to establish a base of operations against Sylvania is to keep up the pressure as long as possible. He plans to integrate Welf's army and immediately launch another attack.

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    Godwin remains in Wurtbad which the rebels have actually managed to keep a prosperous town with advanced armorers and weapon makers playing their trade. Welf Ermolt commands the combined armies which seek out and give battle to the next army of undead which is commanded by a Prince of Sylvania...

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Hochlander's form a line of Halberdiers reinforced in some areas with stakes planted into the ground, even undead cavalry can break bones on such obstacles.

    The army of undead advances implacably while the Hochlander's loose every missile they have. These missiles have some effect but mostly on the less dangerous of the undead troops- a company of Blood Dragons completely ignores the planted stakes and like an oncoming bloody tide ride with deadly grace around the obstacles and still crash into the Hochlander crossbowmen hiding behind some large boulders with killing force.

    Other vampires riding living steeds of the most ancient lineages and attempt to flank the Halberdiers line...

    Welf riding at the head of his body guard crashes into the Sylvanian Prince's guard and manages to slay the vampire, the undead continue fighting with undiminished vigor- the spells that animate them are grounded far away and not attached to any field commander.

    Knights of the Panther and other Encarmine Knights charge back and forth across the field felling as many of the undead as they can. The maneuvers feel more like chopping wood, if wood could swing back at least. The obstacles placed to prevent a charge by Blood Knights and Vampire Knights prove also to be obstacles for the Hochlander cavalry who must let the infantry finish the job.

    Finally well into the afternoon of a battle that started just after daybreak the job is done.

    Losses are acceptable for having eliminated a member of the Sylvanian dynasty.

    Word arrives that a Dark Elven expedition has followed the High Elves and an invasion begins in Nordland....

    Godwin uses the facilities in Wurtbad the replenish his exhausted men and commands the smiths as part of their recompense for rebellion to work on his armies armor for a discount.

    A new Beastlord has arisen... not unsurprising but hopefully any attempts to organize fail to cause trouble.

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    Default Re: The Hochmeister's Plan (CoW Hochland AAR)

    Welf Ermolt consolidates the reinforcements that Fritz Ruppel brought from Hergig including the valuable artillery. Moving cautiously Welf advances towards Vorderbergen where the Sylvanians have posted a garrison with a large field army outside the town.

    The battle is joined around an old abandoned monastery as Welf practices extreme caution in light of scout reports of a full company of Blood Knights and several other vampire companies and the undead have brought some sorcery, machines which hurl death magic.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Welf orders the Panther Knights on a very risky mission- to disable or destroy these machines which can cast sorcery from a vast distance.

    The Knights obey his orders and nearly accomplish the objective, 3 of 4 sets of machines are destroyed but only a single Knight makes it back to report to Welf.

    Welf then dispatches the rest of his cavalry and goes himself to take care of the final machine before it draws into range. The Sylvanian Prince is ready for the attempt this time and though the mission is accomplished the cost is heavy. Nearly 1/3 of the undead host is destroyed in a running cavalry battle but few of the Knights survive to arrive back at the field fortifications the infantry have constructed.

    With that cavalry that was intended to be a reserve is almost completely depleted before the main battle has even begun, Welf has few options left other than to hope the field fortifications and his infantry hold. The undead army has suffered casualties as well but only the Pistoliers had much success against the Vampire companies who pose the gravest risk;-p The cavalry return to the safety of the protecting field fortifications and the ranks of the Halberdiers.

    Two companies of Von Carnstein vampires lead the first attack, the fighting is at close quarters and the Hochlander artillery somehow manages to miss with grapeshot at point blank range before halting fire to avoid a discharge into the rear ranks of the defenders.

    Undead cavalry circle to the rear outside of the added protection of the planted stakes but find no way inside the stout defense of the Hochlander Halberdiers.

    Welf notices that 1 vampire seems to be giving the commands and spurs his horse into the melee alone when he see's that vampire turns its back disdainfully and begin to walk away. Welf stabs downward through the back of the vampire's head and into its head heart... as usual the rest of the undead army barely notices and only displays a very small loss of objective with a few undead milling around briefly before returning to the fight. The longer the battle lasts the more men tire, the undead however never run and never tire... casualties begin to mount as without cavalry reserves and with the Blood Knights able to oppose the few cavalry Welf has left the battle becomes one of attrition... a game that does not favor the living.

    The Blood Knights have tried several mostly ineffectual charges and have killed only a handful so far while sustaining a single loss. A company of Halberdiers are ordered to break formation to engage- once the charge is complete the order rings out to resume formation while Welf sends a company of Drakwald Patrol charging out to aid their brothers.

    The Halberdiers and Drakwald Patrol bring down about half of the Blood Knights but lose most of both companies. Welf orders most of his remaining cavalry out and 3 successive charges bring down the Blood Knights further but the risk to Welf is too great and he attempts to withdraw only to be caught by an unbelievably fast charge by the Blood Knights...

    Welf's remaining bodyguard is killed and he barely escapes with his life. The Blood Guard's suffer large losses in the attempt and a company of Thunderers runs out to fire point blank into the vampires while the remaining Drakwald Patrol and Encarmine Knights charge...

    The battle is won but at a very high cost and despite the odds the victory goes almost unnoticed.

    The artillery are effective but not as dominating as Welf and Godwin had hoped. The dwarves recruited in Breder do the most damage aside from the Knights and Welf's dispatches to Godwin recommend recruiting more. Godwin replies with a message that such an order has already been sent while soon the feeding pens at a mercenary camp will soon be large enough to hold the food necessary to draw Ogre mercenaries... good news as battles as expensive as the just fought one will mean nearly all of Hochland's resources must be devoted to the army and not enough will be left over for the new construction that Count Aldebrand has demanded.

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    Welf Ermholt confers with Godwin and after receiving refurbished companies with new weapons and armor marches to confront the largest remaining Sylvanian field army which spies have so far managed to identify. The Sylvanians under another vampire prince have been devastating part of Stirland for the past few months, scouring the graveyards for new undead to raise and capturing many peasant some of whom go to slake the thirst of the vampires but most of whom are sent to Sylvania where there is always a need for more of the living.

    This army of undead is commanded by a von Carstein vampire prince though the bloodline seems considerably weakened in the years since the first Count von Carstein resorted to necromancy and the entire dynasty became vampires.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The undead army occupies a long sloping ridge which Welf knows would be foolhardy to attack. Instead Welf positions his army behind an old mausoleum where the vampires collect the bodies of the still living peasants of the countryside and through dark necromancy raise undead armies from this renewable supply.

    Welf gives the job of luring the undead off the heights to the Encarmine Knights and Panther Knights... the Panthers will first attack the foul machines of sorcery which are rolling into range of the Hochlander position while the Encarmine's pick off what stragglers in the undead army they can while avoiding the Vampire and Blood Knight cavalry.

    Welf's plan is to use his small defensible position to hold out long enough for the gunpowder arms of his army to take a toll.

    The Panther Knights send back to the grave most of the undead crew working the sorcerous machines and then turn and flee back to the Hochlander lines pursued by 4 companies of vampire cavalry.

    The half strength Blood Knight company pursues Welf and the Encarmine Knights while Pistoliers pick off a few at a time.

    The Panthers reach the lines just ahead of the pursuing vampires who in a fit of rage attempt to fight through the massed Hochland halberdiers and cannon fire.

    Welf and his companions from Hergig manage to isolate the Blood Knights and send the souls of the inhuman predators to wherever they should have been. That fight is costly and only Welf and a single member of his bodyguard make it back to the Hochlander lines. Frtiz Ruppel volunteers to stay behind and pick off companies of the undead where able. For over an hour Fritz and his company is successful until on what was going to be the final charge a random undead casts a spear which pierces Fritz's should gromet as he raises his arm to strike, pierced through Fritz bleeds out in minutes. The remainder of his bodyguard eliminate the last of the skeletons and turn to charge back down the slope to where the battle rages fierce along the short Hochlander line.

    The vampires and other undead catch a few point blank grapeshot rounds and steady fire by both arrow and musket ball cut down the numbers of undead though many fall locked in an embrace of death with the halberdiers holding the line.

    Finally one one side of the line the pressure relents and Welf sends the Panther Knights back out onto the field.

    The Panther Knights first task is to deal with the rapidly approaching company of Blood Knight infantry which had been fruitlessly pursing Frtiz Ruppel but with his death now have turned to approach the Hochlander's main lines. A charge by these vampires could be disaster as the lines have been weakened by bloody confrontation with undead halberdiers, skeletons, wraiths, and vampires.

    Blood Knights on foot are not nearly the danger of their higher ranked brethren on horses and 2 successive charges by the Panther Knights end the threat.

    Fritz Ruppel's remaining bodyguard commit a fatal charge against the remaining vampires but hold them long enough for the Panther Knights to charge and wipe the vampires out.

    The Panther Knights then turn on the remaining undead assaulting the lines and put an end to that as well.

    The battle is hard fought and without the position afforded by the Sylvanian's own mausoleum the Hochlander army might have suffered defeat.

    Fritz Ruppel is the hero of the battle, his body is shipped back to Hergig in pieces however to avoid the chance of being animated by foul dark magic should his remains fall into the hands of the undead.

    Welf evaluates the field and salutes the dwarven marksmen who caused considerable losses amongst the undead. The artillery from Hergig also contributes but alas not as much as Welf had hoped. Perhaps he must study some artillery manuals to learn better how to position the cannons to maximum effect.

    Fritz Ruppel is the first of the companions who set out from Hergig less than a year ago to fall. The remaining companions including Welf now set themselves to the grim task of subduing the undead and capturing their stronghold of Drakenhof. The taste of adventure has worn off all the companions as the cost in human lives has become apparent through the last two battles.

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    The objective of the current campaign is in site- Castle Drakenhof, the ancient castle was a stronghold of various Sylvanian Counts, brigands, and rebels before being inhabited by vampires. The walls are old and in some disrepair but the overall fortification remains strong and reinforced some say by dark magic.

    Subduing the vampires has been a costly affair and though 2 large towns have come under the administration of Hochland the treasury is now unable to continue a full building program in all regions. Aldebrand orders that ransom offers be made henceforth, the plague of vampires in Sylvania is unlikely to be completely eradicated until the Empire stands on more firm footing but their power can and should be greatly reduced. Many of the ancient vampires know where lay hordes of treasures that are seldom useful to them...

    Welf Ermolt took some reinforcements and now must assault the walls of Drakenhof. Aldebrand has been sending spies to monitor Sylvania for months and acting in concert several groups of spies manage to persuade a low ranking vampire that an important visitor from another vampire clan wanted audience...

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Welf rushes through a side gate opened quietly with most of his cavalry companies.

    The Knights quickly overcome scattered groups of undead who turn to fight anyone who does not bear the taint of necromancy. The Panther Knights race up the slope before the inner ramparts and charge the rear of some undead who are marching in to close the inner gates.

    The effort is a grand one but enough of the undead garrison and a few vampires make it into the inner citadel to make the fight tough. Welf leads from the front until fire from the inner rampart towers drive him back to safety.

    Eventually the inner citadel falls as the mortars brought inside the city flatten the remaining undead.

    A company of swordsmen who stormed the final ramparts take the largest casualties but otherwise Drakenhof is captured with much lighter losses than Welf had anticipated. The vampires have forgotten many skills in the long domination of Sylvania... complacency grows even in those who no longer draw breath or physically tire.

    Messengers arrive and inform Godwin that Aldebrand has secured the services of a Bright Wizard and his sorcerers. The wizard has sent his acolytes to join the war in Sylvania while he himself takes over administration of Hochland assisting Aldebrand in the building campaign.

    Soon after the news about a Bright Wizard reaches Godwin, Welf hears a disturbing story out of a dirt covered merchant who has arrived alone. A Waaagh has been called and the Orcs mass to invade Averland!

    Welf wonders if Aldebrand has planned the end of the Sylvannia campaign so closely? It seems beyond the ability of a single man but here is a Waaagh and 2 nearly full strength armies of Hochland and soon a Bright Wizard if the last missive from Godwin is to be believed. There hasn't been a Bright Wizard serving Hochland in centuries.

    Welf advances south from Drakenhof to challenge the final Sylvannian field army. The rest of the vampires have retreated to various towns and hideaways... though it might not be worth the effort to root them all out, especially the vampires who have taken refuge in the old dwarven fortress in the mountains. Vampires and underground tunnels are not something Welf wants to worry about.

    The Sylvannian army attacks with vampire Knights in the vanguard- the first wave is damaging but the Encarmine Knights and steady resolve of the Hochlander's repulse the attack and then the superior position of the Hochlander's on the top of a hill proves too strong for the undead to overcome as 1/3 of the undead army are brought down by a hail of missiles from above.

    Welf hears after the battle that Ostermark has stormed one of the few remaining Sylvannian towns and won a great victory. The next few weeks will have momentous choices. South to combat the Waaagh, perhaps stopping to reduce a Goblin stronghold? An appeal for a counter-Crusade to the Waaagh? The Dark Elves are reported to be advancing on both the Nords and Ostmark and Aldebrand might be forced to take the field himself to reverse the tide in the north.

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    Sylvannia is reduced but not contained yet. Welf Ermolt moves to relieve pressure on Stirland and moves to block the entrance to Karak Varn, an ancient Dwarven hold taken over by Goblins. Reinforcements are moving south to help Welf in his assault into the city of Zhufbar above another ancient Dwarvern hold. Sylvannia has strongly garrisoned the vaults beneath the city and Welf needs more melee oriented companies to assault the gates. For now clearing Karak Varn of Goblins seems an easier task to accomplish as well as sacking the halls of accumulated Goblin treasure before handing the place over to Stirland to hold for the Dwarves. Zhufbar will be returned directly to the Dwarves enabling them to link their mountain fastnesses.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Goblins pour forth from Karak Varn to challenge Welf's much smaller army. The Goblins gain the heights were Welf is encamped but are tired after marching during the night and their chief is unable to get them moving to attack before dawn.

    The heights do not favor cavalry operations but do not completely curtail maneuvers where the Goblins are simply outclassed.

    The mortars have a clear field of fire and the Goblins must pass along a narrow ridge to reach the Hochlander army. The result is havoc and almost 1/3 of the Goblins dying along the ridge.

    The Goblin archers focus fire on the Hochlander archers and despite an unfavorable angle the massive amount of arrows lead to relatively high casualties amongst the Hochlanders.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Finally seem to be climbing the rankings. Goals is to be 1 or 2 by turn 40.

    The following week Welf begins to march toward Zhufbar after clearing Karak Varn of Goblins except for a few who scamper down dark passages deep under the mountains.

    Welf expects reinforcements and then a siege of Zhufbar... the Sylvannians have pre-empted the siege and received their own reinforcements first. They move to attack the Hochlanders!

    The Hochlander's had encamped near a bridge over River Weiss which flows from the dark lake Black Water located in the mountains above Zhufbar whose outflows power the craft engines of the Dwarves when they control the city. The Sylvannians outnumber the Hochlander's but have fewer vampires in this army having lost many in the previous battles with Hochland.

    The Halberdiers hold the end of the bridge securely but casualties are taken from the machines of darkest sorcery the vampires have brought that hurl ethereal skills at the Hochlanders. 3 attacks down the length of the bridge by the Hochlander cavalry to silence the machine during lulls in the undead's attacks all fail. The mortars shells fall all around the machines but only manage a single glancing hit which the undead working the machines barely notice. The battle turns into one of attrition.

    Finally the undead have lost most of their melee warriors and show that sometimes the undead do flee!

    The flight is only temporary and the entire undead army ends up fighting until the last skeleton is chopped to bits.

    The entire battle is a gruesome affair but Welf notes that the Pistoliers did good damage to the undead firing above the heads of the Halberdiers.

    The following week Welf decides to probe the defenses of Zhufbar. When he arrives its apparent that nearly half the garrison remained behind to guard the vaults beneath the city and a hard fight remains to capture the stronghold.

    Welf leaves this fight to his generals and sits in council with spies and messengers from Godwin and Aldebrand. Godwin has taken command in the north of the reinforcements meant for Welf and laid siege to Tempelhof to prevent any of the vampires there from moving to confront Welf's depleted army. Tempelhof has the remaining concentration of vampire power, Blood Knights and even another seldom seen vampire order.

    Welf's captains ably win the assault on Zhufbar and most of the men are sent to Drakenhof to recuperate from the campaign. Welf remains to manage the former Dwarven holds.

    Godwin abandons the siege of Tempelhof and force marches his army to confront a gathering of Beastmen reported by scouts. The Beastmen have managed to raise a chief who has wisely avoided confrontation with the Empire thus far. However moving his army west threatens the lightly guarded Hochland cities in that direction. Godwin moves to prevent the Beastmen from posing any further threats.

    Godwin has requested the aid of the Bright Wizards and aims to observe their utility in battle. Godwin has also arranged for an army of Stirland to aid in the battle as recompense for clearing the mountains of Goblins and entrusting a Dwarven hold into Stirland's care. The Beastmen attack with a savage charge as usual and the fighting grows fierce but once the initial charge is contained it is only a matter of time. The Bright Wizards make devastating use of their fire magic but the Beastmen fall apart so quickly there is little for Godwin to observe.

    The outcome of the battle is in little doubt from the start.

    The Fighting Cocks distinguish themselves and Godwin notes that any further such mercenaries must be recommended for their services to Aldebrand.

    With the mountains secure and the Waaagh of the Orcs failing against Averland, the Grand Theogonist calls a crusade on the Orcs! Aldebrand had been contemplating this very idea and is gratified to have even the Grand Theogonist co-operating unknowingly with his plans.

    With the calling of the crusade the Grand Theogonist also makes available a rogue Warrior Priest of Sigmar and a company of his attendants. Aldebrand immediately recalls the Priest to Hochland but orders his attendants to prepare to battle separately.

    A spy working directly for the Empire sneaks into Aldebrand's study one afternoon and when Aldebrand returns to the Palace after an all to brief session of hawking, he heads directly for his study. There the Count is stunned to find a nondescript man smoking from the Count's very own pipe and sitting in the Counts chair. The spy proves his credentials and informs Aldebrand that the Emperor is aware of Aldebrand's activities and approves- for now- however there is an incursion of Dark Elves into Nordland that threatens to lead an entire province of the Empire to be lost. The spy offers no commands but suggest that Aldebrand had best deal with the situation before it gets out of hand. After the spy leaves Aldebrand begins to suspect that the Emperor in fact knows very little of his plans but has instructed his spy to dissemble in an attempt to put Aldebrand on guard and make him cautious while the Emperor attempts to uncover what the Count has planned.

    Godwin meanwhile has advanced to Grenzstadt- the largest concentration of orcs west of the World's Edge mountains.

    Godwin copies Aldebrand's own tactics in the battles against the Beastmen and arranges the siege equipment into a temporary field fortification. The Bright Wizards are then let loose and put on a show of magic much more impressive than the last battle.

    The Orcs charge and are met head on by Encarmine Knights and a wall of impenetrable Halberdiers.

    Soon the ground in front of the walls is littered with Orcs corpses and a final attack by Black Orcs is met directly by Godwin and then shattered by charges from Pistoliers drawn up into melee formation and a company of Drakwald Patrol.

    Godwin is forced to pursue the Orcs into the streets but finally the last resistance is crushed.

    Godwin and his own Encarmine Knight guards are the heroes of the battle... Godwin laughs at the consternation of the Bright Wizards. He will send them back to Aldebrand who is still enraptured with the promises of battles won by magic alone. Godwin will henceforth stick with the reliable Empire formula of spears, guns, and cavalry charges.

    Several bountiful harvests and the capture and sacking of the Goblin and Orc settlements have swelled the treasury of Hochland. Aldebrand had already begun to raise an army and moves his plans forward even more quickly. Lothar Valgeir is the man Aldebrand has chosen to lead the army of Hochland against the forces of Chaos in Nordland and around the Sea of Claws.

    Lothar is untried as a commander but has studied all the manuals of past Empire battles that are available in Hergig and avidly followed the exploits of the current Hochland commanders who appear to be counted as rising stars in the history of the Empire. The army Aldebrand has assembled for Lothar to lead into battle is a classic Hochlander army in most respects. Only the absence of handgunners or Marksmen seems off. Artillery, cavalry, mercenaries, and Halberdiers are all represented well.

    Lothar spends too much time setting up his artillery and the Chaos Knights sweep down almost before he realizes it. The Ogre mercenaries are sent forward with only seconds to spare to meet the charge of Chaos head on.

    Lothar then orders the Encarmine Knights forward... their charge is glorious and they even catch the commander of the Chaos army attempting to lead from the front... often a mistake the Encarmine Knights are all too happy to capitalize on.

    The battlefield lights up with the fire of Empire cannon and the Chaos Hell cannons...

    The Ogres have held the Chaos warriors in a bloody stalemate but have proven unable to press an advantage. Lothar attempts to intervene himself but is driven away blooded with many of his inexperienced guard slain. The Panther Knights make a 2nd more successful attempt.

    The battle is won and acclaimed as a Heroic victory but the men in Lothar's army know it could have gone more smoothly but still give credit the Lothar.

    Not everyone is as enthusiastic about Lothar's fascination with artillery. Even Lothar is disappointed in the poor showing from this battle but develops grand plans to up the carnage his artillery spew into the ranks of the enemy in the next battle.

    The vampires in Sylvannia show they are not completely defeated with an attack upon Drakenhof. The tiny garrison barely has time to send a single man out to ride for aid. Welf Ermolt and some cavalry are all that have the speed to respond...

    The battle is barely memorable even to those Encarmine Knights who participated so easy was the defeat of the undead.

    Count Aldebrand recalls Godwin to Hergig to celebrate his victory over the Orcs and to assign him his next mission. Reinforcements are pooled with Godwin's and Welf Ermolt's former armies and command of the new army is given to Welf's only surviving companion from Hergig, Ulrich Engel with orders to join the Grand Theogonist's crusade and march on the Orcs.

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    Count Aldebrand is unsure of what the Dark Elves have planned. His spies are keeping track of the invading armies of the Dark Elven expedition but the majority of Hochland’s forces are far to the south and west. Hochland had appeared secure with the seizure of Erengrad the forces of Chaos had been pushed back. The Dark Elves had seemed intent on prosecuting their wars with the Nords and the High Elven expedition. The Dark Elves numbers had been deemed too low to present much of a threat as well. All previous calculations are thrown out when a massive Dark Elven force lands in eastern Nordland. At first everyone believe the target is the Nord capitol but as the Dark Elven armies push south in the following weeks Count Aldebrand grows increasingly concerned. The Dark Elves move into Middenland and Count Aldebrand issues orders for the raising of new regiments. Godwin had already been recalled for unrelated reasons but for now Aldebrand is gravely concerned. Krudenwald is an important city in its own right but the mines and tax revenues of industry in Krudenwald are crucial to Hochland's treasury.

    Aldebrand decides to lead an army to encamp outside the walls of Krudenwald- if a siege comes Aldebrand does not wish to be trapped inside and while such caution might be thought cowardly, Aldebrand considers it merely prudent. If he should die he has figured the odds of the Empire surviving the next onslaught of Chaos to be dangerously low. The forces Aldebrand has on hand are few, only Aldebrand's ability to force march and the steady flow of wounded and recovering companies from the campaigns in the south and the ongoing growth of the artillery core along with the personal bodyguards of nearby governors will be able to arrive very quickly. In the following weeks more and more men and material can flow to Krudenwald but the Dark Elves outnumber nearly all the forces Hochland currently fields everywhere. Only if the walls of Krudenwald are put to good use and the Dark Elves are unable to organize an effective attack is there any hope of victory if the Dark Elves invade Hochland.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Aldebrand's worst fears are proven correct when the Dark Elven armies suddenly turn to the west and assemble to attack Krudenwald. Only the winter weather and the dark forests of the Drakenwald prevent all the Dark Elven armies massing for an overwhelming attack. The first Dark Elven army to be faced by Hochland in centuries and Count Aldebrand must win.

    Harold Ludenhof has not been the governor of Krudenwald for long. His garrison is almost entirely new unblooded recruits who were only recently trained and were intended more to fill the empty garrison quarters and use the citizens quota to ease the burden on the central Hochland treasury.

    With a single cannon at his disposal Harold decides to make it the center of his defense and hope Aldebrand can ride in relief before the main assault arrives.

    The Dark Elves lose valuable times breaking down the city gates and a small volunteers company of crossbow men hold the walls above the gate and manage to dump some boiling oil onto the attackers before being forced to flee for their lives. Most of the company is captured but successfully delay the Dark Elves for valuable minutes while also causing considerable casualties. A company mercenaries bowmen rain arrows down onto the attacks and draw off 2 companies of Dark Elves in a long pursuit along the top of Krudenwald's city walls. By the time the first of the attackers comes in range of the inner defenses Harold has prepared the Dark Elves have already lost 15% of their force.

    Apparently one of the Dark Elven companies sent in pursuit of the bowmen atop the walls was the Elven commanders personal guard. A company of Halberdiers that arrived with Aldebrand was sent to block off a side streets and runs straight into the advancing Dark Elves... in the first moments of the exchange the Dark Elven commander is slain by a lucky blow from one of the Halberdiers. The rest of the Halberdier company is not so lucky and only 9 survive to rush back to Aldebrand with the news that 2 companies of Dark Elves are advancing on the flank. Aldebrand has several Encarmine Knight companies that arrived as the personal guard of the neighboring governors at his disposal and the threat is neutralized. With their commander dead and Encarmine Knights prowling the side streets the Dark Elves are slowly pushed back.

    Finally the remaining Dark Elves break and make a run for it... the battle is won. The fate of Krudenwald yet remain in the balance with numerous Dark Elven armies nearby.

    Harold survives the battle and proudly reports on his defense to Aldebrand. It was slightly unconventional but given Harold's limited resources about the best that could be done.

    The following week Aldebrand leaves Krudenwald with some of his army and marches to meet another Dark Elven army that has moved deeper into Hochland. He gathers reinforcements just prior to launching an attack on the Dark Elves.

    The only advantage that Aldebrand has is the Encarmine Knights, Aldebrand ruthlessly presses this advantage in defense of Hochland.

    The battle is won despite a swirling snowstorm and that most of Aldebrand's men were fresh recruits. The Encarmine Knights are beginning to banish the idea that their brash attitudes are undeserved with battles such as this.

    The Dark Elven invasion and the first battle of Krudenwald's outcome is conveyed by magical means to Lothar Valgeir who sits in Erengrad near the site of the Dark Elves most secure port. Lothar does not know if his actions can make a difference but he has an army and their are Dark Elves camped not far away...

    The battle almost immediately does not go to plan when some of the Dark Elves artillery score a direct hit on the Panther Knights accompanying Lothar. However from that point on the Dark Elves have little luck left.

    The heavy cavalry roam the field at will and despite being unable to fully crush the Dark Elves in a grand charge, the constant attacks keep the Dark Elves disorganized while a constant barrage of missile fire form the position of the Hochlander infantry whittle down the Dark Elven numbers until finally the heavy cavalry can make decisive charges.

    Two companies of Dark Elves refuse to flee and Ogre mercenaries meet them in a brutal battle as the Hochland artillery crews flee from their guns when the battle spreads...

    Lothar manages to win the battle and keep the majority of his army alive.

    The Panther Knights after suffering the attack by the Dark Elven artillery make their presence known and first silence that artillery and then rout nearly 1/4 of the Dark Elven army.

    Aldebrand had returned to camp outside Krudenwald but had been forced to leave his mortars and some of his men behind when his pace proved to great for them to match. Aldebrand was not sure if the Dark Elves would attack again but figured it was prudent to wait outside once again. Recruiting in all the surrounding cities was going as fast as possible while some building construction had been halted to allow a diversion of funds to the defense of Hochland from the invasion.

    An attack does come... apparently an army of Dark Elves had snuck up to the very walls of Krudenwald covered by magic...

    Game Info
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    I thought for sure there would be a CTD at some point when I saw there was an invisible army attacking... however not a single problem. I am not sure if this was a scripted battle or something else went wrong showing where the Dark Elves were at.

    Harold has slightly more men at his command this time around but still is greatly outnumbered until Aldebrand can arrive from his camp outside the walls. Harold does not change his tactics for this battle other than to order more room be given to allow his cannons a better field of fire...

    Aldebrand is preoccupied with thoughts of where the other Dark Elven armies have gone and nearly gets killed when he runs right into the Dark Elven commanders bodyguard, these veteran warriors wielding massive halberds and wearing enchanted armor force Aldebrand to flee while losing the majority of his personal guard. The rest of the Encarmine Knights have more success and numerous companies of Dark Elves are run down in the streets as they attempt to surround the central square.

    In fact with more familiarity with the terrain due to the previous battles this time the Encarmine Knights manage to completely eliminate all opposition outside of the central square. The very barricades made to keep out the Dark Elven cavalry now force the Knights to halt.

    The Dark Elf commander is nearly the last to die... his only bodyguard is brought down moments later but the majority of his army is already dead. Trapped between Hochlander halberds and Encarmine swords...

    The battle is costly and the Dark Elves are not warriors to take lightly. In close quarters combat they are superior to anything Aldebrand has seen aside from vampire Blood Knights and Chaos warriors. However they can still die when exposed to superior tactics.

    Harold's 2nd attempt with his great cannon battery proves much more successful. With several volleys of grapeshot scoring over 300 kills while the 2nd volley of regular shot killed half of the Dark Elven sorcerers in the opening moments of the main attack.

    With 3 defeats in rapid succession the Dark Elves turn back toward the sea. Lothar's actions putting Salkalten under threat might have had some effect afterall. Or perhaps Aldebrand simply surprised the Dark Elves with the ferocity of his defense. Either way Aldebrand is relieved. If the Dark Elves had pressed to the attack 2 or 3 more times they might have won through and then the majority of Hochland would have lain nearly undefended and open to conquest.

    Meanwhile diplomats have made contact with the Dwarves and handed over the keys to Zhufbar's city gates... the Dwarves are grateful for the gift and Aldebrand hopes they manage to hold onto the stronghold better than did Stirland which lost the former Dwarven hold given over just a few months go to an incursion of Chaos Dwarves.

    Ulrich Engel has marched hard and when spies report low garrisoned Orc stronghold which they had stolen from the Dwarves in years past Ulrich detours from his march and lays siege. He leaves it to his captains to conduct the attack as he confers by magical amulet with Aldebrand on the status of the Dark Elf invasion and what Aldebrand wishes his army to do should the Crusade be completed before Ulrich arrives...

    The Orcs are sent fleeing from the hold and Ulrich hands it over to the Dwarves as Hochland is far from this remote area and can not keep the hold guarded even if Aldebrand had desired.

    Aldebrand is not satisfied to see the Dark Elves turn and leave... they must be sent fleeing and remember the peril of attacking Hochland for centuries! Aldebrand pursues the Dark Elves into the Middle Mountains nearly to the gates of the Brass Keep itself which the Dark Elves detour around, finally Aldebrand catches the Dark Elves just as they are set to ambush a detachment of Middlelanders.

    The Middlelanders had been part of the Brass Keep garrison but recalled when the Dark Elves swept through the Middelands... however with the threat appearing to recede they are marching back to Brass Keep unaware that one of the retreating Dark Elven armies is nearby.

    The ambush is sudden and brutal. Aldebrand watches from the heights as his army tries to descend into the valley. The Middlelanders put up a good fight but are soon overrun.

    Panther Knights make a mad charge down the steep slope and are met by Cold Knights riding their vicious reptiles...

    The Dark Elves know they must win this battle or be hunted down through the Middle Mountains and charge up the hill to meet the descending Hochlander army. The Pistoliers make good use of the heights but in order to fire they are exposed to the Dark Elven artillery firing from the valley floor.

    One of the Dark Elven commanders is slain by the last company of Middelanders still fighting but the other Dark Elven commander smoothly takes command and the battle barely slows.

    The Dark Elves bravely press the attack and in fact have some success. The difficult terrain makes employing the Empire's heavy cavalry harder than normal.

    The cavalry finally breaks through onto the valley floor and while some ride to silence the Dark Elven artillery the Panther Knights ride to save what remains of the Middlelanders.

    The battle is finally won and while the cost in overall numbers is low, Aldebrand would almost prefer a higher number if less of his previous heavy cavalry had been lost. The cavalry is the most decisive force on the battle field in most battles but difficult to replace.

    The terrain and the tenacity of the Dark Elves inflicted high losses amongst the heavy cavalry in this battle.

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    Default Re: The Hochmeister's Plan (CoW Hochland AAR)

    With Hochland for the moment secure, Lothar feels inspired to take the battle to the Dark Elves despite leaving Erengrad undefended. Nords who had fled by ship to other Nord settlements return to Erengrad and Lothar recruits them into his army in order to observe their skills.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Lothar creates a mobile fortification with the artillery inside and the Pistoliers out in front making contact with the enemy. Cavalry wait in the rear for the right moment to launch a decisive charge.

    An army of Ostmark near enough to join the battle enters from the north east.

    The Dark Elves charge into the Hochlander and Ostmark lines and the Dark Elf commander is killed nearly instantly by a lucky arrow hit.

    The Encarmine Knights and Panther Knights identify and make a solid charge on the 2nd Dark Elf general and kill him only minutes later.

    Lothar wins his 4th straight significant victory but it seems he will never be awarded victory laurels or any important distinction as with each victory only his own confidence and skills have grown. Aldebrand had seen the potential in Lothar but the rest of Hochland remain enraptured with the exploits of Welf Ermolt, Ulrich Engels, and Aldebrand himself. Godwin knows something of how Lothar feels but there is naught to be done while greater threats yet loom.

    Lothar is impressed especially with the Whalers he recruited in Erengrad... despite absorbing the Dark Elven charge the Whalers gave good account and inflicted losses upon the Dark Elves. It is a good showing for light infantry skirmishers.

    Game Info
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    So this marks the 40 turn point of this AAR. I began this as a supplement to the Hochland guide so players unfamiliar with Call of Warhammer or the various factions of the Empire might know what to expect leading up to the start of the Chaos Storm. I am still having fun and will probably play on and try to seek out the Demon Lord when he arrives and do battle but a turn by turn account of all battles is now over. Well- I did skip some small battles but all the battles with over 1,000 troops involved are included. I did replay 2 battles- the first siege of Krudenwald due to some pathfinding bugs (two different spots cavalry are forced to go through single file got Aldebrand killed when he couldn't move down a street- I don't recommend playing defense in the front part of the city due to that) and the first non scripted battle against Chaos because I ran my cavalry into my own stakes when I ordered them to move to escape after a charge and the general ran extra wide into where I forgot there were some stakes in front of my lines- oops. The other battles are all first attempts. I did attempt an auto battle in a siege which went badly wrong so I reloaded as I get bored of siege assaults sometimes since just deploying and maneuvering take so dang long but sometimes you are forced to do the manual fights if you want to win. Thanks for reading and hopefully it gives you some ideas what to expect playing as Hochland. I did did reach my goals of #1 rank but militarily I was #4.

    Lothar's army in that last battle is almost the force to aim for to make things easy playing as an Empire faction. Only things better would be 2 mortars- leave the cannon to defend cities and 1 orgre unit and some swordsmen instead of spearmen.

    Ideally: 5-6 halberds to defend the mortars and archers, 3 heavy cavalry, 1-2 pistolier, 2-3 archers, 4 swordsmen/heavy infantry, 2 mercenary ogres or whatever you can get for the final 2 spots, more heavy cavalry or archers depending on situation. I am not a fan of the handguns... even more difficult to use than the cannon though in 2 battle here Thunderers had over 200 kills so not always useless, just difficult to use well.

    Aldebrand's plan was to expand to be the most powerful force in the Empire and to have a veteran army ready to face the Demon Lord in person... Taking ship from Erengrad with spies deployed all over the north I hope to find the Demon Lord and end the Chaos Storm early as possible without assassins.

    Averland defeats the Orcs and successfully completes the Crusade...

    Obviously the Orcs Waaagh failed. Actually I am surprised the Orcs did so poorly. Usually they do better. I crushed Beastmen faster than ever have before and maybe that allowed Averland enough time to get too strong for the Orcs.

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    Great Stuff

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    Good job ! love cow <3
    All Orks is equal, but some Orks are more equal dan uvvas.

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    Awesome work mate. Really enjoyed this and you have inspired me to get this mod.

    I would welcome more Warhammer AAR's from you. I particularly like your battle description and the screen shots are really good too.


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