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Thread: i remove brutii and scippii

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    Default i remove brutii and scippii

    i remove them b'coz i only want one faction still controled by the you think it will cause some problem in the gameplay or even CTD's ?...

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    Default Re: i remove brutii and scippii

    impossible to say from what you just posted. While there are a lot of text files normally involved in editing factions, I do remember hearing that merging the factions was a bit easier ... still, who knows? If you wanted, RTR merges the roman factions together. Might be woth a try

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    Default Re: i remove brutii and scippii

    It does not "merge" them, it removes Brutii, Scipii and Senate and renames Julii into Republic Of Rome. Quite an easy thing to do. If you wan't detailed information on how to do it, feel free to PM me.


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